Thursday 21st July

15 August 2016

Today I was finishing my OCN and blogs to update

Wednesday 20th July

Today we spent the day doing our OCN and completing them after the 5 weeks at cool fm

Tuesday 19th July

Today I was doing my roll as making people do their job and Catherine and Stephanie spent most of their time down in the studio

Monday 18th July

A woman from the rainbow project came in to talk about what the organisation is and what they provide

Friday 8th July

There were lots of interviews today and we enjoyed listening to them and what they have to say

Thursday 7th July

This morning Marie Wright from Daisy project on Mental health and the support offered by Daisy as an organisation, Bridget interviewed her but I was asked to assist during the interview because of a slight language barrier. Bridget did quite well! To pass time until my next interviewee coming in at 4, I helped with scripting and further research into the broadcast

Wednesday 6th July

Today we were doing interviews and they went very well and I enjoyed it

Tuesday 5th July

Today we did recordings for our vox pop and it went well and enjoyed it

monday 4th july

1 August 2016

we were doing recording and are vox pops for our show

Tueday 5th July

we researched our interviews and we have got a few all ready organised

thursday 30th june

Rebecca came back from the euros today and we changed what were are positions in the group

29th june 2016

we have been working on ocn and learning about sexually transmitted infections and sexual health

28th of june 2016

we were working on our onc to get them done

Monday 27th June 2016

28 June 2016

I was still off on Monday but i will be in on Tuesday to catch up on the work

Friday 24th June 2016

I was not in on Friday because I was not well but I am caching up on the work I missed

Thursday 23rd June 2016

We did marketing with David and he was telling us about how the business works and how to do marketing looking at the 4P’s. It sounds like a good job in marketing cause its all about making money and making the business work

wedensday 22nd of june

Jordan Moates from the news department came in and he was telling us about his job as a reporter and he was telling us about how to talk to people when you are a interviewer. His job sound very interesting and also sounds fun when he gets to go to big event and find out whats happening

monday 20th june back to cool fm

We had the Managing Director to come and tell us about his job and he is called Mark. Then a man called Darren From Cash for Kids Charity chatted to us about the work they do and in the afternoon Jonny Seeds came in he is a dj and he showed use how to use dj equipment and then we went for a walk round the engineering room and how the places works

two weeks at start 360

we did 2 weeks in Belfast office we were doing research on are project about same sex marriage and we had to show are ideas to the class and they gave feed back.

Friday 27th may 2016

1 June 2016

Today we are trying to think of different ways of how to make are broadcast and what to talk about on it. A man call Ross Tilly came in to tell us about his job and how the media side of things work like videos and fact and figures and we are going to start all the real work next week.

Thursday 26th may 2016

Today a man called Richard Ross came in and talked to us to us about how they get sponsorship and promotions. After Richard left we went onto groups and were mind storming about Northern Ireland going to the euros and what prizes they can win and what they need to do to win. After lunch we did a sales pitch to Richard Ross from cool FM to show what we can do and the other people in our group. It’s up to Richard and the team to choose what ideas would be the best.

Wednesday 25th may 2016

Today a lady from cool FM called Florence Ambrose came in and told us about fire safety and they were to go in a emergency.
We had a group discussion about the podcast which will be youth employment and other topics.
After lunch David came in and told us about programing and what his job was at the station and how it all works

Tuesday 24 2016

Today I meet luck gill he explained the structure of how cool FM works. We went into groups and did a brain storm about ideas about the broadcast we are going to be doing

Monday 23 May 2016

On the first day of starting cool academy we did a tour round the station to see what it looks like and run like. We meet David jonnie and Rebecca who is the staff that work at cool FM and are mentoring us into getting a qualification.
We also ask them questions about their life and their work. After the questions we did game ice breakers