My name is Kyle. I moved from County Donegal to Belfast to seek work, I heard about the Cool Choices Programme and applied, so here I am!

I am music mad, I love dance pop, rap and mainly dance like electro, techno, house etc.

I want to prove to the people who doubted me and myself that I can do something great with myself.

I think with Cool Choices I will be able to do so , as well as boost my confidence, learn new skills , get in the limelight and behind the scenes to see all aspects of the radio.

I listen to music everyday for hours on end and love the idea of making music! Im excited about this course and I think its going to be great craic and I am delighted to have such an opportunity being here.


12 March 2015

Today we went into Sonya Mac’s building and did some team building and communication activities.
I leared to talk to people and listen to them about what you and them are doing , we threw balls and eggs to eachother while more balls and eggs were being added and it got faster and faster.


24 February 2015

I was given tasks through out the days to go on power log and cut out clips for competitions again to make a montage. it was for the nashvillle competition a few weeks ago and I had to record all of the winners and talk ups. I spent the day with Florence in programming.
I went to a meeting with Rosie in Ardmore advertising to talk about Cool Plus which was quite interesting. It’s a discount initiative within Cool FM that links with clients to give listeners discounts.

17/2/15 Florence Ambrose

18 February 2015

Today with Florence I was given a task of using a program called Power log to take some clips out of the shows from the 16th and 17th of the songs with answers A,B,C,D.
It was quite interesting, I have been given a task for tomorrow to make a montage with 7 programmes for Cool Fm and I am pretty excited about this and a bit nervous.. but hey im going to learn new skills!


17/02/15 with Steve Turnbull

17 February 2015

Today I spent the morning with Steve Turnbull a presenter for Cool Fm.
He made a Cue to call on the spot for Siobhan in Downtown radio with adobe audition.
Steve taught me how to use audition and let me record my own vox-pop and jingle.
It was fun and interesting as I learned a new skill, like Single file is the one audio and multitrack is two tracks or audios put together.
After recording , go to effects- amplitude + compression- dynamics processing.
Normalise- 85% Hard limiting -3db
So far today has been really interesting!


Today we did a lot of work, we were given a task to present ourselves and to present what we have been doing so far on the programme.We were put into groups and we did brainstorms to come up with ideas for the presentations.
We also made ads about each other with the task to ‘sell them’ to people through a radio advert.
My confidence has gone through the roof so far and it is now far easier to pitch ideas to everyone in the group.


13 February 2015

Today I went down to programming and seen how competitions for tickets and stuff on the radio were made. I was given a sales and promotions brief to look over which was pretty interesting to see what the presenters are given to read out about competitions. We watched a video today that chris made about our progress and our introductions.


Today Davy showed me what he had done with the adverts and how to edit them and make them sound better. I thought it was interesting the way he worked the music so well with the script and edited them both together to make a good advert.


I spent the day with the Cool FM sales team and they showed me everything they did on the computers like matching the audio to the given ad, getting in contact with the clients.
I then went down to Davy who is in Commercial production and was showing me some of the scripts that his client had sent him, so we searched for some background music to go with the advert and he booked someone to record it the next morning.



Today we went to yorkgate with the Cool fm bus. We interviewed people around the shopping centre and some of the staff inside the shops. It was a bit embarrassing being told no when asking people to be interviewed but we pushed on.

6/2/15 Presentation skills with Rebecca McKinney

6 February 2015

“The volume of your voice does not increase the validity of your argument”
She mad points like..
Finding your voice
Think before you speak
Speak clearly
Less is more
Be confident!
She also showed us how she had got some criticism and how you should not let it bother you.
We all did a presentation each and stood up in front of eachother and got some Constructive Criticism.
Here is my presentation.
My name is Kyle, I’m from Donegal, no I’m not a farmer but I do know how to drive a tractor! Hard to beat a little tweed! Haha.
I love having a good laugh aswell as being serious when needs be. Im just finishing y second week at Cool Academy and it has been amazing so far! My confidence has gone through the roof and ive enjoyed seeing all sides of the radio aswell as the history of radio!
Originally I came in wanting to be a presenter, but then sales caught my aye when simon mann came in with his presentation. I look forward to working with him and his team and having a lot more fun with everyone else 
And my quote of the day was “ If opportunity doesn’t knock, Build a door” !


Artillery interview

I interviewed a youth worker from a youth centre with a Dictaphone, here is some of the questions.
What advice would you give to young people looking for work or experience?
What do you offer young people with your programmes?
What do business etc. look for in CV”s and what puts them off?
Top tip for improving someones confidence?
How can you help people re-train?
How can you help people get to where they need/want to be?
What Reccomendation do I go to? E.g. Where to go, What to do , How to apply.
Best interview techniques?
What qualifications do you have to offer?

week 3

Week 3
We did the ocn booklet with sonya mac on station structure and health and safety
And found out who was in charge of all departments
Ross came and showed us the website and how much technology has changed since the 80s
Nigel from the news team came in and he played us some audios from his road safety show where he had interviewed family members who had lost someone in a road accident.
We brainstormed ideas for cool clinics topic of the show . We are going for a topic of people who don’t know what to do once they leave school, college etc. and give them advice on what to do , who will help, how to do it.
I have set up an interview today with a woman from artillery at 7pm. Artillery is a youth organisation based in north Belfast which helps with, job searching, courses, ocn, CVs, etc. for young people.
We also voted on our roles and responsibilities today and voted for the roles we think would suit each person best.

Week 1 and 2

In the past two weeks I have learned so much about radio, media, sales, programming and everything that goes on behind the scene.
Two guys named Gerry and Luke who designed the cool choices website came in and showed us how to use the website and update our profiles.
Rebbecca who is one of the presenters on the morning show came in and explained about style and image, that we have to be careful what we say as we are representing the Cool Fm brand.
A man called John Rossborough came into us and explained the history of radio which I found quite interesting to see how everything in the radio industry has changed over the years. Like starting off radio being used for war updates and there was no music to now where all kinds of the top music is played.
A photographer called Simon Hutchinson came in and took photos of us , single and group photos, it was great craic even though im probably going to cringe over the photos of me.
Simon Mann who is the Commercial Director of sales with Cool Fm came in and explained to us about his role and how he got her, we learned about sponsorship and promotion and were given a fun task to do which hopefully some of the ideas are used in the future. I really liked the idea of the sales and am hoping to get a closer look on how it all works.
Pete Snodden, a presenter on the breakfast show came in and explained to us about presenting, how he got to where he is now and gave us some good advice like being yourself although it can be hard to do so. I hope to see more of Pete in action and maybe learn a few tricks.
David McCammond from programming came in and showed us all of the things he does like putting all of the tracks together for the show, his role is crucial to the station as well as other departments and it seems very interesting but hard work.
We also tried a simulator of the Red Bull Crashed Ice game, it was really fun and tiring and a good little break from all of the learning we have done so far.
Before I came here I just assumed that the presenter talks and plays music, ads etc. until I came and seen the wide variety of things that actually go on to keep the station going.

IMG_0035 cc2_kyle