Week 5

15 August 2016

A lot of editing going on as everything is coming together. Slight hiccup when one of the interviews wasn’t saved but thankfully it was a lot easier and less tedious the second time. Lee continued his hard work and Jonny was a great help.

Emotional day. Today marks the end of our time at cool fm. We did a little work on our OCNs today but later we got to relax and eat a load of crap. Then we all passed a sheet around for each person in the group and wrote something nice about them. There were a few laughs and a few tears. It was a great experience hearing such nice things about yourself from people who were strangers 10 weeks ago. I only wish I’d had more time to think of something half as nice as they deserved and that my writing was a bit neater.
I had a great time and learned a lot at cool fm and made some great friends. Thanks to Lynsey, Clare and Caoimhe for their guidance, Jonny and Rebecca for their dedication and David for keeping everything organised.

Week 4

We’re getting to work on the broadcast now. I was assigned head of editing so I will be responsible for the editing of the interviews and other audio as well as keeping in touch with the other departments and making sure we are on top of things.
We recorded vox pops from the group which is latin for popular voice. We were asked a few questions on our broadcast topic. I think due to the diversity of our group this section will be quite balanced.

Today we had to re-record a lot of the answers from yesterday’s vox pops due to audio issues like background noise. Then we got to work on editing them. We cut the audio down to the answers, removed any unnecessary audio or pauses and then put them together into one flowing composition.

More work on the vox pops today. Then we had to edit some of the interview questions. We cut the answers out and saved them in separate folders to make the interviews easier to organise.

More interviews, more editing. Nothing we can’t handle. I thought head of editing would be more work but thankfully we only have 2 or 3 interviews to work on at once and Lee and Jonny are hard workers.

Week 3

Today, William, the head of engineering showed us around all the electrical equipment. It was interesting learning how the technology had advanced over the years.
Later, Darren from cash 4 kids came to talk to us about all the charity work the group does. He explained how they organise events and get the most out of people’s contributions.
We also had a chance at mixing some music on Jonny’s decks. I found it a bit hard to grasp but understood it a bit better after watching him show someone else. Jonny is an awesome DJ.

Keith Law came to talk to us about scripting and voicing for advertising. If you’ve ever had an annoying line from a local ad stuck in your head this man is to blame. He has a great sense of humour and gave us a lot of good tips for advertising.
David give us an introduction to recording and editing audio. I thought it was very straightforward but it was similar to software I had previously used.
Some more people got a go on Jonny’s decks today. Conor was pretty awesome at it.

We had a visit from Jordan Moates, Head of News. He talked to us about what goes into broadcasting the news. He also gave us some advice on how to deal with sensitive or controversial topics which will be very important for our broadcast.
John Rossborough gave us a presentation on the history of commercial radio. It was surprisingly interesting and he played a lot of great clips.

Today David explained to us how they market the station and then asked us to research other products, services that promote themselves across multiple mediums.
Later we tested out the recording devices. We recorded a few lines from everyone in the group. Tomorrow we decide on who the presenters are.

We did more OCN work today and then had a listen to the recordings from yesterday. We narrowed down the presenters to 3 people for now but we will likely only have 2.

Week 2

Today, Pete Snodden, one of the presenters came to talk to us about his job. We did the same questioning exercise we had done with Rebecca and David. He was very talkative and gave us a good insight into how he got to where he is now. He is a perfect fit for his job.
Later Simon Mann came to talk to us about sales and promotions. Then we were split into groups of 3 and given the task of coming up with a pitch for UlsterBank’s new student account.

This morning, Paulo Ross, another presenter from the breakfast show gave us a presentation on social media. He talked about managing the facebook page which thanks to him is the biggest social media page in Ireland. He posts engaging content that appeals to local social media users such as funny or interesting pictures or local news stories. When someone shares or likes the post it will show up in their friends news feed creating a domino effect.
Later Simon Mann came back to hear our pitches from the previous day. I think our ideas were great but we should have practised more on the presentation of the pitch. We got some good feedback but our pitch was not chosen.

Today we worked more on gaining our Peer Education OCNs. Later we discussed the broadcast topic in more detail and refined some of the topics.

Week 1

28 June 2016

Monday was our first day of 2 weeks at Cool Academy. As a quick icebreaker we had to pick m&ms out of a bag and got questions depending on what colour we got. I learned a few more things about the group from this. Later we were assigned the task of questioning Johnny and Rebecca. This exercise taught us the value of using open ended questions to get as much info as possible. At the end of the day we were given a tour of the facilities. We were shown the different departments of the studio and even got to check out the recording booths.

On Tuesday we got our blog photos back. Everyone seemed happy with them. Later Luke came around to show us the cool choices blog and how to use it. Then we did the same questioning exercise we had done with Johnny and Rebecca but this time we questioned David. The questions were an improvement due to the feedback we received on the previous day. After lunch Matt came to talk to us about managing promotional competitions. He is in charge of making sure the client is satisfied with the presentation of their competition for example that it gets enough time and is presented enthusiastically. Later we discussed what our broadcast topic would be. After a lot of discussion, we settled on Youth Empowerment with sections on human rights and stereotypes.

On Wednesday we went more in depth on the broadcast topic. Then Florence came to demonstrate proper safety procedure for the cool fm facilities. Later David McCammond came to show us how the songs are chosen for the broadcast. The software handles most of the work and David’s job is to make sure the songs it chooses do not have any problems that the software wouldn’t pick up for example if there were two songs by the same artist too close together.

On Thursday Richard Ross came to talk about Sales and Promotions. It’s up to him to decide how much advertisements are broadcasted. The bigger the audience the more money they get from advertising so it’s his job to try and get an optimal balance. After we were split into groups and given the task of coming up with promotional ideas for the cool fm going to the euros. I worked with Bridget and Catherine. I think we had some great ideas but could have planned the pitch better.

On Friday we listened to some of the content from the previous programme’s broadcast. It gave us a better idea of what our show was going to be like and an idea of the quality we would be expected to adhere to. Later Ross came to talk to us about the preparation they have to put in for roadshows outside broadcasts.