Hello, my name is James Richmond
I am 20 years of age and I’m from a Twinbrook in the west of the city of Belfast. Basically I’m just your normal outgoing overconfident weirdo who enjoys eating his way through life as long as there is garlic and RnB music included… I’ve had many opportunities with my education but they just didn’t seem to work out.. So now I am attending a programme with the Cool Academy to just be myself and find myself within the media industry and just basically start living and making a career plan for the future.. I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for reading…


19 June 2015

So its my 3rd day today and I met Simon who took the rest of the groups photos for our Photo-shoot when they came to the Cool Academy before we officially started.
Simon came in to talk to us about the ins and outs of photography he showed us his camera and how to use it and the different things that it does, e.g.: the light and dark (dynamics) etc.. . I really learnt a lot during this session because I always take photos and now I have a brief idea on how to look for correct lighting shadows etc when taking photos. He showed us some of his photography books my favourite was ‘World Press Photos 14′. Because these photos tell real life stories and each photo had a different story to tell. He also showed us how to take “the perfect selfie” which I’m delighted about because im a selfie ADDICT!! . I then got my own personal photo-shoot which I had never done before and it was totally overwhelming I felt like a celebrity, knowing that this mans hobby was to take photos in abandoned buildings and now he’s a well know photographer is mind-blowing!

This taught me that no matter how small your talent is, if you keep at it let it grow and build yourself you will make a career out of it somehow. 

its my second day!!

17 June 2015

So Today was my second day at Cool choices and we had a chat with Paulo about Social Media. It was very interesting learning about Paulos role here at Cool fm.
He showed me and the rest of the group so much things that id never seen before .. I never knew that you could plan your day aheads posts on facebook automatically.
Then we had our lunch my favourite time of the day!
After lunch, Darren from Cash For Kids came to visit us. I had only heard of Cash for Kids briefly, but I didn’t really know what they were all about. Darren got into great detail with a slideshow showing us what exactly the charity does for the families and young people in Northern Ireland with from each £1 donated £0.85 goes straight to helping children  under the age of 18. I think I’m going to get involved in this charity and hopefully get into some volunteer work.
Today has been a good day !! 

MY FIRST DAY :) :) !!!

So today was my first day at the Cool Academy and I couldn’t get asleep until 5am this morning, then I had to wake up for this big day extremely tired AND ALREADY A NERVOUS WRECK!
So I got my taxi and is travelled to town where I got my bus to Newtownards where all the magic happens at Cool FM. Everyone was so nice and I was greeted by a very welcoming handshake by each person I came across and welcomed to the team and automatically I felt comfortable and no longer nervous. So me and the rest of the team sat down and were asked to carry out individual questions for an interview towards Rebecca and David (the two tutors) .. We asked about their jobs and previous opportunity’s and goals… just basically on their job roles and how they got to where they are today. This task went really well because even though it was as soon as it was by getting this information I now have an view on Rebecca and David not just as tutors but as friends also.
We then took a lunch break where I got to know the rest of the team and I already feel as if I’ve made so many friends already.
Later we got a visit from Florence Ambrose about Health and Safety at work. I learned that Florence has many roles at Cool FM and is a VITAL part of the team….
We were then assigned a small task from Florence and that was to walk around the room looking for any hazards, we all spotted the hazard immediately – The door was open and the fire extinguisher was holding it open. Florence told us on how to escape if there is a fire and the importance of wearing our lanyards, signing in and out of the building on our own check in and out list for the Cool Choices team and told us why all these regulations are completely needed to be known in order to keep everyone safe in the building at all times.
The last thing Florence did was test or knowledge as a group about Fire Safety; we all got competitive and hands were flying everywhere because there was a PRIZE involoved!! Melissa won  …At the end of florences lesson received a copy of the Health and Safety policy at Cool FM which was taken from the staff handbook.
After that Steve Turnbull took us for a class on the dynamics & editing of audio processing using the software “Adobe Edition.” I learned how to compress and amplify sounds, changing the decibels etc, to make your sound whether it be a single or a multitrack file to your own preference. This was really interesting and I was really excited to learn all this new and helpful information to help me grow and increase my knowledge within the media sector of work.