My name is Conor. I am from Belfast and I am very much into music. Playing bass is my favourite pasttime activity.

Music in general is my life and im very passionate about metal music, I've been a fan of metal since I was 8 years old, now currently 17, I've never looked back!

What I would like to achive from the Cool Choices programme is to learn the ins and outs of the music industry that would lead a path to a career in music.

Styling and Imaging with Rebecca.

9 February 2015

Rebecca McKinney of Cool FM talked to us about how important styling and imaging is for the radio industry, and how important it is to wear the brand where ever you go. Especially on social media to date Cool FM has just under a quarter of a million likes on Facebook, so Rebecca and Paulo have to be very careful what they say on social media, because if something is said that does not have a great response on social media it could jeopardise Cool FM as a brand.

History of the Radio

John Rossborough who has been in the radio industry for decades taught us the very base foundation of radio, John explained the how the British Broadcast Corporation founded its radio station. He explained the mechanics behind radio and how they broadcasted radio decades ago. We listen to various recordings of radio from all over the world learning how and why radio was transmitted from all over the planet. I found it interesting how he explained that British radio wasn’t even broadcasted from Britain, it was broadcasted from Luxemburg at one point. Overall I enjoyed learning about the history of the radio industry.

Website Knowledge

4 February 2015

Today Ross Tilley who is the web editor of Cool FM explained how the edit process for Cool FM’s content is distributed to social media and other various websites. He went into great detail how the process to giving content to clients and taking content from clients and putting that content through social media. I felt that he was very well spoken on what his role is in Cool FM, I thought the way he explained his job it sounds really complex and time consuming. Also today Sonya Mac and the group went through a great bit of OCN that we don’t have to do any of it for some time and can get cracking on to what roles we will do on the Cool choices programme!

Do you want to buy into this course?

Today Keith of cool FM explained how advertisements are produced on radio, he explained everything in great detail from right from the script to the voicing. Giving us great insight on how those 10 second ads on the Radio are made. He said that a client would generally contact him asking could that buy airtime for ad on the radio, the first step of the process is the script, the script consists of voices and dialog.  Rough sketches of the advertisement are recorded so the client is happy with the product that Keith has come up with. I enjoyed learning about how the ads on the radio was made it gave me great insight of advertisement production. I also have learnt that advertising on air is important to the station because it’s what reaps in money for Cool FM, I was quite intrigued that Keith went into how he worked for MTV at one point in his career .

If there’s a fire… It’s all Cool!

Today Nigel of Cool FM showed us the news and sport side of radio and how everything is produced. We were set with a task how on to report a story. We also met Florence who is thy health and safety officer, who ran through the safety of the building and where everything is for safety purposes. For I building so small I didn’t think that there where so many fire exits!

You do not need a business degree!

Today Pete Snodden of Cool FM came in to the Cool academy building to talk to us about how he got into the radio industry, and how he got into presenting Cool FM. I thought it was interesting how he mentioned that he has a international business degree and how the fact it never really came in use in a presenting job. I think that it gave the team some motivation and inspiration that you can really do something if you put your mind to it no matter where you come from or what you’ve done in the past.

Finding Kiltonga

Conor Rock star!

The first week of the cool choices programme has been great so far, today we done a photo shoot that ended up me doing swinging my hair about the place like a metal shampoo advert. The group photo was us climbing up a grass hill and stairs getting multiple shots of the group. The group that are also in the programme are all a bunch of nice people no complaints what so ever. Today we learnt what will be going on for the next few weeks Rebecca and David of cool FM went over everything with us explaining what our expectations are as a group and I cannot wait to crack into it! I have a great feeling about the programme and that it will be a great success! I remember first seeing the studio for the first time and really didn’t expect that it was the dead end of nowhere in an industrial estate!