Introducing me - my name is Lara Darby. I am an ambitious 20 year old that has a love for the creative field.

In my spare time I tend to paint unusual characters, printing art work with different technique such as dry point and creating short stories that will hopefully one day become alive on screen.

I have become interested with the media since I first dressed up and created my own amateur sketches at the age of 13, which soon developed further after studying Moving Image and Drama.

I feel like this course will help me adapt a wide range of new skills; that will help me gain a better perspective in the world of media and radio.


13 February 2015

As soon as I arrived, we needed to do a few interviews. Chris interviewed Charlotte that was part of the company OHYEAH (a music company). I then needed to interview Ian Jeffers, the main man for the Prince’s trust. I asked him simple questions based on what they do and on what his opinions are on employment. He explained how the prince’s trust has been established to help people gain the confidence they need to apply for the jobs they want. They are very supportive and incredibly caring towards what each individual’s career choices may be.

Because of yesterday, Chris and I had our recording to finish for the Lottery Fund Script. We were introduced to David who edits a lot of ads together. We both separately recorded our parts, it was incredibly daunting having to sit in a room where you wore headphones. Every little noise you made was so easily picked up on the mic, It took a while to be able to listen to your own voice while you spoke. It can be a little distracting at start, but you really get used to it and end up ignoring the fact that you can hear your voice. I enjoyed watching David edit the whole advert together. He cleverly pasted the best bits all together even if they weren’t recorded in the same track. With the music placed onto the finished edit, it sounded pretty well. This will now be sent off to the Big Lottery Fund and they will decide if they think its professional enough to be used at all.


Today we helped rewrite the Big Lottery fund script for a new project they’re funding. Chris and I needed to vocally record the script. We needed a lot of practice to make the ad become alive and interesting. I had a lot of fun recording with Chris, it was a great way to get out from my comfort zone. The next day we will be planning on creating the proper recording to send away back to the Big Lottery fund.

Later on that day, Ryan A introduced us to the djaying world. He is the weekend DJ that picks up the moods for people to go out and dance. He told us that the best way to get where you want to be in life, is to be as keen and incredibly enthusiastic no matter what the outcome can be, just as long as you get yourself out there. We were then brought down to the studio to be shown how he mixes his sets to keep the beat going for his DJ nights. Some of us even got a little chance to have a go. I learnt how to fade in a song in the right time after the last. It was very interesting and fun, I wouldn’t mind becoming a DJ myself!



Today Paulo Ross came in to speak about social media. He also helps host the morning breakfast show with Snodden and McKinney. His role is to make the facebook page as exciting as possible, by uploading memes and videos that people will find relatable. Ross explained how fast things you place online can end up going viral if you do it correctly. We had the task of finding a video that could be placed onto the cool FM facebook site. This gave us an idea of how easy it is to find something that can be easily turned viral.

After Lunch, we were introduced o Richard Ross, who is the man in Sponsorship and Promotions. He gave us an insight of how they include their sponsored brands such as Charles Hurst and Stena line. The more a radio stations has listeners the more people will want to advertise their brand. There is ways of branding, Roadshow and Outside broadcast. Roadshow means to go out to clients to do demonstrations in schools or other public/private places. An outside broadcast is a live on air but not in the studio.

Richard then gave us a task. We had to help create concepts and ideas for how to sell the tickets for the Red Bull ICE CRASH. We brainstormed some very interesting information.
Susan came in to ask for 4 participants to help create and improve the Cool FM and downtown radio website. I had been chosen to be a writer alongside Chris who will be interviewing the presenters from each show.



Today we began the OCN, which is a qualification in Broadcasting and media. We were given sheets to fill in about the information of the employers working in this facility. We needed to place the employers into their hierarchy making Mark Mahaffy the top of the tree as he is the directing manager. We then needed to write about the health and safety of each work places. However in order for us to be able to fill out that sheet, Sonya gave us a tour around the whole cool fm/downtown radio building. From each room we were introduced to some of the teams from each job sector. After we finished the tour we came back to fill out the form, including information such as not drinking and eating around electrical appliances.

After lunch Carl kinsmen who is the programme imager, which means he creates the jingles for each shows and to be able to overlap them into songs to make people hear the sound Cool FM. That was pretty cool to listen to from behind the mic.

When my group returned, Keith joined us. He came in to talk about how advertisements become scripted and published. They first get contact from a client or contact a client themselves about a sales pitch. The scriptwriters come up with a script from the information that the client has forwarded them. Once the client likes what they hear after the script becomes recorded, they shift it to get it accepted to make sure it’s appropriate for radio. And then the adverts will start playing on live air.


Returning back to the course after being away for a while, I quickly caught up with all that I had missed. The class had discussed who should be given which role for creating our 1hour radio show. Each individual had to create a vote for who should be what. Someone voted me to be co-producer, alongside Chris and Samuel. I admit that I’m very happy and thankful that had been given the responsibility for co-producer, and I hope I won’t let the team down!

The topic area for one of the days had been based on How to choose your area, the four key things were: retraining, advice experience and self-promotions. They had to present the role they wanted and they all choose what was best for each.
They also had a chance to get a fun ride on the media bus. The trip was to bring the class out to do street interviews upon the topic of Road safety. These recorded interviews are to help towards our final live Radio show.

Day twooo 27/1/15

6 February 2015

Early in the morning a small group of us had the pleasurable experience of witnessing how the early morning radio show is presented. It was interesting to watch how much work had to be taken into account when the music was playing, and to be as quiet as mice when the music had stopped.

After coming back from the show we were soon introduced to John Rossborough. He is the man who has a head full of radio knowledge. Rossborough explained how radio has been in the world for 70years, and how cool Fm had begun from 1990.

Later on after lunch, Simon Mann came to talk to us about sales as he is the commercial director. He informed us about his duties and how he brings in the dough.

Day Five: 30.01.15:

4 February 2015

At the start of the day we were introduced to Sports and News from Nigel. He told us how in the end we all end up being a journalist if we blog online. Journalism is to be able to communicate with factual information. It needs to be fair accurate and balanced. What the staff aim to do is to capture their audience and be very provocative. They need to consider what people would really want to read.

We were then given a task to write an article upon a recent topic. I wrote about how the politicians should be placed into the poor situations that other people have to deal with. I then need to contact them to see if they would like to consider this scheme of having to be on Job benefits for a month.

Eamonn then came in to tell us all about cool plus, he was very short and sweet. We had to come up with a nice slogan to go along with the sight; I came up with “can’t complain when you locally gain”.

Florence arrived for the health and safety talk. She went into details of what is hazardous, such as drinks near computers and wires in places where people can trip.

Day tree- 28.01.2015

At the start of today we needed to record a video of ourselves. We had to give our names and age and explain why we are on this course. After this had been done, Pete Snodden arrived to give us a talk about his journey with the radio career. He explained to us that he had a passion from such an early age to present. Snodden also spoke about how presenting is to not pretend and to just be yourself.

Later on we were introduced to David McCommand who is coming from the programming side of radio. He explained to us about how the branding takes a big part in programming and also how the jingles take place perfectly edited into the songs. McCommand also elaborated on how the music tracks become selected due to a very magical computer system. You order this system exactly what to do, and it programmes each song in the correct areas. He also talked about how he gathers rating, especially with how specific he could get with the average age’s or genders.

After lunch we got to trial run the new Redbull game for the Xbox connect console. It was a lot of fun even if Lily beat me…

We then met Richard Hoey, who gave us an intro to engineering by showing us few studios. He explained how the building had been perfectly built to make sure no noise could affect the microphone. The walls had to be layered to make it perfectly sound proof and the windows were triple glazed, slanted to make sure no sound bounces to cause echo. We were then brought into the processing room where a lot of the computers that are wired up to the LCD screens in the other studios. They were separately placed into this room due to how the systems can cause noise and heat. Hoey then took us into the down town studio to explain how each board works and how easy it is to slip up and end up speaking on the radio when you really shouldn’t be.

At the end we got a chance to record our voice, It was a very strange to hear our voice back; especially when I wore the headphones.


The First day! 26/01/2015

Today we met the lovely Sonya Mac who is a presenter for cool FM. Rebecca McKinney than introduced us with a presentation that portrayed what our expectations should be. This helped me understand what is anticipated from me and for the others. We then had Gerry and Luke coming in to explain how to use our website and to be able to blog our day to day experiences. This is very useful to know as I wouldn’t have a clue how to upload anything!
After a chicken and salad sandwich, Rebecca than spoke about appearance and how it has a large impact with the media. You need to be careful with how your looks and clothing perceive even if you’re just behind a microphone. This also involved with the information that you put out over online personal website such as facebook and twitter.
After the talk we all needed to go out and get some group photographs together. This was a bit of a giggle. Simon Hutchinson came in specially to take professional photographs. After that we needed to take individual photo graphs for our personal blog.
Overall the day was a lot of fun and very informative