My name is Aidan and I am nineteen years old and I have joined the Cool Choices Programme because I am quite interested in most things media such as movies, advertising, music videos and especially gaming. I am looking forward to participating in the course and offering my skills and qualities to the rest of the individuals involved with the team.
I have experience with working in retail and with working in the Spar convenient store which is located in Springfield, West Belfast. While I was working with the rest of the employees I devolved skills such as working with the rest of the employees and how to solve and work out problems. This kind of employment was able to help me with life in general and how I deal with issues and problems.
When I was participating in my work experience, I experienced working at AMP’S Studio which is located on the Falls Road, West Belfast. I had worked here from the February 17th to March 6th as I was involved in this work experience I had the chance to use the Midi system to edit and record different tracks. This was also my chosen placement as it was most suitable to what I would like to pursue as a career.

First Day!

25 June 2015

On my first day to the programme I was introduced to the rest of the members of the group and we participated on a broadcast theme with Rebecca McKinney which was quite interesting as this was my first broadcast with the rest of the group. As we participated on the broadcast, some of the team took part as they were the most interested on with what was going on, and the rest of the group watched and took in what was going on which was a very useful way to understand with what was going on. We also took part in an organisational chart which was interesting because it was something that I do not participate on a regular basis, but from the participation on the organisational chart, I feel like I learned a lot with how they are used and what they can be used for.

Ash Interview

The second day of attending Cool Choices at Cool FM which was a Wednesday 3rd of June was quite interesting for me because we discussed how we had the opportunity to see and interview the band Ash which is from the same country and members are from the same city. As we discussed the opportunity we planned out who would interview the band and we came up with the conclusion of Catriona and Melissa. The main reason I did not participate on the interview was because I was I could not make it as I was busy at the time and I did not come in the day of the interview, however in my personal opinion I believe the Interview of the Band went successfully and turned out very well.

Tall Ships Planning

The third day of the course at attending Cool Choices at Cool FM was the Thursday the 4th of June. I was a little disappointed as I ended up turning up to class almost an hour late but as the day went on I was pleasantly surprised as we decided that we were going to work on a project involving The Tall Ships. As we learned more about the project, we discussed which roles each of the members would have and what each member of the group was going to do, for me I came up with the idea of having ‘Cool Choices’ on eye patches or even ‘CC’ on the patches to represent that we are involved with the Cool Academy course. This was a great experience for me as I showed myself that I can participate with the rest of the group and with academy.

Nigel Gould Visit

Today which was the 11th of June 2015 we were visited by Nigel Gould who is a journalist who has worked for The Belfast Telegraph and also informed us about the different types of journalism which include sport journalism, news journalism and journalism, which is my personal favourite or my personal preference. Another thing he informed us was what to do when interviewing a certain kind of celebrity, as he informed us that it is not the best idea to pay a certain celebrity to discuss a topic or to carry out an interview. My opinion of the session was that he provided the group with a lot of useful information that we can take away with us or if we ever need in case we would like to follow in his footsteps.

Deciding each Roles

The day at Cool FM which was Friday the 12th was very interesting as we discussed the topic of Body Images which is what we are going to work on and our chosen topic for the presentation. The role I was chosen for was editor, which is the same role as Ryan, Michael and TJ. The other roles included Programmers and Reporters. The outcome of the day turned out successful as I wanted to end up with the editing job at the end of the day, however if I was chosen with the programming or reporting side of things I would have been happy with the outcome as well.

History Of Radio

Today at Cool FM that was dated 17th June 2015 and fell on a Wednesday was interesting as the group and I listened to a speech form the head of a Radio and he informed us of how he got into radio and then revealed that he has been in the business since the 1970’s, the reason of the session was because we are going to be participating on our project on the following Tuesday, and the information that he provided us with will come in handy for us when the day comes.

Planning For day on Media Bus

The day that was a Thursday and is dated 18th June 2015 was eventful as we decided what we were going to be doing the following Tuesday, which is the final day of preparation, the next hour was the rest of us discussing what we are going to be doing, The last hour of the day was okay as we finished with the conclusion, another thing was to look out for each questions we are going to be asking, The next idea was to figure out what roles the rest of the group are going to be participating in.