Hi, I’m Aaron, I’m 20 and I’d consider myself to be a laid back guy who enjoys watching unhealthy amounts of TV shows, so yeah…
I joined the Cool Choices programme because I think it’s a step along the career path I find interesting. I have a bit of a background in media as I did a television and film course last year. Editing has been an interest of mine for a long time now, and I feel like this course will give me a lot of insight into the Radio industry and the type of editing that it takes to make radio work in the industry today.

Wednesday/Thursday – 1&2/7/15

3 July 2015

We sat with Steve while he pieced together the interview and to be honest, it sounds pretty amazing. I feel like it sounds really professional and when it’s finished it’ll be brilliant. On Thursday we spent most of our day writing our blogs while a few of us helped Steve piece the last few bits of our broadcast. We also gathered some video footage for our promotional video for the Cool Choice programme. Michael worked to piece together the promotional video, collaging all of the images and videos from the past 5 weeks. We tried to implement a lot of comedy into it too, so that it appeals to a lot of people out there who might want to join the programme and have as much fun as we did.

Monday/Tuesday – 29&30/6/15

It was an exciting 2 days today because I got to do the ident’s with Steve, we went down to studio 1 and voiced around ten different things. Although I was nervous at first, I feel like I enjoyed myself and got a little more confidence as it went on. I watched Steve cut the audio from my ident, it was interesting to see him piece together the different parts. I was actually surprised at how good it sounded. I also listened to Michael and Molly’s ident’s and they were amazing. I’m even more eager now to hear the interview finished. Michael was editing the interviews down and making them usable in the broadcast.
We also did Rachel’s interview on Tuesday which went really well, Rebecca did extremely well in asking the questions which helped us get a lot of audio for the end of our broadcast. Michael, Rebecca and I sat all Tuesday afternoon editing the entire interview which was twenty minutes long, but we managed to cut it down into a neat 3 minutes which I believe will sound awesome in our broadcast.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 24&25&26/6/15

For the next 3 days we focused on putting together our broadcast, each member of the group had a different task and we worked together with Steve and Rebecca to make sure our broadcast was as compliant with the standard of Cool FM’s day to day content. It was also really important to me that we made the most impactful broadcast that we possibly could. I was mostly editing the interviews, cutting them down and making sure that everything was squeaky clean and viable to broadcast. Most of the audio that I was cutting down had similar answers and content that wasn’t really needed so I took it upon myself to go and timestamp what answers we thought we needed, with Kyla. At this point I’m really looking forward to hearing the broadcast now, everything is coming together nicely and now that we’ve gotten a little bit of content gathered, I feel like we have a lot to work with.

Tuesday 23/6/15

The sun is shining and Team Cool Choices are armed and ready to take over the Belfast Activity Centre. The whole group met members from GRIT and NRC, interviewing them about body image and how it affects young people. We assigned a group to teach editing skills to our visitors on the bus and recorded their development. It was a great team building opportunity for us, I feel like we’ve come a long way in the past 4 weeks and for me personally it was great challenge to plan the event with Nathalie and make sure everyone was in the right positions when they were required to be. It really helped boost my confidence and I’m proud of the skills that I and the rest of the group developed. We got a lot of useful content however I feel like my biggest challenge was to push myself to make sure that we got the best out of every department working on the bus.
Overall I believe that today went really well and it was a successful learning experience for everyone in the group but also for the people that we brought onto the bus aswell.

Monday 22/6/15

Today was the busiest day of the course for me; I was assigned a partial role of planning the media bus day out. I had to organise all of the equipment that we needed to gather the content. (interviews with GRIT, NRC and a few people from start 360) Meanwhile, everyone else was conducting interviews with multiple client’s e.g Danielle, Cathy Martin and Rebecca McKinney. I feel like it was a great time to get those interviews done before heading off on the media bus as it gave us a bit of scope into what questions we needed to ask. We decided to ask the interviewee’s questions about body image within the social media industry, this was the ideal opportunity to gather real-time industry lead content. I really enjoyed the challenge of organising the group on this project and I’m looking forward to getting out and meeting people on the Cool FM bus. It will be great to see something I have organised come to life.

Thursday – 18/6/15

Today was a very busy day for us; we got stuck into our OCN qualification which was extremely tedious. The day was spent pushing through the OCN booklet and writing up blogs. Most of the questions on the OCN were straightforward and easy enough to answer, except for the ones that were Cool FM focused.

Wednesday – 17/6/15

1 July 2015

Today was a straightforward day for me as I just focused on editing content and getting used to using Adobe Audition, which is actually a more complicated programme that I initially thought was easy to use.

Tuesday – 16/6/15

Today was an interesting day because we were learning about the history of Radio, how Radio has evolved and is, what it is today. The lecture was conducted by John Rosborhe. Throughout the day we learned a lot about how Radio sounded during world war 2 and how it was used as propaganda. Pirate Radio, a topic that I have studied before, was also a topic in the lecture, which I found tedious, but I did find it informative and I feel like John had broken down the topic in a very understandable manor.
After the lecture, we tried to get in contact with as many people as we could and organised some interviews so that we could gather content.

Monday – 15/6/15

Today we split ourselves into different departments and started working on the show. We began by figuring out how our introduction was going to work. Myself and other members of the programming/news department made it our job to draw up a breakdown of the intro and how it would sound on the actual broadcast. We then drew up a schedule for the entire broadcast and organised interviews for later dates so that we will have content to fill out the show if needed.
Together, we briefed everyone on the schedule of the show and gave each department a list of what the show needed. Later we went back to cutting down the Ash interview properly and making it as clean as possible.

Wednesday – 10/6/15

26 June 2015

Today I learned a lot about the engineering department at Cool FM. Despite being ill for an extended period of time, I still feel like I gained an extensive amount of knowledge of what way Cool FM works on a day to day basis.
Our tour was conducted by Richard Hoey, the leading engineer at Cool FM. His endless knowledge on Radio makes forces me to believe that, he and the engineering department is the reason that the station is so run so smoothly.

It was really fascinating to see behind the scenes of Cool FM, finding out how complicating the server room was, was an adventure in itself. There were computers and wires all over the place. Everything looked messy and out of place.
When we came back from our tour, we edited the Ash interview down to try and make it sound more clean and natural. Realistically, it is a good thing that I went through this exercise as it has been a hobby of mine for a long time now, editing down footage and making it more enjoyable to watch, so editing audio will obviously help me along the career path that I hope to one day go down. After we edited our Ash interviews, we listened to the audio, it sounded very rough and unprofessional, which I guess is okay for our first time editing. In the end, it is a learning curve and we will get better at it.
Ultimately, it was a fun day but it was educational and interesting