Hey there, I’m Gavin and I’m 18 years old and from Belfast attending the Cool Choices programme.

I’m here to boost my confidence, gain as much from the course as I possibly can and hopefully walk away with enough or maybe even more than what I set out to achieve from my time on this course.

I have a very big passion for music, I DJ and produce my own songs and I have had this love and burning passion for music ever since I can remember, it’s very dear to me and quite personal.

When I found out about this course I thought to myself “finally! This could be what I’ve been looking for”, so far…I was right.

I want a career in music production and DJing, I think this programme can help show the way to go.

Gavin Benson – 9/3/15

12 March 2015

Today we had a talk from Sharon who was part of a Youth Programme who help teenagers and families get over drug and alcohol problems and help bring families together. She talked to us about the effects of drug and alcohol consumptiom and addictions and more or less give us an insight into these things.

Gavin Benson – 2/3/15

Today we were did a series of team building activities, the first one we did was ‘shoe the horse’ where Cherrelle was nominated to be the horse that we all guided to find her shoes.
the next one we did was ‘the hoola hoop challenge’ and this consisted of being in a circle holding hands and the objective was to do a full round of the group by getting the hoola hoop around everyone.
The last activity we did we had a game of ’rounders’ and that was pretty fun :)

Gavin Benson – 12/3/15

Today we had the opportunity to visit The Hive building to interview gifted and incredible people with learning disabilities and inspiring stories about how some of those people changed their lives and through youth work and The Big Lottery Fund. Good time to hear those extrordinary stories :)

Gavin Benson – 25/2/15

2 March 2015

Yet another day of hard work, but surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. We got a lot done today and we managed to complete our OCN work so that’s a plus :)
We got everything we need so far completed for our broadcast, the only thing needed as of now; is getting into the studio with Steve so me and Kyle can place some music beds in with our jingles that we recorded a few days ago, which was a pretty good time and a lot of fun. I’m hoping that maybe tomorrow we can get into the studio and get that done at some point. ‘Can feel the excitement building up for when the shows finally aired :}

Gavin Benson – 19/2/15

24 February 2015

Long and hard day in the studio cutting and editing the interviews that Lilly Rose recorded, since Elliot was absent it was down to me and Conor to get the job done. We’ve made good progress so far and there isn’t that much left to do but I feel that we need to keep focussed on it, we can’t worry about other things until we get this done I feel.
Aside from that I managed to try out imaging on my own and it is something new and challenging to me and I would like to spend more time on it and also more time with Carl to get a better grip on how it’s done and possibly develop a better & more professional sound, especially for our own broadcast.
As expected this is going to be one hell of a ride to get the broadcast recorded, fun times ;).

Gavin Benson – 18/2/15

19 February 2015

Today was rather intense in my opinion; we got straight to what we needed to do, asked the questions necessary in order to know what direction we were heading in for the show and how we were going to package interviews.
I’d say that today was the first official day that we actually had our own ‘production meeting’ which I found to be the kick in the rear that we needed in order to get things moving.
These next 2 weeks are going to be the busiest yet, this’ll be interesting!

Week 3 – 9/2/15 – Gavin Benson

12 February 2015

Today we focussed on setting out our contacts for the broadcast while the others were out at Glengormley High school on the ‘Cool Bus’. we came up with questions for each business and/or contact that we get in touch with. Planning is essential as the broadcast becomes closer. We are looking forward to getting into the studio.

Week 3 – 11/2/15 – Gavin Benson

Today was mostly spent working with Carl Kinsman in the imaging department. We mainly talked and got to know each other and familiarised each other with our likes and interests. He also showed me how he works on the imaging and what he uses to create the masterpieces that he does. I have to say Carl is a very cool guy, I’m looking forward to working with him further on the programme.
We also got to grips with Ryan A. on DJing and he gave us a master-class and hands on experience with the decks. He also showed us how he performs in his shows/gigs and he gave us his story and how he got into DJing and radio DJing.

Gavin Benson – Week 1 – 30/1/15

9 February 2015

-Intro to News Team with Nigel Gould.
-Task challenge completed.
-Cool Plus with Eammon – collective task.
~Everyone aided in the task of coming up ideas, headlines and sales advice.
-Health & Safety with Florence Ambrose.
~Basic run down and procedure.

Gavin Benson – Cool Choices – Week 1 – 29/1/15

6 February 2015

-Intro to Social Media with Paulo.
-Intro to Sponsorships & Promotions with Richard Ross.
-Completed Sponsorship & Promotions task challenge.
Both intros and tasks were interesting and fun to take part in.

Still to complete: -Online Profile.

Gavin Benson – Week 2 – 1/2/15

-OCN work with Sonya Mac – completed first 2 sections.
-Intro and tour of Studio Imagery with Carl Kinsman. (PRODUCTION LOOKED COOL)

Gavin Benson – Week 2 – 3/2/15

-Website management and advertising intro with Ross Tilley.
-Run down on managing websites.
-Explanation on cookies & web-trackers
-Talk from Big Lottery Fund
~task: come up with promotional/funding ideas for youth programmes.
-OCN work with Sonya Mac
~Completed next section
-Talk about OCB (Outside Broadcasts) with William Gallagher.

Gavin Benson – Cool Choices – Week 1

Well the first week starting was a little slow but enjoyable, I’m looking forward to doing much, much more on then programme and finding out what I’m really capable of. I missed the first 2 days this week but I’ll be making double effort to do what I can to be in as much as possible.
This week I will be getting caught up with what I missed Monday and Tuesday then progress further on from there.
Before any of the main events took place we took some time this morning to record our intro videos and state why we joined and what we want to improve upon and get out of the programme.
We received run down on programming and engineering from Pete Snodden and Richard Hoey. Then we got an introduction to programming from David McCammand, learning about timing and show schedules as well as what actually goes on behind the radio with regards to prep work and other areas associated with programming.
After this we were introduced to engineering with Richard which I found to be quite interesting. We learnt about the equipment, what goes on, when Cool FM was first initiated and which piece of equipment does what. On a personal thought I would not mind taking a stab at both programming and engineering, both areas seem very interesting to me.
Once all of this was completed, we went down to the simulator for an ‘ice breaker’ activity, though I didn’t take part in the game I did find it to be a good glimpse into the people I’m working with on the programme and got a good idea to who is competitive and what-not.

Group work 5 cc2_gavin