Tuesday 5th July

5 July 2016

Today we have been working hard as a group on getting prepared for our interviews. Contacting people and arranging when we are going to interview them. I recorded a few Vox Pops, which are basically like wee snippets to play during the show. Due to having a lovely husky voice, I don’t feel my voice is on point today for radio, a real shame, still had a go at it anyway, and tomorrow I will be potentially doing an interview with Rebecca’s Makeup artist for our radio show. I had to compile some questions in preparation for this interview, I am looking forward to it so I am.

Monday 4th July

Today I was absent the whole day with a bad cold, it is still affecting me today, and I have a lovely husky voice which makes me no use for the radio!!!!!!!!!

Friday 1st July

We got today off. sad times, at least it was Friday!

Tuesday 28th

28 June 2016

Today I’m back in the studio, feeling fresh! We have been doing a group activity where we went off into separate groups and filled in some pages of our OCN booklets regarding peer education. Then we did an activity were we had to think of three problems that may affect young people, then passed them onto another group who then had to think up of solutions to their problems and vice versa. This was an interesting exercise and we then had to stand up and present our findings. Then we had lunch and continued to fill in our blogs.

Monday 27th

Today I had a meeting with an employment specialist to discuss my attempts at trying to find work, the meeting was at 12 o’clock so I didn’t make it into my class today and it was an already re-scheduled appointment!

Friday 24th June

So far we are updating our blogs. We also are filling in our OCN booklets, this is part of our course and we are working towards getting a qualification, so the paper work needs done! We got a presentation about editing software, and recorded our own voices to see who in the class would be best suited for doing the presenter role. I was one of the people who got voted by my class to be one of the presenters, so I was over the moon that people actually voted for me! Unfortunately I am away on a family holiday in America in two weeks, which is the time when they plan on recording the show. I was deeply upset when I found out I cannot do the presenter role, and may have to be a reporter instead. I am going to approach this with an open mind, I spoke to someone who said that the presenter role can be very stressful and you need to prepare scripts etc, maybe the reporter role will suit me better! And who’s to say there couldn’t be future opportunities out of it!

Thursday 23rd June

Thursday I was absent because I was feeling Ill and going through personal issues.

Wednesday 22nd June

I was absent due to feeling unwell.

Tuesday 21st June

This morning I got a chance to spin a few tunes on the decks. I was fairly anxious but everyone said well done. I had great craic and got to use some new equipment.

Monday 20th June

We took a break from the Cool Fm studio for two weeks because some of the presenters were away to France for the football. We went back to the Start360 building and worked on more group activities, we had to also prepare a PowerPoint presentation which for me, took a lot of courage, the PowerPoint was based on one of the topics that we are going to use for our radio broadcast. I presented my PowerPoint one morning in front of the class. I near felt sick with nerves and I rushed it. Upon reflection I wish I had of spent a bit longer on the slides and slowed down my pace. We also had a woman called Fiona come in from the Daisy project to discuss Drugs and Alcohol one day.

Now we are back in full swing in the Cool FM station. Today we have been getting a tour of the studio, we met a guy called William, who works downstairs as an electrician and the person who is responsible for making sure that all the music is sent to the right station. Afterwards we got a brilliant demonstration of Jonny Seeds on the decks,

Tuesday 30th

So far we are filling in our blogs and working on our information for our websites. The rest of the class are discussing same sex marriage. I am trying to catch up on my blog info as I’ve missed a few days.

Monday 29th

Monday was a bank holiday.

Friday 27th

I was absent again on Friday due to illness. Despite being very annoyed about not being in the studio, I was not in a fit state for class and felt very unwell.

Thurs 26th

I was absent on Thursday as I had to go and get a root canal filling in the morning. Safe to say I would have much rather been in class!

Wed 25th

After getting on the wrong bus, I finally have arrived at the Cool FM station. I am catching up with the work I have missed. Johnny explained to me what to do as I filled in my OCN booklet. As predicted, I feel like I am playing a game of catch up, but I am confident now that I am back in the “zone” today!

Tues 24th

Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I missed today, and I felt extremely annoyed that I had missed a day with the team in the Cool FM station. I feel like I need to play catch up now!

Monday 23rd

Monday was a fantastic day! We arrived at the Cool FM station and got a tour of the studio and met David, Rebecca and Johnny. They told us a bit about themselves, we played some icebreaker games and did an exercise were we had to stand up and present ourselves to the class, talk about our goals and aspirations, favourite songs and by the end of the exercise the class was up dancing to the “Cha Cha Slide” which was great fun. We had to ask questions to Johnny and Rebecca, almost like an interview. They are both super cool, there’s a great buzz off all the team. It was challenging for me to stand up and present myself to the class because I suffer from anxiety. I have a feeling that I am going to enjoy myself on this course, so far all is well