Hiyaa, I’m Chris and I’m trying to figure out my role in the world. I’m 23 and my experiences mean I feel like I have a degree in life!

I have a bucket of experience and I love all sorts of music, from hardcore to massive love ballads. I do a bit of art and I write poetry when I feel the urge.

Hopefully this course will start me on a path to a career that I will enjoy ☺

I am looking forward to everything this course has to offer so, bring it on!


12 March 2015

Today we worked on our ocn peer education, we came up with things that makes us us. We did personal sheilds and talked a bit about ourselves.


Today we where looking at drugs, alcohol and the effects of both on you, your friends, your family and others around you. this is important education because in the world we live in everyone should have a good idea about drugs and the dangers.


Today we met up early at The Hive for the launch of the advert that me and lara recorded. Me and Elliot also interveiwed a young man, Henock from Ethiopia, about his story. His story is very interesting considering he started on the streets with no mum and dad and now hes in education and doing fabulous!


2 March 2015

Today we finished our OCN stuff with David and Sonya. It is all boring writing stuff but it has to be done to get the qualification and to be fair there’s not a lot of it if you listen when you’re being told something. To finish the day we split into pairs and made a newsletter for Rebecca, we each in our pairs added a picture of something that had happened while we’d been on the cool academy and added a short paragraph explaining what’s goin on.


Today was D-Day…. The show has been RECORDED!!!!! After a final few tweaks on the script with Sonya and Lara, we final got the show recorded and now it will have the music inserted, packaged audio inserted, the show will be timed then it will be sent to programming for approval. When we started recording I got a really bad case of the nerves and the whole way through my throat was catchy, but this is the problem with radio, its live and you just have to fight through. Anyway, Lara and Sonya were very patient and after 5 minutes maybe everything was good and we were flowing well! 


24 February 2015

Today I had to pull my finger out get in on time and put my head down. Which I did. Me and Lara put our heads together and wrote up the rest of the script. We worked hard to include relevant content that would reflect how we would actually interact with each other, while linking broadcast content. I learnt that it’s better not to put potentially controversial phrases into scripts, as listeners can interpret what they hear in different ways. It was a good day. I enjoyed being challenged and am looking forward to recording our broadcast.



19 February 2015

Today consisted of listening through all the audio and bringing the script together. This is where it’s all gonna get hecktek there is so much content and me n the others have to pick and sort out whats gonna go in and what isn’t :S


18 February 2015

Today has been all about interviewing, getting content recorded, establishing what is needing done and who is doing it. Because I am doing main presenter I have to have my hands in everything which to be honest is really hard but I’m trying to kick my head in gear to get ready for the big day. As soon as I got in Sonya got me to go round and do 12 vaux pops with nearly everyone in the building lol. I also had to do a video for promoting the course, had to say who I was, what got me into this course, what I want from it and what I want after it. Then me n Lara went down to David Smith and recorded the advert for Big Lotto. This was challenging because it was repetitive and annoying listening to snippets of your voices getting played back to you over and over and chopped and changed. But, the finished product was very professional and im happy with the outcome and experience. 



13 February 2015

This morning me n Lara recorded an ad for the Big Lottery I enjoyed this a lot and the nerves aren’t bugging me as much anymore then, after lunch Ryan A came in and talked to us about DJ’ing, this interested me because I’ve always liked my tunes but never bother learning after his talk he took us down to the studio and showed us his skills and let me do some mixing.

IMG_2221[1] IMG_2211[1] IMG_2226[1]



Today was good, this morning we worked on interview techniques and how we ask questions to get the best answer. Then after lunch we me, Fintan, Chris and Kyle went out to an outside to try and get interviews for our broadcast. This was a mission, because people just wanted to do their shopping but I got 3 interviews and the others got a few so it was good work. The content is starting to build up.


12 February 2015

Today I got to sit in with Siobhan McGarry on her talk show on Downtown Radio. It was very interesting watching how the show actually works; it’s not at all what you would expect when you’re just listening. Siobhan also gave me some responsibilities; I got to phone England and set up an interview and I got to meet and great one of her guests, which might not sound like much but it’s all part of the business and I’m happy to try everything. That brought us up to lunch and since most of the group were out doing interviews and working an open broadcast, me, Shannon C, Gavin and Sam worked on questions and content for the broadcast in march. Essential!


5 February 2015


Today consisted doing another interview with David Coleman from downtown, Lilly joined the team as well. We were then joined by, Sonya, on are actual radio broadcast. We will be focusing on ‘new starts, new beginnings’. Me and Gavin are focusing on ‘promoting yourself’. We are going to phone round and approach people to get content for our show. Also today I was told I will be the main presenter so it will be my job to hinge all the content together and send it out professionally… I’m excited! Im going to start really working on how I speak, like, swearing, slowing down so I’m clear and changing my tone so it keeps sounding interesting.


Gary & Luke- (website design)
These guys talked about how to use a website and the use of word press.

Style & Image- (Rebecca)
I took allot from this. Rebecca explained about how you put yourself out there i.e. Image/style is important, and that everything is being watched like your Facebook n other social media sites when you’re in the spotlight.

Photo shoot- (Simon Hutcheson)
This was quite embarrassing but informative because when you’re in this industry its all part of it. It was good for the groups vibe and a bit of craic.


History of the Radio- (John Rossbourogh)
This was cool. I learned that the radio, in the beginning, could’ve just been for everyone until the government noticed and took it for themselves- same old :P I found this whole section really interesting.

Sponsorship & Promotion (Simon Mann)
– & task.
Simon gave us a presention on his role in cool fm. His role is in sales and promotions and gave us an insight into what he does. He let us in on a real task which is designing and thinking of promotion ideas for a beach party at the tall ships event in Belfast this year. This is class because it’s a big deal to be invited to b involved in something like this. We all split into groups and brainstormed ideas then as a group presented the the best ideas to him. I think he was pleased.

Sadly, I wasn’t in on this day but I have been filled in enough. The group covered-
Presenting (Pete Snodden)
Programming (David McCammond)
Engineering (Richard Hoey)
Voice recording- I will be doing this soon, ill let yiz know the craic when I do 

Social Media (Paulo Ross)
– Social media task
Paulo came in this morning and took us through his role in cool fm. Which is pretty much the Facebook page. His role looks really easy but its sooooo important for sales and promotions, advertising or even just getting people involved with cool fm. It is a 24hour job so- fair play. He set us the task of finding ‘meems’ to put on the page and he was really impressed with the results.

Intro to Sponsorship & Promotions – (Richard Ross)
– Task.
Richard took us through another presentation highlighting s&p and ratings. And gave us the task of promoting and advertising ‘Crashed Ice Belfast’

Me, Lara, Chloe and Fintan have been honoured with the opportunity of being part of a new digital media project. We have taken on the roles of interviewers and writers. You’ll know more soon.

Today we started with Nigel giving us an insight into the news and sport are of radio. This isn’t really my thing but it was interesting all the same. What I took from it was, ‘Just report the facts’. Im too emotional for this malarkey. He set a task for those who wanted to report a story. I didn’t partake but others did well.
We also went through health and safety with Florence, she’s nice. And I got to do my voice recording, it’s embarrassing but something we all have to do. Plus I’m happy with my result.
Today we started the morning doing our OCN in Broadcast Media it’s pretty easy we just put in what we’ve been told so far. We were also shown our professional photos they all turned out great even though it was scunderin getting them done. Carl kinsman took us down to his wee booth to show us what he does, which is all imaging stuff (jingles n such..) I think I could really get into that kind of thing. Seems like good craic. 

Today we started with a presentation form Ross Tilly, who works with Paulo. He went through stuff like the development of technology and how the website works. Afterwards two girls from the Big Lotto came in to talk about new ways to approach young people, specifically, people with learning disabilities, young carers and those at risk of leaving education. We’re trying to think of ways to get them into starting their own courses and programmes about stuff they’d be interested in and show them how to get the funding. Then we did some more of the OCN stuff with Sonya.
Today Me, Cherelle and Fintan mainly did interviews with presenters Paulo, Pete, Gareth and Siobhan and we were chattin about ideas of how we are gonna make the website more popular. This was awesome, made me feel like a working man again lol. When we returned to the group after lunch we were set a task by Jordan Motes of creating to ways of promoting awareness for road safety, ‘take care, get there’.