Thursday 29th July 2016

1 August 2016

Rebecca came back from France and we got stuck into our broadcasting. Covered off what had been done and worked out a plan for making the rest of the broadcast content.

Wednesday 29th july 2016

Still working hard on the OCN .

tuesday 28th july 2016

We worked on our ocn work – Still important and needs to be done.

tuesday 28th july 2016

Recording Vox pops and lee and Stephanie started editing also we researched potential interviewees for the show.

Monday 27th July 2016

We worked on our ocn work as a group  – Needs to be done as it’s important.

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Shannon was interviewed today it was very emotional to listen to she did extremely well.
Ryan Quinn came in and gave lots of good information about his journey with mental health.

Tuesday 5th July 2016

Recording Vox pops and lee and Stephanie started editing also we researched potential interviewees.

Monday 4th July 2016

Today I typed up questions and contact details for our interviewees. Some tough questions to be asked I am nervous but I am ready for it
Stephanie asked me a few questions which is going to be a Vaux pop on the broadcast. It was just 4 questions but being put on the spot is a weak point of mine, but I got through it and just did it without worry. I felt real good for it after.

Monday 27th June 2016

28 June 2016

Today I worked on my ocn folder doing paper work all day. It is interesting and different work.

Monday 20th June 2016

I have been away from coolfm for 2 weeks we learned some more presentation skills. I missed coolfm as at hill street is boring paper work. While I like to get straight into work and doing research.

Friday 3rd June 2016

Presentation time. We all were set a task of making a presentation on either, abortion, same sex marriage or mental health.
Personally I chosen mental health because I relate to this as it has directly affected me, my family too.
Our work in this presentation may be added to our broadcast.
I went onto the internet and researched the statistics. I am going to present my work by flip chart.

Thursday 2nd June 2016

Just completed our student account advertisement to promote Ulster Bank student account. Myself Shannon Jamie and Bridget came up with some good ideas. Fingers crossed we win those avici tickets.
Paulo came into the class and chatted to us about his role at coolfm as a presenter and as the boss on social media controls the Facebook page and what goes on it. I was very surprised at how many people worldwide like the coolfm Facebook page.
Simon Mann came in and we as a group presented our idea to promote ulster bank for their student account.
Our magnificent work today has just landed me and my team a ticket each to avici!

Tuesday 31st May 2016

21 June 2016

Today we had a hot debate on whether should we change topic or switch to something else.

Friday 27th May 2016

Today we played a word game which was fun but I lost.
The group was shown previous groups broadcast. This was good to hear as it is what exactly we are doing, and shows how it’s going to sound like.
Ross came in from sponsorship and promotions. His job sounds like fun work.

Thursday 26th May 2016

The cool academy challenge
Richard Ross came in and spoke to the group about sales pitch and marketing ideas. It was interesting, I enjoyed it even more when we were set the task to promote the euros in France- me Matthew, Lee and Gavin came up with a great idea of a competition, giving 2 people the opportunity to fly over to France and meet the Northern Ireland squad.

Wednesday 25th May 2016

Health and safety was on the agenda today. We learned everything we needed to learn about the studio, from fire extinguishers to fire exits. We discussed our topic as a group and came up with a lot of good ideas and in the end we chosen same sex marriage.
David McCammond came into the class and talked to us about programming, he made it sound interesting although I found it hard to read of a board I need to actually do it to understand how it works.

Tuesday 23rd May 2016

Whoever thought I was a model? I just seen my professional photos they look very well. Today we invented a questionnaire for David, 3 women from Manchester sat in our class and observed our work hopefully we influence them to run a similar programme across the water.

monday 22nd May 2016

Today was our first day together at Coolfm as a group and most of us managed to make it on time, some got lost. I am excited to be here and im ready for working hard. We did introductions and icebreakers for the cool staff Rebecca, Johnny and David.