Day 9 started to work on my presentation

21 June 2016

Friday morning: we came in and got told that we all had to do a presentation in two weeks and we got time to get some research done and the topic I choose was abortion and it is a really good topic to cover and then we got lunch then after we also had time to do more research.

Day 8 finishing are brief challenge and meeting Paulo Ross

Thursday morning: I came in and went over my challenge for Simon Mann and then Rebecca and Jonny called my group to have a last run through before the two bosses and then Paulo Ross came in to see us and talked about social media, Facebook he even talked about his jobs that he has. He does sports news, presenter and head of social media he even talked about what his role is on Facebook and where the cool FM was before he took on the job and he first made a small increase then casualty grows bigger in years to come. Then Richard Ross and Simon Mann came back to listen to all the groups ideas then they talked about picking a winning team they said it hard to pick because all the ideas were good but they did have winning team and it was group two and we won avicii and Jess Glynne ticket.

Day 7 meeting Pete Snodden and Simon Mann

Wednesday morning: I came in and got to stand in the cool FM breakfast show live I also got to see Pete Snodden he came in to speak to us about his career at cool FM then after lunch Simon Mann talked us about his career and he set us another task come up with some ideas for ulster bank student accounts.

Day 6 changing are broadcast topic

Tuesday morning: we got are logins to get into are page then we went over are broadcast topic but we have decided to do emotions and finding impendences and we all had are say in what we all knew.

Day 5 finishing are broadcast topic

1 June 2016

I came in and we done the travel then we talked about the plans for the day we also went over are broadcast topic until lunch then I wasn’t feeling good so I got signed out.

Day 4 coming up with ideas to promote the euros 2016

Thursday morning: to start the day of we done a film icebreaker then Richard Ross the sponsorships and promotions manager he give a talk about what his job is and what it means he also set us a cool academy challenge to come up with some ideas to promote Northern Ireland to population for the euros.

Day 3 writing my profile and blogs

Wednesday morning: I started to write my profile and blogs I am looking forward to tomorrow also I got to meet David McCammond he talked about programming, he told us what the figures was for cool FM 388,000, downtown network 294,000 and downtown radio 243,000.

Day 2 learning how to set up are blog page

Tuesday morning: I got to meet another member of staff his name was Luke Gills he showed all us how to set up are blog page, he also showed us what to upload a blog, how to log into our blog page and etc.

Day 1 learning about the environment and staff

Monday morning: I got to meet Jonny seeds and he talked about his career at cool FM how he started his dj career I also talked to Rebecca McKinney and David we also ask Rebecca and Jonny questions. we got an idea what we would be doing during are time at cool FM at the end of the we got a tour of the building.