My name is Samuel Monaghan. I’m currently apart of a programme called Cool Choices which is part of cool FM & start 360.

My interest for being part of this programme is that I’m interested in media, all different sides of media such as, radio, TV, publishing, advertisement etc.

My main interest is to be a presenter as I want to be out there with the public.

I have a really good interest in music from pop, RNB, rap and hip hop. I also have an interest in dram and theatre work.

I’m currently apart of a theatre group called the web theatre, I’ve been in about four productions now and hopefully will be in more or even to move up to a bigger and better theatre that I can make a career out of it and get to do what I love to do.

Roleplay around Conflict

31 March 2015

Today we started the day of by catching up on some work that we started on friday, then we moved on to doing some roleplays about conflict and how we could solve this. Cherelle, Chris K and I where in a team and we came up with doing conflict around religion, as we found is easier to do. I found this really fun because it was different from sitting down and writing in a book and plus we got to work in a team.

OCN at start 360

12 March 2015

Today we worked some more on our OCN at start 360. We focused on our personal life map and what kind of skills we are have. We did a few activities to make it more fun so it wasn’t just all writing work.

starting my New Role

2 March 2015

Yesterday was the start of being in my new role as the voice of the link ups for the audio. I had to work closely with Chris and Lara who were writing their script for the presenting side. I had to go and listen to audio that was edited by Elliot; they contained helpful information a lot of it, but after listening to the audio a was able to start working on my script for the link ups, which then I had to pass thought Lara to make sure it was going to fit in with what they had. It got the go ahead so I Sonya and headed down to the recording studio to start recording. It was fun being able to still record even if it did take will 5 times to get it right. Bring on tomorrow for some more.

Getting a New Role

So Lara, Chris and I got part of the script done, so we went to the studio with Sonya to record a demo. While we were in the studio we had to get use to our voice which was strange but after a while it did get better. After the demo was complete Sonya send it over to the boss of the radio Station to get his views on what he through. So now it was a waiting game, but finally we got feedback. The boss had given us all good feedback, he didn’t think my voice was ready to be presenter voice which I fully understand, but he did say that he could tell by my voice that I had a sense of humour and that I should do the links to the voice. Even know I was nervous about the feedback I think it was for the best, I like my new role now and my voice is still on radio, so overall I’m happy .

Script writing

18 February 2015

Lara, Chris and I sat down together with Rebecca and Sonya to work on the script for our broadcast. We were looking at how to introduce the show, how we will make it flow from topic to topic. Honestly it was harder than a through, but it got me thinking and challenged me which I’m here for. When we got going I feel it got easier as we went on. A lot of work to do on this script still but I feel the harder we hard on it and together as a team, we are going to have a really good show.

IMG_2256[1] IMG_2257[1]

Advertisement on us

We had a lady from Bauer over today. So we were thinking of ways to present something to her. What we came up with was to make an advertisement of ourselves talking about someone else in the group. So we put all the names in a hat and I got conor. It was quite hard trying to think about what to write but I got on with it. When I went down to the studio to record what I was saying it took me four tries to get it right but the more you do it the better it becomes. Later on in the day we listened back to them all and everyone seemed happy enough with what people said about them and Sonya did a good job on editing them altogether and making them in an advert.

Media bus at Yorkgate (Second Trip)

13 February 2015

Once again I was out on the media bus, but only this time we were at York gate Belfast. I found that we were able to get more people at York gate than the other places; this is maybe because York gate is a shopping centre, so it would be busier. I got to interview a girl who worked at sports direct, I told her what the interview was about and what I would be doing with the interview she gave, she was happy enough to go ahead with it. I feel that I got some good information that we could use on the radio show. The day at York gate seemed to go faster, this is because we were walking about all the time trying to get people to stop, but overall again it was fun.

DJ Ryan A

Ryan A came up to talk to us about his experience on how he made it to cool FM. His story was really interesting; he started off in his bedroom to now working for cool FM as a presenter and has his own show on the weekends. He plays music for the people who are in the party mood and want to have a wee dance. He also is a DJ out in the night clubs around Northern Ireland. Ryan took us down to the studio to show us how he mixes/DJ’s, that was really interesting, got me in the party mood and it was only Wednesday 

IMG_2210[1] IMG_2216[1]

Telephone Interviews

This is the time now we all need to start getting our heads down and working hard. I was assigned to making telephone interviews with different organisations that would be happy enough to talk to us. I’m not the sort of person that finds it easy to talk on the phone to people I have never met, but I had Sam sit in with me and talk me through what to do. I noticed a big different in myself from the first telephone interview till the last. I was more confidence. The telephone calls went over two days as were was so many people to phone. I hope that we get enough information some the people in the interviews for us to use in the radio show.

Media bus (First Trip)



Cherelle, Finton, Elliot, lily Rose and I went on the cool FM media bus to Glengormley. Where we were there wasn’t many people about to stop to talk to us for an interview, but the ones that did stop give some good information. The day was very relaxed so I and Cherelle took a selfie in the down time for the cool fm competition with the hashtag cool25, for then Paulo to retweet it on the cool FM twitter page. After we were done we Glengormley we moved on up to Ballyclare, where again the town was dead, but we didn’t let that annoy us, we give got on with what we were meant to do. We walked about Ballyclare looking for people that would stop and talk to us, we did find a few people young and old that was happy enough to speak to us. Overall the whole day was good as we got to experience what happens on the media bus and interview people that I think made of more confidence will be happy to do this again.

social media with Ross Tilley

12 February 2015

Ross Tilley came across to give us a talk about the website and his role at Cool FM. What I found interesting about the talk was that he can check out how many people are viewing the page at one time and he was able to see this live instead of waiting to the end of the month to find out. He showed us the scale patterning on how many people liked and unliked a curtain post that Cool FM would have posted.

Big Lotto

Lucy and Rachel from ‘The BIG Lottery’ who fund this programme came in to see how we were getting on, but to mostly get our views on what we think young people would like in the sense of a new programme that they are willing to start up and fund. We brain stormed a few ideas on how we feel and what we would of liked, but this was really hard as all young people are into so many different things that you can’t please everyone, so it was thinking about what would be the best programme to start up. We also had to think about how they would get the word out there and how they can target the young people they are looking for.

OCN with Sonya Mac

Sonya Mac came in today to continue on our OCN, this part was on health and safety around the station. Florence from Cool FM had taught us about what is required at the station. We talked about the health and safety that could occur in the studio or even when we are out with the media bus doing a roadshow are an outside broadcasting.

Starting the Radio Show

Today we started to work on our radio show that we will be producing around Easter time.

We brain stormed a few ideas about what our topic will be on and how we will contact people to interview to give advice on the topic that we have chosen, so we wrote down a few people who we could contact and then researched them to get they emails so we can reach them.
We looked at different areas on how we can break up the radio show into the different parts so that we aren’t just talking about the same thing the whole way through.


We were giving a sheet for us to vote for who we think is best for what job from presenter, co-presenter, programming and sales. It was hard to think as so many people where interested in different areas, but we got on with it. When the votes came back, I was nervous as I wanted to be one of the presenters. So when my name was called out for co- host along with Lara I was excited. Chris will be the lead presenter, so Chris, Lara and I will be working together and will hopefully make a good radio show with our presenting skills.

Presenting with Pete

9 February 2015

We also had Pete Snodden, the presenter of the Breakfast show in today to talk about how he got into radio and to give us a bit of background on radio. He taught us that to be a presenter the most important factor to know is to presenter yourself as yourself to an audience. It was really good to get to chat with Pete has I really would like to be a presenter and it was interest to know the ins and outs.

Sales and Promotions

Simon Mann came to talk to us about sales and promotions within the radio station. I got to know and understand how the radio station has to sell adverts to make an income. At the end of the day we were giving a task to do from Simon, so we brainstormed ideas and give him feedback after, I really enjoyed the process as its gave me an insight into how sales and promotions work on a daily basis.

History of Radio

John Rossborough talked to us about how radio started and what it’s like now in the 21st century, I learned a lot about how radio actually came about and heard how different it sounded back when it first started, also it was interesting to learn that cool FM started back in 1990, but before that it was only Downtown radio which was the first radio station in Northern Ireland, Downtown is still going alongside Cool FM which is having its 25th birthday this year.

Behind the scenes of the Breakfast show

6 February 2015

So today I was up at 6.30am as I got to sit in on the breakfast show with Pete, Rebecca and Paulo. It was really interesting to see how it all worked behind the radio, so now when I listen to cool FM I know what’s happening behind the scenes.


Introduction to programming

4 February 2015

David McCammond who works in programming gave us an insight into the department and how it works it looks really interesting but also really hard to control, something that I probably wouldn’t be able to get my head around myself but still will be interesting to learn how it works and to have a go.


Social Media with Paulo

So today we started off with a talk from Paulo Ross, who is a presenter for the breakfast show along with Pete and Rebecca, he also does the sports and is in control of the social media for Cool FM. Paulo uploads all of the videos and photographs to the Facebook page which is the only way for clients to really see the effects of how much their advertising will reach the amount of audience that will see their adverts. He set us a task on how to choose a video or photo for the Facebook page that would suit the audience that Cool FM targets. I really enjoyed choosing the social media content as we had the opportunity to see how quickly our videos reached a wide audience number.

Sales and promotions

Richard Ross from sales and promotions talked to us about sponsorship and who sponsors Cool FM how the promotions team works and the differences between a roadshow and outside broadcasting. He also set us a task to think of ideas on how we could promotion the red bull crashed ice that’s coming to Belfast and how to promote the event through the radio station, Cool FM, this gave me a great insight into how a project starts from an idea and would then develop into a finalised project.

Photo shoot


Simon Hutchinson a photographer came in today to take professional photos of us for our website page. We went outside due to making the photographs more exciting, Rebecca also gives us tips on how to take the best photo to suit us and our personalities. Overall the whole day was good and knowledgeable, really looking forward to the next 5 weeks here at Cool FM with Cool choices.

A tour of Cool FM

We got a tour around the studios and were able to see what goes on and the different styles on radio plus we seen the inside of the engineering department there were was so many wires and computers, it really got me thinking about the amount of work that goes into radio to make it successful.

Meeting the professionals in Cool FM

So on the first day of my Cool choices programme we got an introduction to the programme and what to expect. I was introduced to my Cool choices website where I have my own page to put blogs photos etc. which will be useful for when I have a job interview, I can show this to the employer which could help me get the job . On my experience while on the programme I got to meet Sonya Mac and Rebecca who are presenters here at Cool FM, they will be working with just on the programme for the next 5 weeks when we are at Cool FM, showing us around the Cool FM studios from the DJ to the presenting side. Rebecca also give us an inside of how to present your image as it is important that your image looks professional as when presenters are out and about the public will be seeing them and know they are part of Cool FM.