day 26/21st july

1 August 2016

A very emotional day its been.. everyone has had a ball , its been a tough few weeks but we done it we got there and everyone should be proud of themselves. and most importantly thanks to everyone in cool fm for giving us this opportunity. experianc eof a lifetime.

day 25/ 20th july.

As everything draws to an end and comes to a close,it has been an amazing experience here at cool fm. I have learnt lots of news things and met some amazing people.

day24/ 19th july

busy busy day…

recording our skit, and our script. finished our ocn work, and got it all finished. everything is coming to an end and what an experience it has been.

day23/monday 18th july

the early mornings started again after a nice week off.
we finished and got more interviews done, we finished our script writing and got our OCN work up to date.
hard work has finaly paid off

day 23/monday 18th july

Was a busy 1st day back, got the script completely finished, got lots of our editing completely finished, and got caught up on our ocn work

day 24/19th july

20 July 2016

Myself and Catherine went to the studio recorded our script and got the last of our editing completely finished. We did a good bit more on our OCN work book, as the final days bring us to the end we are all busy busy.

day 22/ thursday 7th july

7 July 2016

Well today is yet another busy day at cool..

Myself, Catharine and Rebecca will finish our script.
Shannon from our news team is interviewing Lynda Bryans from UTV who is coming in to tell her story of how mental health has effected her and how she has became a teacher for mental health.
We have Bridget interviewing Marie from “Daisy” at start 360,  and Lee and Jonny will keep up the good work in the editing!

day 21/ wednesday 6th july

Myself , Catharine and Rebecca started to pull our script together,
Lee and jonny are doing an amazing job of keeping up on the editing process..
Our cool choices news team has got a few more interviewee’s confirmed which happened today, and will also take place on Thursday and Friday.
Shannon from our news team was interviewed by Connor and done her interview on mental health.
Shannon also got and exclusive interview from Ryan Quinn In which he also talked about mental health issues.

Day 20/ Tueday 5th July

Research on our potential interviewee’s.
We’re recordings our vox pops and our news team at cool academy got in contact with new interviewee’s and a few interviews were confirmed.
We where in our groups and me and lee started to get things underway, I was recording our vox pops and lee was editing them as I done them.
Everything is all starting to fall into shape.

day 19/ monday 4th july

5 July 2016

We stared our recording.. got all our vox pops done done, and made a few phone calls to get our interviewee’s in and organised to see who we are able to get in for our broadcast>. its been a busy day1 but will be worth all the stress in the end when its all done!

almost there we can do it !!!!

day 18/ thursday 30th

We welcomed back Rebecca after her 3 weeks away in France!! we the got stuck into the broadcasting side of things in which I got the role of being one of the main presenters for our show!!! which I was over the moon !!! however its a new challenge for myself and will bring out a new side and person in me!! I look forward to seeing our end product in which we will have all worked hard to produce!

day 17/wednesday 29th

4 July 2016

We continued to work on our OCN work! learning about sexually transmitted infections and contraception available for both males and females. was awkward but we all learnt a lot from the session as peer educators.

day 16/ tuesday 28th june

28 June 2016

another busy day!!
lots of hard work all focused on our OCN’s!! all about the qualification’s at the end.

day 15 / Monday 27th

We had a another busy day focused on our OCN and peer education side of things, it wasn’t as fun as normal days but, we stay focused get it done and look forward to our end results!! We can and we will get there!!

day14/ friday 24th june

Mainly focused on OCN work, was intense but we got it done had an early day!! Happy Friday!!!!!

day13/Thursday 23rd june

We had a marketing session with David! we learnt about the 4 p’s in marketing.. then we were set a challenge to come up with a slogan for cool choices! which I came uo with “YOUR VOICE!, YOUR CHOICE, COOL CHOICES! then we went down to the studio to record our voices for our broadcast! and now we are going to pick or roles!

day 12/ Wednesday 22nd june

We had a visit from Cool FM’s Jordan Moates who talked and give us an insite of what its like working in politics for Cool! he also helped and advised us on how to approach and who we should approach as our interviewees for our broadcast!
then we had a visit in the afternoon from John Rosborough who gave us a whole background into how radio first came about!

Day 11/Tuesday 21st june

We had a very busy day….it was pretty hands on,
we kicked off the day with a wee bit of dj mixing with jonny seeds, then David Corscadden gave us mp3 recorders and we recorded our voices and played them back, and learnt a bit about the editing and programming side of what we will actually need to do for our broad cast. Then we had a visit Keith law, who is from advertising, he is a pretty funny guy but gets the message across during in his ads.

Day 10/ Monday 20th june

21 June 2016

The early mornings has commenced again….
1st day back after a 2 week break down at start 360! The pressure and stress is going to begin with a very busy 3 weeks ahead! To get ready for our broadcast!

Mark mahaffy is coming in to talk to us about manage and director in cool fm he came in and give us lots of good advice for employability, and give us guidance on how to get thee
We are getting to see Darren from cash for kids, in which myself and Shannon, volunteered to join the volunteer team for cash for kids to help and support Darren and the team in fundraising.
Engineering with William, we got a tour of the engineering facilities, that look after the signals for every broadcast throughout all 3 stations. It was a lot to take it but was very interesting.
And a dj session with jonny seeds, who taught us how to use the decks and mix songs and beats together. He showed us different types of decks and gives us all a go on each set. Which was very interesting as I have never done it before but was actually very despite the nerves.

Day 9/Friday 3rd june

Day 9/Friday 3rd june
We had a task which was to do research for a 10-minute presentation that relates to our chosen topic for our broadcast

Day 8/ thursday 2nd june

Paulo ross give us a presentation on social media and why he’s interested in doing that part of cool fm. He started working at cool 2 years ago and now he does the breakfast show sport from 7:30am, he also does the cool Saturday show.
Simon Mann came back to let us present our ideas for our competition for the ulster bank student account.

Blog 7/ day7/ Wednesday 1st June

We started super early..
Down to the breakfast studio for the last half hour.. We had a visit from Pete sodden, who we asked a few questions to in the same way we asked David, jonny and Rebecca, which I felt it was very emotional and touching to hear some of Pete Snodden’s stories. We also had a visit from Simon Mann who set us a challenge and the prized is 4 avicii tickets for tenants vital 2016. Simons role in cool, he is the commercial director. Simon was very ingesting to listen to as I understood plenty of what he was saying as its and industry that sounds to me like I would be good at even though its never been something I thought about. But everyone has challenges and surprises along the way of life..

blog 6 day6/tuesday 31st may

1st day back after the bank holiday weekend. This was a well-earned break!!
We started the day by getting all our bogs up to date and getting our pages ready before they go live.
After everyone in the group got their blogs up to date we then moved on to focus on our broadcast topic, which was quite difficult as we are trying to make the topic as interesting as possible as trying not to offend anyone or sound boring, we also has to make sure that we are not being one sided when picking our topic as some people may only have one opinion about the topic

blog5 / day5/ friday 27th may

1 June 2016

We got to do some research on previous shows done by the cool academy, and got to hear back about some of the broadcasts done in the past, then we got a presentation from Ross about the media marketing side that the station does, which was very interesting because it shows that there is a lot of planning that goes on behind the scene before any roadshows etc can be done

Blog 4/day4/ Thursday 26th may

We started the day with blogs; the Richard Ross came in and spoke to us about sales and promotions. We then got set a challenge,, to come with ideas for what cool FM could do in Belfast while the euros where on in France, , my group’s idea was
1) dummies survival guide to the euros
2) 5 a side mini euros for everyone in Belfast
3) Cool kissing booth

This was are marketing ideas for the euros 2016 we then learnt about the sales pitch of cool FM which was very interesting.

Blog 3/day 3/ Wednesday 25th may

We started off the day with a bit of health and safety around the studio and station from Florence Ambrose we done questions and won prizes. We then had discussions about our topic for our broadcast. Then David Mccammond came in and talked to us about the programming, and what his role was in the station.

Blog 2/ day2 / Tuesday 24th may

Blog 2/ day2 / Tuesday 24th may
Me a model? Never in a million years did I think it? I saw my photo-shoot pictures for the 1st time. This after all my negativity actually turned out amazing.
We then had a visit from Luke grill who came in to show us how to work the website, we also done a few random, interesting questions with David, and then we had a brainstorming session for our broadcast topic, Rebecca also done an activity where we could have a ran about what bugs us.

Blog 1/day 1/Monday 23rd may

The early mornings has started …

We started the day with a round of introductions and a few icebreakers with games using M&M sweets to answer questions. We then came up with a few random, strange, and quirky questions for Rebecca and jonny, which helped us find out interesting things about each other the. After lunch we got a tour of the cool FM studio, and meet a few members of staff.