I'm 16 years old. I see myself as a very outgoing, bubbly person who puts my all into everything I do.

I joined Cool Choices because I wanted some routine and something new in my life,

Cool Choices is right up my street. I have always loved music and singing, which I have been doing since I was 4 years old .

Cool Choices really helped me put my life back on track and stop wasting my life sitting about doing nothing ,

Thank you to all the staff at Start 360 and everyone at Cool FM.

Team building :)

12 March 2015

Today we went to Sonya Mac’s building to use the sports hall to do some team building.
One of the games we played was called shoe the horse and of course I was the horse, I had a scarf tied round my head and the rest of the team had to through everyone’s shoes including mine about the hall .
Then Chris M directed me in the right direction to find my shoes I had really good fun today a little bit more fun than work isn’t such a bad thing :p

Drugs and Alcohol

Today a woman called Sharon came into give us a talk on drugs and alcohol. Sharon went through the effects of drugs and alcohol has on families and the individual. She had a power point on the short term and long term effects that alcohol has on the body, she then showed us a video on legal highs and how they are effecting our country and how the deaths of legal highs have risen 10% since last year alone I just want to say a big thank you to Sharon for taking the time to come talk to us!

Final week

2 March 2015

Today we worked with Sonya and David to finish our OCN to show how we came about our roles.
David spoke to us about marketing and how companies promote themselves, we also learned about the 4Ps which are
Product,Place,Price and Promotion
I’m really sad to see cool academy come to an end there’s only two days left I wish it would never end. I have made some really good on this course and getting the chance to meet all the presenters is just brilliant.
Thanks to everyone at cool FM and cool academy for taking the time to help us get a better understanding of the radio 

Helping hand

24 February 2015

Today I was sent down to programming to be a helping hand around the office and to help sort out audio for Pete Snodden’s radio competition.
It was hard getting stuck into this task because I was out of my convert zone but I didn’t let that stop me, Florence and I had to use a programme called power log. We also had to cut out audio clips for a montage.
This wasn’t really for me but I still had good fun learning new things. 

Talk the talk

19 February 2015

Today my task was to look up companies that provide some sort of training depending on the course you decide to do.
Then I went into a quiet room and rang all the companies to see if they would be interested in doing an over the phone interview. Most of the companies agreed to do interview’s with me on the topic of helping the younger generation have a better understanding of getting into training.
I found talking over the phone came naturally to me and I really enjoyed it.

Selling eachover

17 February 2015

Today we planned for a visit from Bauer the company that owns cool FM. I was voted to be the team lead and let me tell you something, it is a pretty hard role to take on!
I came up with the idea to write everyone’s name on a sheet of paper and stick all the names in a hat and whoever picked out a name had to script/record an advert on that person.
Sonya took us down to the recording studio so we could record and listen back to our adverts. I would just like to say a big thank you to Sonya for letting us take over her show.

Collecting audio

13 February 2015

IMG_2220[1] IMG_2223[1]Today me and Shannon G had to wrote up some questions on advice for employment for young people.
We went round interviewing our friends in the class one by one to see if they could help the younger generation have an understanding of what to do when leaving/left school and looking for employment.
Me and Shannon also had to interview each other I had good fun doing this task and would definitely do this again 

Out and about

12 February 2015

On Monday we went out on the cool FM bus as a reporter .I had to go interview the public about the “Take care Get there “campaign which the downtown radio/cool fm news team are currently undertaking .
I found it hard to draw in the public when most of them don’t like the recorded sound of their own voices.
It was difficult to get the interviews to answer in full sentences rather than yes, no answers.
It was hard to get the age group needed for our cool choices broadcast but we gained some audio on this occasion
I really enjoyed going out on the bus and my role as a reporter I would love to go out and about with Cool FM again.


Feedback at the station

Today we listened back to the audio we recorded on Monday and got some constructive criticism which helped me understand what I did wrong and what I can do better next time.
Nigel from the head of news came to talk to us about how we can make our reporting skills better and how we can get the best answers out of the public.
We also were put into pairs and asked to write up 3 questions so we could find out a wee bit more about each other and practice our interview technique.

Intro to programming

David McCammond, Deputy Programme Controller, told us about how the music is chosen for the station.
There are three lists sent through to the station;  A list being the songs that are to be played most, B list being songs that are being played in second rotation and C being the upcoming tracks.
David also talked about how to programme the shows. He is one of the most important people in Cool FM.


Richard Hoey, who is in charge of engineering at Cool took us on a tour of his department and showed us all of the wires and equipment that make the station capable to broadcast.
I don’t think I would enjoy working in engineering as much,  because it looks complicated, but I enjoyed looking around and seeing how it all works.

Voice Recording

Today Sonya Mac took us into the studio to practice for our presenter roles and to boost our confidence when talking on air.
I thought it was easy and came really naturally to me. Listening back to the audio we recorded, I got the understanding of the importance of the speed we talk at and not to fidget and move around, while we are on air.


Today we started of with interviews.
Me and Shannon G interviewed Rebecca McKinney from the COOL FM Breakfast Show. We also interviewed Chris and Elliot.  I found this interesting because this is the role I am playing in our broadcast and it is good experience for the big day!
After lunch, Ryan A came in and talked to us about his role as a DJ and talked us through how he got to where he is now; hard work and determination. We then got to do a mix ourselves with his help, after he showed of his skills.

Pete Snodden presenting

9 February 2015

Pete Snodden is a presenter on the breakfast show he give us an insight into how to be a professional presenter the breakfast show is one of the most important shows on cool FM
And therefore Pete Snodden is an important person within the station
Pete said that you should try and be yourself when presenting and putting your personality and your own likes into this process will help you to succeed at being a presenter
I would love to be a presenter because I can’t seem to stop talking and feel that I could relate to a lot of people and it’s something I would enjoy

Sales and promotions

5 February 2015

Simon Mann is the head of the sales and promotions department
They have to sell advertisements to clients to make money for the radio station.
Simon talked about different ways in which you can sell adverts and why this is important
Sales and promotions is something I would be good at because I feel that I could persuade people to buy into advertising with cool FM
The information that we were given today could be useful in different environments such as selling in a clothing shop

Styling and image with Rebecca

Rebeacca McKinney, a presenter on the breakfast show gave us a talk about how image is important within the radio station.
You have to look good because you are representing the radio brand when you are doing work outside of the station.
This part of the course is really fun for me because I enjoy looking good  and feel that presenting yourself is important as it represents who you are.
Joining cool choices has opened new doors for me and helped me make new friends for the future
Everyone is lovely no one is ever left out and I like that everyone makes me feel welcome in cool choices and all the staff are really nice and always wanting to help
I would just like to say a big thank you to all staff and help at cool choices

The history of the radio

John Rossborough came to give us a talk about the radio
He used different sound tracks from the past to show how radio has progressed over time
Downtown radio was the first radio station in Northern Ireland it could be heard on an AM frequency
Cool FM is downtown radios sister station it was created in 1990 on an FM frequency
The building we sit in today is the building in which the radio station began
I enjoyed learning about the history of the radio because its fun to know how things worked back in the day downtown and cool fm radio stations are the biggest stations in Northern Ireland
I’m really glad I can be a part of cool choices and have all these brilliant opportunities

Photoshoot with Simon Hutchinson

Simon Hutchinson is a professional photographer and he came into cool choices today to photograph individual and group shots of the team.
Getting my photo took is something that I enjoyed and would love to do again, we had to find different locations that suited everyone’s styles.
My location was a grey wall to bring out the colours of my dress I can see how composition is important when considering how to take a photograph