I’m Shannon Gorman I’m 18 years old, I enjoy listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Before I come on to this course I was in the princes trust it was within that I found out about the Cool Choices.

I love getting to meet new people and get my voice across. I have a love for line dancing and I’m up for trying everything.

After this course I hope to get into a health and social care, I hope within the 15 weeks of this course i hope it will help me get some kind of routine.

Voice recording

12 February 2015

To do my voice recording I had to go in to the studio and talk about who I am, why I’m here, what I have done before coming to Cool Choices, and what I want out of the programme.

Take care, get there.

Jordan Moates, Chief reporter at Cool FM came to talk to us about what way to interview someone for the news and the best way to present yourself to them.

He let us listen to an interview he had done with someone for the ‘take care get there’ campaign which was then play on air at news time.

I really enjoyed listening to how he got the interview and the way he talked within it. He then set us a task to do for a campaign that was for ‘take care get there’. In the task we had to go about getting the campaign out there for people to get involved in winning a car.


9 February 2015

This part of the training was extremely boring though I do realise that it is a procedure that is needed within every building and I also know were the fire exits are within cool FM in case there is a fire.

Pete Snodden

I missed today, but getting up to date with Lara she told me that Pete Snodden come in to tell them about why he had become a radio presenter. Being yourself is the most important part of being a presenter something I don’t want to be but I respect what he likes to do.

the history of the radio

We got to meet John Rossborough and he talked about the history of the radio station from the 20th century right up to the latest radio stations of today. Downtown radio was the first radio station in Northern Ireland it was on an AM frequency in the year 1990 cool FM, the sister station was born. It can be heard on a FM frequency they are both still here today.


we had the photographer simon Hutchinson come in to take photographs of the group and also a selfie for your online profile. This is an area that I didn’t enjoy but it was still fun.

wordpress website

Gerry and Luke come in to explain how to use the website for our blogs they used wordpress to create the website for us to use I can’t wait!

Image importance

Today we met the amazing sonya mac, and we had Rebecca come in to talk to us about the appropriate body language within the world of media she also talked about style and image and how this important within the radio industry due to the fact that presenters also have to do work outside cool FM and have to look professional.


4 February 2015

David McCommond who was from the programming side of the radio, he spoke about branding and how jingles worked, he also spoke about the computer system and how it selects the music David also explained how he gathers ratings involving gender and age.

social media

Today we had an introduction to social media by Paulo Ross who talked about Facebook and how he gets people to like the page and get more people involved with what goes on the Cool FM page. We were given a task to find suitable content to put on the social media sites, we were able to see how quickly there was a response from a large audience. I really enjoyed this task and will put videos like this on my own facebook page.

tour of the building.

Richard hoey an engineer within cool FM took us on a tour, he explained how sound proof the radio studios are. Richard  took us to a room filled with computers that were linked up to the LCD screens in the radio studios. They were placed there to cause no disruption as they make noise and heat. It was really cool to see the rest of the building.



Richard Ross is from the sales department he called in and told us more about selling within cool FM this is an important area within cool FM because Cool is a commercial radio station meaning it relies on selling adverts to make money. We got to work on a live brief seeing how an idea is brought to a real life sale proposal. The task included working for the Redbull crushed ice event which is coming to Belfast later this year.


Keith law is the main man for creating adverts within cool FM he scripts the adverts and makes them come to life, advertising is really important to the station as it creates revenue to help keep the station afloat. Usually when I listen to radio stations I flick through the adverts as they are annoying but know I realise their importance and will maybe listen more to them.


Carl kinsman is the man behind the branding for the station, he creates the jingles which helps you to remember cool FM when listening to the songs, he uses adobe edition to create the jingles. We were given a tour of his studio and seen how he creates the jingles.

Ross Tilley

Ross tilly is in charge of the website content he is in middle of creating a new website for cool FM, he showed us how social media and the website work hand in hand. It is important for cool FM and Downtown radio to have a website for people to be able to visit and get information. I enjoy the social media side but don’t particularly have an interest in creating a website.


Nigel Gould
Nigel is the head of the news department his job is to inform people of the daily news, he and his team will go out and interview people and bring this information back to the studios, edit it and then it is placed on air. We will have news reporters within our own broadcast who will take on this role.


Today we had Ross come in to talk to us about the build up of the web. then we had once come in to talk to us about the big lotto then we had lunch and done OCN with Sonya and to catch up on the safety park of it, after I went in to do a wee record for the Cool FM 25th birthday.