30 October 2015

I have learnt so many skills whilst I have been in the cool academy/ cool choices. I will definitely leave with a lot more interest in the media landscape. Videography and photography are now hobbies I would like to do on a daily basis. I have met what I consider friends for life during my time. Danny whom I travelled to Newtownards every day and then home again in the afternoon. He is good for the tunes too. I even hope in the future to work together professionally because he is a videographer and film maker mostly sports documentaries. David is only 18 but is an older person both in heart and wisdom. He is a nice and fun guy and smarter than he lets on (what did we do?). Bart is a crazy man in a good way. He is a very talented on different levels and mediums, editing and production being his main strong point. I see myself one day telling someone I know that guy who is rapping on the TV. Megan is a quiet girl with a bigger brain than anyone. She’s so intellectual and intelligent. I hope this process has improved her confidence greatly because she is definitely going places. I always think of the apprentice or dragons den when I think of Megan. Miss entrepreneur. Lizzie is an MLA, presenter in training and generally nice lady. I think she will be the happiest coming out of this process along with another participant matt. I’ll let you work that one out for yourself. Matt is a country man from Banbridge, big rock fan and a clever guy. Journalism is his passion and he brought a lot to the group intellectually as well as humour with his wittery banter. Stevie is a Monkstown man, where my girlfriends use to be from. He is a jolly, free fun feeling guy. He loves the media world and it is definitely his passion in life. I’m now playing 6 a side with his local team. Conor was shy in the beginning but is probably the most out going now. Either that or we’ve sent him loopy. He is an avid gambler so I can relate massively. He is a funny guy, think David Brent and his noisy dance every day!!
I think I remembered everyone. Hopefully !!!