My name is Chris Kirkpatrick I’m 22 years old from Ballyclare.

I have a BTEC in Interactive Media which I really enjoyed studying for. I run a YouTube channel which has over 100,000 views and 500+ subscribers which involves a lot of video/audio editing. With my BTEC course and YouTube I would really like to expand my knowledge on video and audio production.

I also hope to take confidence in talking to groups of people from this course, as this will help me in any kind of job I go for in the future.

Peer Education Work

12 March 2015

We worked on our OCN Peer Education booklet. We looked at our family history and had to then write about what we feel has made us who we are today. We also worte about our Skills, Achievments and Interests.

Big Lottery Day

We went to The Hive to interview young people and the bosses from the Big Lottery. I was there to get photos from the event.

OCN Drugs and Alcohol Talk

Today we had Sharon come in and speak to us about drugs and alcohol and the effects they have on us all and families that she has worked with. She showed us a video on a programme a group of mums set up here in Belfast because of a young boy who died from doing drugs. We then filled in our OCN booklet writing about different types of drugs and how it affects people.

The One Show Recording

2 March 2015

I overheard on The One Show *I don’t watch it* that they were giving people the opportunity to present the show. We printed of the part of the script we wanted to record from a selection, all were very short. So I set up the camera and green screen and had Lara and Lily present it. Although we had to finish our OCN and didn’t get time to send the video away to The One Show by the deadline but it was good fun recording.

Bauer Media Head Visit & Selling Each Other

17 February 2015

Today we planned a presentation in groups for the head of Bauer Media to come in and see how we are getting on in the course. We had the letters of “cool choices” written on A4 pages with a word of what the course meant to us. We all held a letter and each said the word on the page which we had videoed for our blog. In the afternoon, we scripted a short advert about each other to try and ‘sell them.’ Once we’d scripted the advert, we went down to the studio with Sonya to record our adverts. Sonya put all the adverts together and at the end of the day it was played out to the group.

DJ Ryan A

13 February 2015

Ryan A came to give us a talk on how he got into radio how he started doing birthday parties and moved up to clubs and now onto Cool FM. He then took us down to the studio and showed us how to mix tracks what software he uses etc. DJ’ing never really interested me but after seeing how it’s all done I would like to maybe get into it now.

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Media Bus Ballyclare

12 February 2015

Today the reporters and I went to my home town of Ballyclare to interview the public on road safety.  We got some very good answers from people. We just had to be persistent and luckily we got some nice people who give us what we wanted. I was given the role of photographer to take pictures of the reporters while they interviewed the public and to also take a few videos. I always seen the bus in various places in the past and to now be a part of it in my home town was amazing.


Web Content

9 February 2015

Ross Tilly came in and gave us a talk on the website side of Cool FM. Clients would come to him wanting a banner ad for example on the site, he also showed us an app that shows statistics for the website but that in the past 12 months the amount of mobile users browsing the site has increased considerably. The official site is going to be redesigned in the near future.


Keith the advert editor then came and gave us a talk on how he produces adverts a client would come to him with an offer he then would make it into a 30 second advert and add a bit of creativity to it to make the audience listen to what is being on offer rather than listing of a boring list of offers from the company.


Carl Kinsman who is the station imaging producer he’s in charge of the radio jingles we hear on the radio these are the sounds you hear in between songs etc. He showed us how he adds effects to the voices to make them sound better. He told us that he could spend between 10 minutes to an hour producing a jingle.

OCN with Sonya Mac

We then worked with Sonya Mac and started our OCN qualification in which we completed the first two sections of it. We completed the second part of our OCN which involved us to write the health and safety persuasions in all the different areas of the Cool FM building. We also learnt how to use Adobe Audition to edit the audio we record.

Cool Plus Talk (Eamon)

Eamon came and gave us a talk on the cool plus website which is similar to the popular website Groupon, in which it gives you discounts on many products/experiences.

Nigel Gould News Team

Nigel came in and gave us a talk about how the news teams work on Cool FM. There is a total of 5 working for the news team, there’s 17 news bulletins a day on Cool FM. The news team have had many awards given to them and are recognised throughout the UK. Some of the big main stories covered in 2014 were the Hardwell concert incident, Ian Paisley’s death, bomb at St Annes Square and many more. We were then given a task to give ideas to Nigel about what we wanted to make a change in and the story we write up would then be read out on the radio.

Sales and Promotion with Richard Ross

Richard Ross gave us a talk on how he speaks to clients about how they want to promote themselves on the radio. How shows are sponsored on the show such as Stena Line who sponsors the breakfast show and they are mentioned between songs and competitions are run to win VIP tickets on Stena Line to various locations in the UK. Richard then gave us a task to help plan the Red Bull Crashed Iced where we had to find out ways to best promote this event via Cool FMs radio and Facebook page.

Social Media with Paulo Ross

Paulo Ross who is a co-host on the breakfast show and also is in charge of the social media side of Cool FM gave us a talk on what he has to think about when he posts something onto the Cool FM Facebook page. He has to think about if it will be relevant to the day such as funny snow pictures depending on the weather. Some posts do go viral one post reached over 6 million views which then gets a lot of attention to the Cool FM page. We were then given a task to find pictures/videos for Paulo to post on the Facebook I give him my own video which he said that it would be very engaging and that will be posted tomorrow.


Richard Hoey the lead engineer took us down to the studios and explained how to computers etc all worked and the sound proofing on how no wall or windows are the same so that the sound doesn’t bounce back. He then took us to the rec room and this is where everything is controlled which was filled with computers and wires and because there is so much equipment in this room the temperature has to be controlled to avoid overheating. It was interesting seeing how it all works but it was all to technical for me.

Big Lottery

6 February 2015

The big lottery that fund this project came in get see how we are getting on and to get feedback from us on a new course they are looking to start in the summer for young people who have learning disabilities, a young carer or at risk of leaving education. We were then given the task of giving ideas of how to launch this project and let young people know about this it.

Recording Video

David gave me the task of setting up the green screen, lights and camera etc in the green room so that I could record everyone for their videos of a bit about themselves and why they are here. I also have the task of putting all the videos together into one which I will do at home. I really enjoyed doing this as it’s what I like doing and it was good to take the lead in this for everyone.

News Jordan Moats

Jordan Moats the lead news reporter came and give us a talk on what he does within Cool FM. He would go out to people in the public, politicians etc. He let us hear a few examples of him interviewing a woman who had lost her son in a car accident. He said these are very hard to do and that the interview could last about 30 minutes but he would only use about 2 or 3 minutes for the news report.

Health and Safety Talk

Florence came and gave us a talk on health and safety which is compulsory aspect for all of us on the course. She talked about what we should do when the fire alarm goes off and what we should do if someone gets injured. We also need to take responsibility for ourselves by just using our common sense.

Sonya Mac Voice Recording

Sonya had us record our voice with us introducing ourselves and why we are on the course and what we want out of it. Which will be played to the group for us to vote on who should be our presenters for our hour long radio show.


We had a talk from David McCammond who is the programming manger, he explained how all the songs, adverts etc are organised to play on the radio each day with a program that organises songs so that they are not repeated within a certain period and also that they appeal to the target audience.

Pete Snodden

Pete came and gave a talk on how he got into radio, he has always been passionate about radio since he was about 6 years old he then took any questions we had for him.


4 February 2015

Simon Mann the sales manager came to give us a talk on how Cool FM advertise and how they make money etc, he would get his sales team to go out and plan how events will be set up etc. He then give us a task to plan.  We split into groups of three and worked to make one final plan to present to Simon at the end of the day.

Breakfast Show

We got to go down into the studio to see where the breakfast show in aired and how it all works.

History of Radio

We had John Rossborough a vintage broadcaster come to talk about the history of radio on how it all started from illegal broadcasts from ships and how the Cool FM studios came about being made and that no radio studio would be made to this standard anymore as it was made years ago.

Styling and Photoshoot

Rebecca spoke to us about on style and how important it is to dress well and give a good impression of the cool FM brand by dressing appropriately in public and also what you shouldn’t post online. To keep your work and personal life separate. We then had a photos taken by Simon of the group and individual photos for the website and our blog.


Introduction to Blogging and Website

David, Rebecca, Jerry and Luke explained how we will be blogging on the coolchoices website on what we do each day, as we progress through the 15 weeks.