Hey my name is David, I am form Lisburn my world revolves around music, and DJ is my profession. My aim is to be a success and I come with my own background music.

I may be a DJ but I am also a passionate guitar player and have been playing for a couple of years now and have been inspired by some of the greatest artists if our time such as The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix Etc.
About me:
I have also taken part in youth work for the last few years with the learning disabilities unit on Monday nights. I volunteered at Lisburn’s YMCA, every night was something different every night and every one had a great time.
My ambitions:
I hope to become a successful and famous DJ and get the opportunity to tour around the world. I also want to be a Rock star!!!

Day 23 – Last Day At Cool fm

9 November 2015

Cant believe I am typing this, My last day at Cool FM. I guess all good things must come to an end but I don’t want to make this a sad blog so im just going to say what an amazing time i’ve had.

I don’t know about you but being at Cool FM is probably been one of the coolest thing I have done, but wait ….. putting on a broadcast on air is probably the coolest things I have ever done. The whole time that I have been here has been amazing and have done things that I never could have done before. I also want to say that all of my friends that I have made at Cool Choices have been the best bant ever and our friend ship has boomed since the start of the course and keeps getting better.

To Matt, Lizzie, Megan, Stevie, Bart, Connor, Danny and Declan I just want to say thank you all for being such good work mates and the best friends ever and cheers to us…. ‘ CHORT 4 BETTER THAN BEFORE’

I would also like to say a big thank you to Rebecca, Steve and Daddy Dave for being so supportive and taking us step by step through out our amazing journey at Cool FM.

Finally I would like to thank every one in Cool FM for having me, it has been an honour being here and hopefully we will do you proud.

D out!!!

Day 22 – All Wraped Up

Yes, Thank You…. WE ARE DONE!!! We have finished every thing. Every thing has been edited and pieced together and have reached the end of the tunnel.

Can’t actually believe that this is our second last day at Cool FM and we have managed to create Our broadcast… Thinking back to the start, every thing was a blur and now every thing is big and bold. I also remember at the start the struggle to process every thing and all the different sections and roles within the radio and now I could tell you all about it. Also first planning our broadcast seemed impossible and now to see it together in one piece is amassing.

Now for the fun part….. weyheyyyyyyy the written work for our qualifications. ….. I lied, it wasn’t but it still has to be done. To be honest it was actually kind of fun as we basically reflected what we did on our journey through Cool FM but was like a million pages long Pfttt!!!!

DAy 21 – An Epic at Cool Choices

Today we really had to wrap things up, especially inside the editing room where we had to piece every single thing together. We had to clip all the interviews, all the different sections in order, music and jingles. Thanks to the lads Stevie and Bart, they have my back in the editing room and we all keep each other right.
it truly has been an epic day!!! All our heads are fried and steam is coming out of our ears, we’d be glad to see the end of the tunnel….

On the other hand were all sad to here that it is coming to the end of our time at Cool FM and that we only have a few days left but we will enjoy the time left at Cool and always cherish the memories we have.

Day 20 – The news letter

30 October 2015

Today I made the news letter. it took me ages because all the layers of content on it and when ever I added or changed any thing, it would move every thing on the screen. I think this happened like 10 million times. Is it just my luck with computers, they never seem to work for me.
The logos really annoyed me because had put them in a spot and the next second there were half way across the page. Has this ever Happened to you?

Also Mat and Lazy recorded the skits which went well…. Everything is starting to peace together, all the different sections are piecing together like a big jigsaw puzzle. only if you could see this for your sled.

Day 19 – the last week – THE VOICE TAKE OVER

Today I got to record myself for the jingles. It was so cool being back down in the studio, Steve Turnbull helped record them and helped me to image my voice and make it sound professional. What I had to do was to say things like ‘This is the Cool Choices Take over’ etc. It was really fun being down there and I like recording.
We also worked on the media bus project. We had to find an event that would work with our broadcast and would it meet our target audience and would there be any relevance. We still haven’t decided on it yet …

Day 18 – The interview

28 October 2015

Today I got to go down to the studio and listen to an interview for our broadcast. It was a very good interview and had many hard hitting part which drew a few tears but finished with an uplifting twist. The interviewee told us that he was cycling for a suicide awareness charity as he was in this situation. In the Scorching desert he cycled up a hill and thought he couldn’t go on due to the heat with no water. He had strong temptation to cycle back down that hill and would have given up and then some good Samaritan stopped and handed him a bottle of water. Thanks to this his random act of kindness this helped him to be one of the only people to complete the cycle. During this time he was spending 100 days in the desert to distance him self from the world to reflect on life. he was also using social media and spreading his message and what he was spending time in the desert. with social media he created an audience and talked to them on a daily basis. This also gave him the courage to carry on with his mission. He also told us that, with out his music he wouldn’t have been able to do it. They were another inspiration for him and give him strength during his time in the harsh conditions in the desert
Another story he told us was about a branch of coffee shops that you buy two cups of coffee and you give the second cup to some one that maybe can afford and is another random act of kindness.

Another note, I have been selected to do the jingles for the our broadcast on Monday and canny wait to get back into the studio. :-)

Day 17 – The History of Radio

23 October 2015

Today John Rosbrough came in to tell us about the history of the radio. he was one of the people who built the studios. I really enjoyed this because I enjoy history and I was really interested to see how radio has formed over the decades.

Day 16 The Editing Room

Today has been the real first day of actually editing voice pops and interviews. it was also our first time using Adobe Addition. I really enjoyed using the software. it allows you to manipulate the sound and cut or add audio.

Day 15 – Cameras and Videos

Today Simon and Adam, Cool’s photographer and videographer came in for Q&A session and they also show us all the cameras they use and how to go about using one. I really enjoyed this session as I did Photography and do videography and was able to expand my knowledge on both. Also I enjoyed learning about the software they use and how to get started using it.

Day 14 – News Nigel Gould

22 October 2015

Today Nigel Gould came in and talked to and how he got into the news team for Cool FM and Down Town radio.


This is it….. JUDGEMENT DAY!!! Today we found out who was going to be the Presenters and all the other roles. I was assigned as an editor and will be doing a few voice overs. I think ill be doing a Beef Man voice over…. If your not sure who or what that is, ill tell you about him. He is a fictional character I made up when I was pitching an idea for Keith Law and his add for Money’s Master Butchers. So beef man was created for that and every one liked it so he has kind of stuck around.

Day 12 – The Voice Tests

This was the first time we got to actually use the recording rooms. We all had to go down With Steve Turnbull to record our selves to decide what roles we will take. Roles were Presenters, Reporters and also for voice overs. To be honest It was a Class experience but it was a bit nerve wrecking as you listened to your voice playing back. Still it didn’t stop me and it was fun being in the recording room.

Day 11 – Paulo Ross Social Media

Today Paulo ross Breakfast Presenter and Sports Reporter at Cool FM / Downtown Radio came in to talk to us today about how Cool FM’s main social media platforms.
He looks after Cool’s social media. He showed us how much work it is to maintain a large audience on social media platforms such Face Book and twitter. Paulo is basically on social media all day, constantly updating the feeds and different thing that has happened in the day. He also puts up funny videos on face book and nostalgia vines or memes. You can tell that he’s good at his job as Cool FM’s Face book and twitter followers are higher than the BBC’s feeds.

Day 10

Today was probably one of my favourite days. Steve brought in his decks and we all got to mix on it. I actually remembered how to create a live mix. As a Dj I really enjoyed and hope we will do more. By the way were using pioneer DDJs

Day 9 – Crash course on Edditing

Today Steve gave us a crash course on sound imaging the package was Adobe addition. I actually enjoyed learning the different steps to manipulate the sound and make small changes to improve the sound quality.
Steve showed us the steps to mix music and voice audio in a way that sounded professional.

Day 8 – The Breakfast Show

This was the first time that we got to go to the actual recording rooms where Cool Fm is made. We got to sit in during the last half an hour of the breakfast show an got to watch Pete, Paulo And Rebecca in action. Pete was working with the sound and managing the music and calls. He show us what the 5 screens were for and all the functions. As I am a tec lover
I had a keen interest in the technological side of the radio.

Day 7

Tuesday day 7
Keith law nuff said. He is probably the funniest person I have ever met. For the entire length of time he was with us, I think I was in stiches. He actually is in Downtown radio and presents and also makes funny ads. He is the creator of the Jon jo satnav. It is a funny Irish version n of the satnav. I actually am a fan and used to listen to it when I was younger, have you ever heard it.

Week 2 Day 6 Wayne the Web Wiz

wonderful web wiz, Wayne Denner
Today we met the wizard of the web Wayne Denner. He is an online guru and showed us how important our on line rep is and how it’s like a massive online CV. He also shows us his app that he has launched called “Rep Selfie”. It basically checks over your Facebook and twitter and finds all the not so clean stuff and gives us the option to remove it. I can’t wait till it’s released

Day 4

Day 4
Today we met Simon man, Cool Fm’s Commercial Director. He gave us a live event brief and we had to pitch ideas to help promote The SSE’s Airtricity rewards alongside the Disney on ice. So our idea was to get the liners of Cool to tune in and look out for a promo code for the SSE Airtricity awards. You would have to create an account first before you can be entered into the competition to win tickets to the Disney on ice.

Day 5 – Coca Cola Christmas trucks

Today we got a pitch an idea for a Coca Cola campaign for Richard Ross. It was to market the Christmas coke truck to generate all the Christmas cheer and hype. Our competition idea was to have a family selfie but all the members had to hold a bottle or a can of coke. The top 10 winners would be shown on the big screen at city hall Belfast and get an opportunity to get a ride on the Coca Cola Christmas trucks.

Sales and Promotions

Today we met Lee Tideswel from Manchester, he is a Bauer sales and promotion manager. We had another Q&A and found out what his role was as sales and promotions manager of the Bauer media group.

Day 2

14 October 2015

Day 2
Today we met Steve Turnbull, he is such a bubbly guy, and you would expect that from a presenter from cool fm. We started off with a Q&A session which really broke the ice. We also got to see us on the cool choices website for the first time.
D OUT!!!

Day one

Day one
I guess this my first blog. We are beginning our journey at Cool FM. I am really excited about it, but the more I think about it the more I want to puke. At the same time I just want to run around with excitement. The reason I say this is because I actually am kind of nervous but extremely excited about it all and I just want to make a good impression, I think it’s all in my head. Hopefully it all goes smooth.
D out!!!