Matt McAdam

Role: Journalist

I’m a 24 year old aspiring journalist from outside Banbridge, Co. Down, and I have a keen interest in history, politics, and music.
I have previous journalistic experience with eight month’s training in a local newspaper.

I’m also a songwriter, with several songs under my belt. I want to throw my energies into honing my craft and becoming the best journalist that I can be.

Canva Commodity/ The End of an Era

30 October 2015

Judgement day has fallen. The dread of having to listen to my own voice on radio hung over me like a thick, heavy, fog.
However, that all changed when we got to the studio. Thankfully, the execution was to take place right away, so I wasn’t sitting on Death Row for very long – more “Green Mile” references coming. It’s a great, poignant film.
Steve, the editing miracle man, made me feel very much at ease in the studio, and the natural comradery between Lizzie and I made it run all the more smoothly. We got it done in more or less one take.
All, but one word. While Lizzie was worried about pronouncing the word “commodity” – which, may I add, she said flawlessly in the first take – I, however hit a bit of a stumbling block. The word “Canva” will haunt me for all of my days… it’s an app, that’s fun and easy to use, but whoever named it obviously didn’t have nervous would-be presenters in mind. I must have said it a million times.
That’s no exaggeration by the way, I dispatched my news team to do the math, and we worked out that I had to have said it at least 244,375,067 times. Canva. Canva. Canva… to quote the Raven, nevermore!
The editing guys inform me that it’s all sounding great, and I’m looking forward to the end result!
It’s now the end of an era, after spending all day filling out the OCN booklets, we were all too busy to realise that we’ve come to the end of the road on our Cool FM tenure. There is definitely something to be said for living in the moment and appreciating all that we have around us.
I, for one, am very grateful for this opportunity and I’m starting to realise that everything happens for a reason; and before I start the waterworks (because the Tories want to start charging for it…) I’ll just leave it here.
I feel I’ve definitely grown as a person, and I’m incredibly proud of my achievements here. I’m hopeful for the future, and I’m ready for the next challenge on the programme.
In closing, may your enemies’ tea be too warm when they receive it, and too cold by the time they remember it.
“May it be your fate to live in interesting times”
– Chinese Proverb

Shameless Plugs: Part 3

Ok, this I the last time I’m shamelessly plugging… actually that’s a lie, I probably will. Honesty is the best policy. (I hope Tony Blair reads this, he might learn something).

I spent a grand total of eight months with a Banbridge newspaper, where my story reached the front page five times. If I was a pro-wrestler, or a boxer, that would make me a five-time champion.

Although I’ve shared all 5 front pages, I do have one more for the Banbridge Leader, which was my first one, entitled “Is Nothing Sacred” about a robbery in a church carpark during a Sunday service. It appeared during the first week of November, 2009 and it was eventually “covered” by the BBC.

Taking Care of Business

28 October 2015

Good evening. And here’s the news…
No, not the 10 O’Clock News, not the Channel 4 News, and not even the Big Daniel News.
It’s the Cool Choices Newsletter news! I was in my element filling up a newsletter filled with content for the official email of this year’s Cohort 4 (better than before) newsletter.
Script rehearsals are going swimmingly, and so far, I’m actually excited to get into the studio and hit that magical record button. We’re busting our… collective efforts in order to get this broadcast done efficiently and professionally, to the highest possible standard. That’s our mandate, and we’re more determined than ever to fulfil it.
We’re all missing Megan today, and we hope to see her again tomorrow. The News Team is a member down, albeit the interviews are completed.
Lizzie wrote up an advertising script, and she’s once again showcased her quick-wit and creative talent. For a Cohort that’s 90% male, it’s the girls who are stealing the show. I think it’s time for us guys to man-up and get the business done.
Bachman Turner Overdrive once sang a song called “Taking Care of Business” which in turn was taken from the name Elvis Presley gave his band. That’s our anthem for today – let’s take care of business!

Confessions Of A Presenter

We’re now on the home stretch, the final week has dawned upon us, and everyone is pretty stressed about putting our broadcast together.
Before we get to that, I have a confession. For the past week I’ve been falsely accusing Lizzie of having drawn on my shoe with an inky pen. As it happens, it turns out that I drew on my own shoe with an inky pen. So this is a public apology. That was a moment of personal growth. It takes a mature, responsible person to admit one is wrong. I was wrong. And Lizzie was right.
Now that I’ve finished my humiliating public confession, on to business. On a side-note, I had the self-drawing shoe revelation revealed itself to me in a horrifying dream a couple of days ago, but I was reluctant to admit I was wrong… but her name is cleared, and her innocence proven.
Our broadcast is well under way, with all of the interviews recorded, and several jingles in the bag. Lizzie and I will be recording soon. I’m not going to reveal much more, since you’ll have to tune in!!
We had a very special guest in, who told us an incredibly heart-warming story about overcoming personal adversary, transforming herself and the issue into something positive and rewarding. I wish I could say more, but it’s all top-secret until the broadcast is, well, broadcast.

Confessions Of A

We’re now on the home stretch, the final week has dawned upon us, and everyone is pretty stressed about putting our broadcast together.
Before we get to that, I have a confession. For the past week I’ve been falsely accusing Lizzie of having drawn on my shoe with an inky pen. As it happens, it turns out that I drew on my own shoe with an inky pen. So this is a public apology. That was a moment of personal growth. It takes a mature, responsible person to admit one is wrong. I was wrong. And Lizzie was right.
Now that I’ve finished my humiliating public confession, on to business. On a side-note, I had the self-drawing shoe revelation revealed itself to me in a horrifying dream a couple of days ago, but I was reluctant to admit I was wrong… but her name is cleared, and her innocence proven.
Our broadcast is well under way, with all of the interviews recorded, and several jingles in the bag. Lizzie and I will be recording soon. I’m not going to reveal much more, since you’ll have to tune in!!
We had a very special guest in, who told us an incredibly heart-warming story about overcoming personal adversary, transforming herself and the issue into something positive and rewarding. I wish I could say more, but it’s all top-secret until the broadcast is, well, broadcast.

Don’t Mention The War

We got our script finished! In record time, with record quality, with record no help from anybody else.
A bit like the UK in WW2, where we fought on without help from anyone else. Although this time there were no surrendered French, team-changing Italians, or late Americans, to worry about.
Actually, ignore that last bit. I completely forgot that it’s 2015 and we’re all friends now. Don’t mention the war. Not even once.
Rebecca was incredibly impressed with our work ethic, our effort, and our natural banter. That’s right, natural banter. That’s because, apparently, we have good chemistry (Oi! Quit sniggering!).
To think that Rebecca, Pete and Paulo are up at some ungodly hour of the morning, something like 4.30am, to plan and write their shows, every morning Monday to Friday, is nothing short of a miracle. It’s undoubtedly a testament to their sheer talent, work ethic, and commitment. Top quality banter is the end result, and hopefully we will achieve the same for our broadcast.
I’m confident that we will, Lizzie is ultra-talented, and I’m hoping to ride on the crest of that wave for as long as possible!
I’m still head of the news team, and while it provides its healthy dose of challenges, nothing makes me happier than reading about current affairs, history, politics, and religion. You know, the stuff that bores the knickers off literally everyone else on the planet?
I think I’ve earned a healthy break this weekend. We edge closer to victory, and we’re all prepared for the ‘Big Push’ over the top next week. Don’t mention the war!

Back to the Future

23 October 2015

Script writing. Research. Management. Interviews.
It’s safe to say I’ve learnt a lot of new skills that I would never have dreamed possible over the past number of weeks.
I’ve pushed the boat out of my safely anchored comfort zone every single day I’ve been here, and I feel the fruits of the labour starting to grow, and soon be ready for harvest. (See, October theme is still strong).
I forgot to mention that yesterday was the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future from 1985. Personally, I didn’t get to meet them, but I heard from reliable sources that they’re nice guys.
The comedic genius, Keith Law ran through our skits with us, and he was impressed with our progress. He offered some advice which helped us fine-tune them, and ultimately improve the whole broadcast.
The whole shebang is starting to take shape, and I’m excited for the finished product.


This was my first day of double-jobbing. Don’t panic, I’m not a closet MLA…
That being said, I have a whole new sympathy for people who DO double-job. It’s almost like having two jobs means that you do twice the work… who would have thought?
It was also “funsie in a onesie” – a strange event where everyone dresses up like a complete and utter weirdo – all for a good cause though, raising money for Cash for Kids, whose website I urge you to check out.
In many ways, today was a lot stranger than yesterday. Which is strange, considering how strange yesterday actually was. I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone quite a bit, which is scary, but apparently it’s good for me. Turns out it is.
I had a lot of fun working with Lizzie, who’s a genius of all trades. She’s been blessed with a very creative mind, coupled with a healthy headstrong attitude, and tripled with a brilliant sense of humour.
Disclaimer: I have received no payments, either directly or indirectly for the previous compliments to my most excellent colleague.

We also had John Rosborough, who does the 10:30pm slot on a Sunday night on Downtown Radio. He gave an interesting talk on the history of radio, taking us on a journey from the formation of local commercial radio in the early 1920s, to the monopoly of the BBC in the 1930s, the “Golden Age” of radio during the wartime years, the battle with Television in the 1950s, the rebellious years of Radio Caroline in the 1960s, the Conservative government’s (under Ted Heath’s premiership) liberalisation of radio in 1970, and right up to the genesis of Cool FM in 1990.
Naturally, my love of history took over, and I took a great interest in this talk. I learnt so much, and took reams of notes on the subject.
Lots of progress has been made. The battle rages on, edging us closer to victory.

John Has A Long Moustache

Tuesday was quite a strange day.
The day itself was actually quite normal for mid-October, brown, red, orange, and yellow leaves standing out against the cold, grey blanket of the sky. The decaying leaves crunched crisply as we walked to the studio, and… you get the picture, nothing untoward during October.
What I meant to say was it was a day during which strange things happened. As I called into the office today to get some questions cleared for interview, I somehow ended up being offered a new position within our broadcast. I’m still commander-in-chief of the news team, but I am pleased to report that I have also been promoted to general, ranking just below Field Marshall Danny.
It really means that me and Gen. Lizzie are now working very closely together – an absolute pleasure, might I add, and so we move our Expeditionary Force towards the front lines of broadcasting. We are closer than ever to achieving our mission.
If we were French, I would announce that John has a long moustache…

Shameless Plugs: Part 2

22 October 2015

Shamelessly, I’m uploading some of my musical works. You can buy it on Spotify, iTunes,, CDBaby, and other sources. You can “Like” Matt Mayhem on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @RealMattMayhem or be a fan on
With your help, we can get a Matt Mayhem song on the Cool Fm playlist! What are you waiting for? Get downloading!

Enhanced Interrogation

20 October 2015

Monday was business time. A full schedule of interview timetables, preparing questions and vox pops!
There are few things I’m fully confident with, but it seems asking difficult questions is one of them, an important skill in journalism. I’m looking forward to learning more interview techniques (the professional, journo-kind, not the horrible CIA type) and building myself up to take on more hard-hitting interviews, and enhancing my portfolios.
Unfortunately, “enhanced interrogation” is not an acceptable interview technique… maybe someone should tell that to Ex-Vice President of the USA, Dick Cheney? (Dodgy political satirical remark; disclaimer).

Guardians of Our Time

Friday was all hands on deck! We had Simon (the guy who had taken all of our photos, and actually made my face look presentable – which I think should count as some kind of miracle) and Adam McPeake from Hype in to talk to us.
I wasted no opportunity, and managed to bag an interview with each of them using the magical, mystical, sacred modern technological recording device known to common man as the H4. I’m fairly confident I’m using them correctly, and I’m happy with my line of questioning – I was once accused of being Jeremy Paxman, and so I’m anxious to avoid being a Jeremy in future interviews.
I think as long as you don’t appear to be confrontational, you can ask whatever you want; after all, all I’m trying to do is dig a little deeper and discover what people really think about certain situations. Just give them a little nudge, and allow them to open up and tell their story. Isn’t that what journalism is?
We are the guardians of our time. In 200 years from now, modern man will be looking at us as ‘ancient times’, so it’s important that the picture we paint is an accurate one. But I digress, roll on the weekend!

News team: Assemble!

Now that are roles have been assigned, and that are star presenters have been chosen; I’m more than confident that Lizzie and Nathan will do an excellent job.
As head of the news team (as well as having the arduous task of sitting smugly in a leather-bound arm chair, chewing my cigar and laughing at my own jokes) my job is to ensure all the facts and stories are accurate, balanced, and impartial.
The real head of news, Nigel, who is in charge of the award-winning team here in Cool FM, came up for a chat. His advice and words of wisdom were invaluable, and I even got a book recommendation. I was flattered that he took the time to discuss my work with the local paper in Banbridge and help me fine-tune my skills.
At lunch-time, our news team met up in the local park for a huge show-down with all the other news teams in the country. We circled each other, and engaged in mortal combat for dominance of the ratings among the news stations. It escalated fairly quickly, and I think Brick killed a guy with a trident.
Hold up… that happened in Anchorman, starring Will Ferrell… not my lunch hour. My sincere apologies.
After the inter-channel news team rumble (Ron Burgundy is a legend, and if you haven’t watched the film, take a day off and treat yourself to some ‘Afternoon Delight’), we got stuck in to our work, researching stories, and fact-checking. The ship has set sail, and now all hands are on deck. News team: Assemble!!

Know your role!

Today we played back our voices and decided what our roles would be. I literally cringed at the sound of my rural drawl being played over the loud speakers. Steve did an amazing job at making everyone sound as professional as possible, but in my case I think he was polishing a… an unpolishable object.
That being said, I am ultra-pleased at being given my role as head of the news team. My dreams of becoming the next Matt Drudge are coming ever closer to fruition!
I think my passion for news, politics, history and all things journalistic was very obvious from the Cohort’s inception, and I’m determined to do the best possible job that I can!
We were taught (by the editing department) how to use the H4 recording devices, along with plug in mics.
Side note: the mics are Shure SM58s, the very same microphone that my musical hero, Bruce Dickinson uses. The temptation to start singing random Iron Maiden lyrics was, at times, overwhelming.
I’m looking forward to getting out and doing interviews, vox pops and general journalism-esque material.
In the words of former WWE Champion, The Rock, “Know your role, and shut your mouth!”

Mic Check

14 October 2015

Testing… 1, 2….
Today was voice testing day. We all had a pre-written script to read from to test how our voices would sound on radio. We all have our own ideas as to who will do what job. Personally, I’m easy-going as to where I go, but ideally I’d like to be involved with the news in some capacity.
Daunting it was, and my nerves where pretty shaken by the end of it. That being said, I do have previous experience, with over 500 hours clocked on the now-defunct Shine FM in Banbridge. Nothing on this scale though. We recorded our mic checks in the same studio that Pete, Paulo, and Rebecca use for the Breakfast Show in the morning, which in and of itself was a privilege.
Steve Turnbull guided us through how we phrase and pace our sentences, and his guidance was an educational experience, and went a long way to settling any nerves that were appearing.
In the afternoon, we also brainstormed further ideas on our radio show. A lot of further details were discussed, and everything’s starting to take shape. I think everything will flow a lot more smoothly once we have our allocated positions.
The anticipation is building, and I’m excited about the forthcoming project!

Monday the Third

It was actually Monday the Twelfth day of the Tenth Month, Fifteen years into the second millennium, on the 3rd week of our cohortship. (That’s a real word now, deal with it).
We had Paulo (from the breakfast show) to talk to us about social media. The kid (he looks like he is 12 years old), managed to triple the Facebooks likes within a year, and seems to be on top of his game.
The one thing that strongly stands out is that out of everyone who has given up their time to speak to us, they all had this one statement in common: “It doesn’t feel like it’s a job.” Everyone is doing what they love. I guess the old adage is true “if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This seems to be true of everyone who works here; they’re all living their passion.
I’m also surmising that, despite all of the technical, business, corporate, marketing speak, the REAL reason for the success of a company is the high morale of the employees. Happiness = success.
The afternoon was a completely different kettle of fish… Rebecca had us doing the dreaded presentation about ourselves, in front of a camera. Standing there felt like being in the firing squad, with the camera as an SLR rifle. It was a daunting experience, one that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy.
I went downstairs to grab a cup of water, and Rebecca gave me a pep talk, which gave me the confidence I needed to stand up and talk about myself for a whole 60 seconds, which of course, felt like an hour.

Shameless Plugs

13 October 2015

Before I talk about Friday’s shenanigans, I would like to take some time to shamelessly plug my work…
I have a Facebook page dedicated to my music,, and the same on Reverbnation. Also, check out “Golden Girl” and “Sunrise” on YouTube by Matt Mayhem.
I’ve also released two Eps, “Rock & Roll Requiem” and “Renegade Angel”, both of which are available on iTunes, Spotify,, CDBaby, and several other music sharing websites. At the minute, they’re not on the Cool FM playlist, with that said, with YOUR help, we can move musical mountains!
With the shameless self-promotion out of the way, we had some interesting developments on Friday, with a DJ masterclass from Steve Turnbull. I happen to have a certificate from the Prince’s Trust specialising in the subject, despite being an avid metal/rock fan (trust me, the irony hasn’t been lost on me!).
It was very clear to see how passionate Steve was about DJing, and it shone through in his lesson. Steve also has some original mixes on release, so feel free to check them out too!
Later in the day, we got a marketing lesson from David. Sales and marketing, and the corporate side of media in general, is something I’ve always found difficulty in fully grasping, but I think I’m getting the hang of it… eventually. and follow me @RealMattMayhem

From Heavy Topics to Heavy Metal

9 October 2015

As we approach the end of our second week, it has stricken me with horror that Americans have no alternative for the word ‘fortnight’. Apparently, they just say ‘two weeks’ like uncivilised barbarians. I almost dropped my tea and crumpets when I first learned this terrifying truth.
We had a talk from the head cheese, the big boss, Mark Mahaffy. The man who makes it all happen, and has the unenviable responsibility of running not one, not two, but three radio stations at once – Cool FM, Downtown, and the recently launched Downtown Country.
I was surprised at how level-headed, good-humoured, and all-round easy to talk to he was. Our Q & A session was refreshingly casual, and I was naturally intrigued that he came from a background in the newspaper industry. (In the not-so-distant past, Mr Mahaffy had the entire Mirror paper in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland under his command).
We got some much-needed advice on what employers look for, and how important character and attitude are when it comes to employability. It’s a bittersweet relief to know that qualifications aren’t everything.
That being said, I couldn’t help but wonder about the doomed fate of all of the ultra-intelligent, but socially awkward introverts who have straight A’s but are too shy to communicate effectively.
I won tickets to see Def Leppard & Whitesnake on December 7. Jealous much?
When we were divided off into different groups to create a sales pitch a few days ago, the best idea was not only going to be actually used as the real promotion on-air, we were also duly rewarded with the tickets. As a result, I’m going to head bang like a madman on December 7 to two of the greatest hard rock bands of all time. Jealous much?
I’m not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but after successfully pitching the best idea to Simon Mann, I got me some Def Leppard & Whitesnake tickets… here I go again!!!
Jealous much? I don’t blame you…

The Snodden Interview

On Wednesday, this was the eighth day of our Cool FM cohortship, (that’s word I just invented).
Pete Snodden took some time out from his schedule to come talk to us, and it was a fascinating insight into how he came to be where he is today. It was a tale of dedication and commitment, as being a Radio DJ was all he had dreamed of doing since he was in P6.
After the hour and a half group conversation with Pete, I had a whole new level of respect for him. He was every bit as down-to-earth in real-life as he was on-air, and he even gave us a mention on his show the following morning!
His trials and tribulations, knock-backs, self-doubt and even the fact that he gets a “nervous energy” before every show, were all amazing insights into the preparation of a true consummate professional.
Listening to his story, it was really interesting to hear his eclectic taste in radio presenters, and I was very impressed to hear legendary shock jock Howard Stern on his list of heroes.

Sponsorship & Promotion

8 October 2015

On Tuesday, we explored an area of the industry that I had no knowledge of whatsoever – sponsorship and promotion.
Richard Ross gave us an informative talk on the various brands that the company deals with and then split us into groups to work on a promotion brief, where we had to come up with a convincing pitch to promote the Coke Trucks coming to Belfast over the festival period.
Following this, we had a talk from Keith Law – the brainchild behind the “John Joe SatNav”. Keith is an extremely quick-witted and naturally hilarious man. His quick-wit and expert humour provides endless fodder for the advertisement that appears on the broadcasts.
We then got a second brief, where we had to come up with an advert for a local Butcher’s. This task really put my creative thinking to the test, and I undoubtedly suffered from ‘writer’s block’ a few times. The star of the brief was Lizzie, who surprised herself by having a natural affinity for script-writing.

Manic Monday

Monday was a miserable, wet, drizzly day, and the rain leaked through the holes in my shoes. There was a silver lining to this miserable, cloudy day… we got to sit in with Pete, Paulo, and Rebecca on the biggest show in the country!
Pete was a wizard, no doubt about it. The setup can only be compared to the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, with loads of buttons, lights, gadgets, and screens. While I was very confused, Pete was so refined at his craft, and made it look easy. The show flowed without a single skipped beat, and it was a pleasure to see an expert performing his craft.
We were quite a few people down, and the crew was greatly diminished, mostly due to the fact that it was a miserable, cold, wet, Monday.
That being said, it was one of the most productive so far! We all got around the table, and decided on our topic. This was greatly inspired by the very interactive and informative talk we received from Wayne Denner, a social media guru, who has launched his own app, called “Rep Selfie”, which tells people how positive their Facebook and Twitter profiles appear to prospective employers.
I think I’ll end it here… you’ll have to tune in to find out the rest!

Thursday, Friday, and the Flux Capacitor

The first week felt like a day. Although, of course, scientifically, this isn’t possible. That is, unless someone actually installed a flux capacitor into a De Lorean. Which of course, is impossible, because it’s a fictional film; unless Stephen Hawking’s universe theory thingy is true, and there ARE multiple dimensions.
That being said, if there really were multiple universes, containing trillions and billions of planets, in turn filled with millions and billions of inhabitants in countless solar systems and innumerable galaxies, you’d think somebody, somewhere would have the wit to build a flux capacitor.
The week flew in. That was my point before Marty McFly’s imminent return distracted me.
Thursday was a difficult day. I think we all hit a mental wall while collectively discussing the creative elements of our broadcast. By this stage, we had nothing. Nada. Zilch.
We needed some time to decide our theme.
That morning, Luke from HNH Media gave us a talk on his company, his background and some valuable blogging advice. He was the guy who designed the Cool Choices website, which is why I can update this blog with great ease.
What amazes is me is how diverse the backgrounds of these guys are. They have come from all walks of life, from such a wide range of disciplines, and have come so far off the beaten path to find themselves in very successful positions.
For example, on Friday, we got a talk from Simon Mann – a huge mover and shaker in the commercial end of Cool FM. He set us a brief that we worked towards.
Like quite a few of the people we’ve spoken to, Simon also spent some time working among journalists in various newspapers, including the Belfast Telegraph. There’s something to be said for Robert Frost’s “Road Less Travelled”.

Challenge Accepted

On day three, we got the grand tour of the station. The studios are top-of-the-line, ultra-professional, set-ups. With all the bells and whistles intact, the screens, the mics, the sound desks, it was impressive. Most impressive. (That was a Star Wars reference, if you didn’t get it, stop reading and treat yourself to one of the greatest cinematic experiences if all time!)
I also got the chance to learn more about the newspaper industry, given David Corscaddens extensive background in journalism. It was fascinating to hear his take on the massive changes within the industry over the past 20 years, with the old print style giving way to the new digital era. Since journalism is my chosen field, it was a great opportunity to ask a million and one questions about the subject.
The news team here at Cool FM have won countless awards for their high-quality journalism, and I’m looking forward to learning more about how everything comes together.
The radio station is a smooth-running machine, with everything and everyone having a valuable purpose, all coming together like different pieces of the jigsaw to create a full picture.
In addition, we listened to the previous Cohort’s radio show. Impressive, most impressive. And so, the gauntlet has been laid before us. Challenge accepted.

Cake and Cookies

On day 2 we had cake and cookies. No really, we did.
We also sat around the table and brainstormed ideas for our radio show. Several ideas came into play and we all had the same direction in mind. It’s amazing the amount of preparation that goes into the technical side of producing a show. When you listen to a show on the radio, it all sounds like natural banter between good friends, which is a great compliment. The cliché holds true, “they make it look easy”, and they do.
Now that our show is in the embryonic stages, the ideas and suggestions are flowing and the excitement of a new challenge is starting to build. The creative process is a journey, and we’re well on our way, even if we’re not sure where the destination is going to be.

Introspective Intro

Day one. The dawn of a new era. The beginning of a brave new world.
Probably a little melodramatic for an introduction, but after rising from the dead at the unholy hour of six am, and taking two buses to Newtonards, I’ve already had my share of melodrama in the morning.
Thankfully, the sun was shining and the air was crisp and fresh, and the extensive journeying gave me some time to gather my senses and slowly come to full consciousness.
The nerves didn’t quite kick in until after the third cup of morning coffee. The idea of meeting new people, the fear of what their first impressions (of me) would be, and other irrational social anxieties all quickly dissipated once I saw how open-minded and friendly everyone was.
Day one was about getting introduced to the programme and getting to know everyone. The warm welcomes and top quality banter has eased me into the day.
The highlight of the afternoon was interviewing the presenters, as not only were they honest and candid in their responses, but it taught me valuable interviewing skills as well as serving as a good bonding opportunity for all of us.