My name is Stevie I am 22 years old from Newtownabbey I am also a youth leader and I have a passion for the field of media.

My interest for media started to spark when a guy who I am close with was setting up his camera equipment and he also owns his own company but apart from that the only thought that went through my head was I want to be involved in that industry.

What I want to gain from cool choices is get more qualifications and then hopefully go to university to get my qualifications in media production

Coming to the end

30 October 2015

So we are coming to the end of ore time here at cool fm we all have had fun and we all but surprisingly no one went mad at the stress of completing the broadcast. So let start off were we last left off. So it has been all work the last 2 weeks but now we are in the last week and its even more work that need to be done for this to work and be put together. We started the week off with more editing of the interviews that where coming in to the editors but here is one thing that I am surprised with no one was shouting at each other me, David and Bart we all can work well together. So going down the week Steve got people in to the studio for a voice test for recording the skits that the class came up with then on the Monday we went down to record them fully and now they are going to be aired on the broadcast.
On the Tuesday we had a girl who stated of the campaign don’t bully in northern Ireland
It was a girl called Anita she told us her story on how she was bullied in school and how she overcame that and started up a campaign and now helps people out. Now we up to are final day before are ocns and its all work to get it done but we done it and we have heards that it is really good so and I can’t wait until its out there so prepear for something big but this couldn’t be done with the help of the mentors so I want to take this time to thank them for all they have done during this five week so thanks David, Lynsey, Claire’ Rebecca and Steve
But my team have been outstanding during the time here we loved every min of it but there is only one thing I can say we are not a team at all. We are one big family we get along with each other very well and thanks to them for making this one of the best courses I have been on. There is also a saying we have said from the start bus now I think it is acceptable to say it now COHORT 4 BETTER THAN BRFORE.

Another day another day to edit

28 October 2015

So we are well in to our time here at cool the time is going by so fast can’t believe this is the end of week four already so next week is going to be all heads down and work, work and work. This past week has been getting recorded and the research for the other team members and the same for the editing team about from the research bit we have been in the editing room getting the recordings ad getting them trimmed down for this broadcast. It’s all coming along now but these still a bit to do but we will do it because we are all working together in our different teams and helping each other out.

coming to the end

27 October 2015

So it’s the day of week four here at cool and the work is getting harder but worth it. So we went down for another voice test and getting ready to record on Monday for the ads in the broadcast also my team have edited all the stuff we have so far. We are all near ready to start recording for this broadcast and now we are into the hard work week so this week might be stressful but we can do it and pull off the best cause we have a has a saying from the start of the course cohort for better than before. So here’s to the last week at cool


23 October 2015

Well me and the team have been really busy getting the audio edited. So the days start by getting the audio that the news team has been recording and ripping the audio from the recorder(getting it off the recorder and putting it on the computer) and from there we have to listen to the the recording and start editing it.
The steps you have to do it is. First of all you have to listen to listen to the recording and take out all of the ‘erms’ and different noises then you have to take out the voice of the interviewer and from there you have to tweak it a little and make it sound like its continuous so its hard work but I love it. Every day is getting better and better and the team is getting along well and is coping well with each other.

onwards we go

20 October 2015

Well since I have I last posted we have done a range of things
We had Paulo Ross in speaking to us about his role and how he updates the cool FM social media pages and how he has to ask permission to use some ones post or picture. Plus we had to do voices tests to see who is going to do what in the broadcast. It is harder than it looks but before that we done a presentation in front of are class. So we had to say a bit about us, age, something that my doesn’t know about me and a quote that was easy but speaking in a mic is a different story but I got threw it and I’m happy that I done it.
When we got in the next day after that Steve brought up the final edits of two tracks the first one was the normal one then he played the better one that he directed us threw. So from there we had a class vote who was going to be our presenters and new team then the rest that wasn’t in them teams where put in either the editing the team or producers. So I got put in the editing team with Bart and David.
So we have been getting the used to the editing software and getting cracking on with editing the interviews that the news reporters have been giving us so that there are ready to get used in the broadcast. The team have their heads down and working away I am happy with my team

The days are going far faster

14 October 2015

So we are now in the process of getting ready for getting down on are broadcast. So the day we went down to the studio to get our voices recorded to see how we sound on air. The day started of with Steve Turnbull taking us down in groups to get our voices recorded.

Then Back on to our topic we sat down and started discussing about the different teams that will operate with in out broadcast. Plus we also started to talk about people who we want to interview and different we have already asked. In my opinion this is going to be a success and we are all keeping are heads down and working hard.

Preforming skills and social media

At the start of the day we had a guest come in to speak to us. The guest we had in was Paulo Ross from the breakfast show. He was telling us his role in planning the social media page and when stuff get put up. He told us that he had a picture already planned to go up on the twitter and facebook site that he found online but he stated that he had to ask permission first to use the picture. And he told his plans to boost the facebook page to a higher amount of people. We are learned that he loves the job that he does.
In the afternoon we had Rebecca taking us for presentation skills and how to present your self in front of your peers for radio. She also made us do a short about me task for us to do and to be filmed as well so we all done that one by one. For me I am not the person to be in front of the Camera I prefer to be behind it operating but I conquered that. It was really a enjoyable day at

Mixing around the desk

13 October 2015

On Friday we had Steve Turnbull in again but with a twist this time he brought in his pioneer dj desk. He taught us how to mix a track but lucky enough I have already had experience on the decks because of a course I did. So he started of showing us all the different thing on the desk e.g how to increase the volume and to increase the speed of the track and vice versa. He also let us have a go on them as well witch was good and it gave everybody a chance to see if they were any good plus Steve was there to show us what to do and help out when needed.
On Friday afternoon David C from the academy took us to talk about different types of marketing and how importance of it and the different types of marketing.
The main topic we looked at was promotion we looked at the way some companies advertise their product and he also set us a task to complete on how 3 different companies advertise some products and how they do that. So far my here is great but hard but there’s no going back now.

when the going gets tough the tough keeps going

moving forward

So on Thursday afternoon we had Steve Turnbull in with us talking and reaching us how to edit sound on adobe edition. He taught us some of his tricks on how to make a perfect edit. It was good to learn about something new me myself I hve edited a few things before to do with sound on a different program so I enjoyed learning something new as the saying goes you learn something new every day that’s what’s this like on this program it’s a whole big learning process

bright days are ahead

8 October 2015

So we had in the host of the morning show on Wednesday Mr Pete Snodden. He was talking to us about his bit in the morning breakfast show and how he got into cool fm. It was surprising how he got in to cool but someone has to start somewhere within the business.
So he started of introducing himself and told us how he got into the role where he is now. So he started on helping out a guy then he got put on the graveyard shift and then eventually got moved to host of the breakfast show. We all got a chance to ask him questions as well. My question was how long dose it take him to write a script for the show and his answer kind of shocked me that he doesn’t go by one he just puts down some point to discuss during the show with Rebecca and Paulo.

On Thursday we had the privilege to speak to the MD of cool fm Mr Mark Mahaffy and how he came to become the MD of cool from the newspapers to media and the transition from the two companies. He also gave us some tips about getting interviewed and how to present my self to the employer that I am applying for and how to make a good impression. Plus he is the guy behind the new channel downtown country.

My experience so far up at cool fm is going really well I think wait I mean i know we are going to produce something special. We are all now working as a team we are hanging out after the program and we can all stand each other. Brighter days are still to come for all of us here at the cool academy.

week two

So we are in to our 2nd week to the cool fm building and we are learning a lot more behind the scenes and my head just can’t hold on of what happens. But I am glad we have are note books to take everything down so that we remember it.

We have had a lot more people in speaking to us we have had a guy called Wayne Denner in speaking to us on how to be social media safe. He also told us what not to put on our social media pages because most employers might not invite you for an interview. Be careful of what you have put on your Facebook page because some employers won’t even think about inviting you if you have negative things on your page some employers won’t even thing about employing you. Sometimes if you don’t have a social media site some employers won’t invite you in for a interview. He also told us about a time that a young girl who got a well-paid job got fired because of what she put on her twitter page when she was 14
On Tuesday we had Richard Ross on speaking to us about promotions within cool fm and how to advertise one. He gave us a task to complete to promote the coke trucks coming into Belfast and how cool fm can be part of it and advertise it.

We also had Keith Law telling us about his role in making scripts for companies and he also gave us another take to complete for a butcher company. He let us hear on some stuff he has produced and it was all really funny and some of the stuff he produced caught my attention

the end of the first week

The last few days of the first week
Well we are coming up to the end of are first week at the cool academy and me and the rest of the team are talking about are topics for the broadcast we are planning to do and we also had a few more people come in and speak to us about their roles a reasonability’s with in cool and downtown we had the health and safety officer in to talk to us about health and safety in cool we also had we had Simon Mann in speaking to us about advertising for events he also set us a task to promote a thing for Disney on ice at the sse arena.

The days are getting better day by day

2 October 2015

So now we are in to are 2nd and 3rd day at the building we have had a range of different people in speaking to us we also had the privilege to speak to one of the guys from Bauer in Manchester who came into to see the building at cool and have meetings. We found out his background and how he got in to the radio industry to where he is now and is over whelming to hear how someone who has a passion for the radio started from rock bottom to where he is now. Also we spoke to the programming guy David McCammond and he told us about his role in the company and how he also got in to the company. We had the heath and safety talk aswell witch you need to know about no matter where you go.

After that had happened we went for the tour of the building and wow the building outside seems so small but there are plenty of studios and offices inside of that small building. We got to talk and discuss about what we wanted our radio broadcast to be about that we are going to produce and make so things are getting far better and I’m loving every minute of it so far.

First day at cool

Well it my first day at Cool FM building after spending 3 weeks in Belfast doing my peer education and I didn’t expect the building to be in the middle of nowhere. The time so far has been really good and it’s smaller than I expected to be. So as soon as we got in to the building we were greeted by Rebecca McKinney and Steve Turnbull and we got started on are first bit of work witch was to writing down questions and ask them how they got involved in the business and who influences them the most. Plus we got to see our photos which are used for our online profiles so my experience so far has been good.