Having recently graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in drama, I feel like I’m ready for my next step.

I love to perform! As well as this, my interests include beauty, fashion and music. I am extremely passionate, which drives me to work hard so that I can hopefully achieve above and beyond what I have dared to dream.
What is the dream? I want to work in the media industry. This is why I am so excited to be involved in the Cool choices programme. I am determined to learn as much as I possibly can about media and broadcasting. I can’t wait to gain experiences which will be enriching to my future and I feel so lucky to have been given such an incredible opportunity. It’s the perfect creative outlet with the opportunity to learn from, and work alongside others, who share similar ideas and passions.
This is my journey, you’re welcome to join.

Alice in wonderland

7 July 2015

I arrived late today! I was late!!!! If you know me you’ll know that I hate myself for it, I HATE being late. I’m exactly like the wee rabbit from Alice in wonderland running around with his massive pocket watch constantly repeating, ‘I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!’
The road was closed you see! The road I have taken every single day for the past 5 weeks! So naturally I got completely lost, had to pull over and get google maps out, followed google maps, took a few wrong turns before eventually figuring out the direction I needed to head and finally, I pulled into Kiltonga industrial estate at 25 past 10. What a relief it was to see that awful car park that has been my absolute nemesis for the last month!
Steve was still down in the studio piecing together the show today but upstairs we were choosing the songs that we want to go in. This proved a little more difficult than you would expect as we all have VERY different tastes in music and there was a lot of friendly debate and compromising on songs. But we eventually chose 7 and then I went through the script and placed them where I felt they fitted best. I took this down to Steve and wrote it into his script also so that he could slot them in.
Only the young, a group from the x factor were visiting the station today to promote their new single ‘I do’. We got to meet them and they were absolutely lovely, they’re all a similar age as us so it was cool to meet them.
We recorded some footage for the video that Michael O’Connor has been working on and I think he will have that edited tonight and read to show us tomorrow! I can’t wait to see it!
The rest of the day, Mick and I spent working on the newsletter that we are going to email round to everyone in the building, just as a wee thank you to them for putting up with us and to let them know what we’ve actually been up to!
I cannot believe our final day is drawing so close, I can’t really bring myself to think about it so I’m just going to shut up..

The end is nigh

3 July 2015

It’s the penultimate day. Everything is basically done and dusted now and there is just a bit of tying up of loose ends to be done. Mick and I spent A LOT of the day dancing to Little mix. Have I ever told you that I was born to be in Little Mix? I don’t know what happened in my life but fate dealt me a low blow and it somehow didn’t work out for me.
But I live in the hope that it’ll be like an atomic kitten/ sugababes kind of thing where one of them leaves and I am the replacement. A girl can dream….
We also did a lot of sneaking around today, we have planned a little surprise thank you message to be aired tomorrow morning for Steve, Rebecca and David on the breakfast show. So we had to sneak down to the studio and get out messages recorded. I hope they like it! I just really want them to know how thankful I am for this opportunity, David, Steve, Rebecca, if any of you are reading this, please know that I have had such an incredible experience here and it is down to you all. Thank you so much for everything; for being amazing mentors and teaching us so much, for looking after us and always having our best interests at heart. You’re all amazing.
The dreaded OCN also made an appearance today, we have to fill it in again.   
I know I wrote about how great the day was when we first did the OCN, but this time there were no donuts and no cookies and it wasn’t the same vibe. I only wanted to do it the once. So I just sort of sang and danced a bit more with Mick and decided to do it at home tonight! Might as well enjoy my last hours here as much as I can!

On air with MICK&MEL

2 July 2015

We spent almost all day in the studio today recording! It was so fun! I just LOVED being in the studio in front of the mic and I couldn’t have asked to do it with anyone more amazing than my co – host Mick. We had such a laugh all day and Steve was great, guiding us through and helping us with any parts we got tongue tied on. All in all it was an awesome day, I’m sad it’s over because it means we’re one day closer to it all ending, which breaks my heart a little.
Although sometimes it’s been an absolute nightmare trying to remain caught up with these blogs, I am SO glad that I will have them to read over in the future so that I can reminisce on every part of this experience. The day ended on such a high as Steve has already put together the first two minutes of the show and he let us hear it – it sounds AMAZING! So professional, so cool, so crazy that this is actually going on air!

Finishing touches

As expected, today was spent putting together the finishing touches to everything so that tomorrow, we can begin piecing everything together. That meant Mick and I spending ALL day scripting; we had a lot done already which took the pressure off a little however there was still quite a bit to do as once we finished scripting, we needed to back through the entire thing and re draft. This took up the majority of the day but it was completely necessary and now we finally have everything complete! The editors have finished editing all the interviews so it really is all systems go now and I cannot wait! The show is going to be recorded tomorrow – nervous, scared, excited, AGGGGHHH!

Something a little different

1 July 2015

Let me actually tell you what we did this week, face to face…

Wrap me in cotton wool (Friday- Please remove the days and just leave the titles this is just to help with order)

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow Molly and I got lumbered with carrying out the media bus risk assessment first thing this morning. Not the most thrilling of tasks but thankfully we had Caoimhe to guide us through. Health and Safety is obviously extremely important but sometimes the hazards and the methods to prevent the hazards, are so ridiculously obvious that you feel like an idiot writing it down. Although you gotta do what you gotta do, so Molly and I boarded the bus and wrote down all the potential hazards and how we could prevent them and what measures are already in place to prevent them. If you went into too much detail, everything and anything could be defined as a hazard and our best bet would be to wrap everyone in cotton wool! However we risk assessed all that we felt it was necessary to risk assess and i’m sure it will suffice.
The rest of the day was spent compiling interview questions for those being interviewed on Monday. I actually really enjoy writing interview questions, I’m always imagining what the person being interviewed might say and how they will answer. I have given Molly the questions which she will be typing up over the weekend and emailing to me as she cannot be there on Monday. So I will get everything sorted first thing Monday morning but for now, it’s the weekend!

One big dysfunctional family (Thursday )

I could sum up today in three words – OCN ALL DAY.
However, there are a few reasons I’m not going to do this, the first being, some of you may argue that OCN isn’t actually a word, and I cannot argue with you, all I can say is that you’re annoying because you’ve ruined my opening sentence.
As well as this, there is so much more to tell! If I just left you with ‘OCN all day,’ you wouldn’t hear about the sweet treats Lindsay brought us as a reward (bribe) for working hard. You also wouldn’t know how amazing the group dynamic was today.
Back to the treats, Lindsay brought cookies, donuts, and mini rolls. I love cookies, I was happy. There was white chocolate or double chocolate, I had double chocolate. It was delicious.
The sugarfix was such a good idea. It gave us something to work towards as we were encouraged (bribed) like children that if we got so far into our work books, we could have a treat. This worked wonders and we got a lot done.
Onto the group dynamic, you would think that having to sit around a table all day filling out a workbook would be a nightmare, and don’t get me wrong it was not the most fun thing I’ve done during my time at cool academy, however, for me it was such a good day for all of us. Everyone was in really good spirits and there was lots of laughter. It was like one big family sitting around the dinner table!
What could have been a horrible day, turned out to be a great day!

There are needles hanging out of my ears (Wednesday)

30 June 2015

This morning we were finishing up the media bus plans! You would not believe how meticulous you have to be when planning something like this! Although I know that it will only work in our favour come Tuesday as we will all know exactly what we are doing. Each person was given a role; I will be working with Michael M to do some ice breakers with each of the groups in order to make them feel comfortable before answering questions. To give us a little variety in our day we will be swapping with James and Kyla between each group and do the surveys.
Once we had a set plan and schedule finalised I typed it up and gave it to everyone. The day will work in a simple rotation of moving each group from icebreakers to surveys to interviews to editing to surveys again. We all know which part of this rotation we fit into so I am confident Tuesday will be a success! And if at any point we get confused, we will have clipboard queen Natalie to tell us what to do. Michael and I spent the rest of the day making a list of icebreakers which we will use and what materials we need for them. Very productive day.
In the last half hour Caoimhe appeared with a box of needles saying something about ear acupuncture. I don’t know how it happened but I very quickly went from, ‘no way are you sticking needles in my ears I do not want to fall asleep on the drive home and crash’ to, ‘okay actually why not I’m up for feeling relaxed and sleeping well and I did promise myself 2015 would be my yes year.’ Before I knew it I was sitting in a chair having needles put into my ears. It wasn’t painful but you could definitely feel each little prick and at the time I wasn’t exactly sure what the actual point was, just something to do with feeling more relaxed. I have since googled it, so in case you’re wondering, here’s what health-science-spirit says it is – Ear acupuncture can be a very effective method for relieving acute pains and chronically stiff joints, sometimes these have been cured within minutes. For some problems it can be more effective than body acupuncture. Ear acupuncture is easy and safe for self-treatment and in healing groups. Organ diseases and glandular disturbances may respond less dramatically, but ear needling will always be very helpful as a supportive method with other forms of treatment.
Hmm… I still don’t really know why I had it done, but I came away completely unharmed so no regrets and all that.

Pirates of the Radio

29 June 2015

Today we were graced by the fountain of all knowledge that is John Rossborough (kind of feel like we should call him SIR John Rossborough – it suits him, it sounds good, and I think he is actually kind of worthy of the title!) John gave us a break down of the history of radio starting from where it all began and leading right up to the launch of Cool FM.
I was completely enthralled from the moment he started speaking, which is kind of shocking considering I’ve never had any interest in history. The stories were just so interesting! It was more like reminiscing on a great novel than learning facts about the origins of radio. There was ships and clans and rivalry and law breaking! It was like Pirates of the Carribean back in the day! John led us from the beginning right up to the launch of Cool FM in 1990! Downtown was really well established at this point so it was time for a sister radio station.
In the afternoon we began planning for when we are taking the media bus out next Tuesday. We have 3 aims for the media bus; 1) Record audio that can be used in our show about body image. 2) Teaching young people a skill; how to edit on the bus. 3) Surveys! We are aiming for 50!
We will be taking the bus to Belfast Activity Centre where we hope to meet a range of different young adults to interview, so far we are hoping to talk to guys from The Princes Trust, Start 360 (Grit), NRC and Switched on to employment. We are hoping for a good variety of thoughts and opinions and hopefully with this many we will definitely be in contact with at least 50 people. We will be finalising all plans and schedules during the rest of the week.

Just put some words on the page Melissa!

25 June 2015

It’s week three already! This cannot be happening. How is it possible that time is going this fast? I don’t want my days at Cool Fm to end. Every single day we are being given new and exciting opportunities, I genuinely don’t know what I’ll do when it’s all over. It’s probably best I just try not to think about it.
Having spent all of Friday story boarding and piecing the show together, today was about finally getting our heads down and getting some work done. We broke off into our departments and started trying to bring the radio show together. Michael and I focused on scripting for the majority of the day. It is SO difficult! I find words so easy to say out loud but when it comes to putting anything down on paper it is a whole different kettle of fish. I want everything to be perfect which of course is a good thing but can more often be a negative as it holds me back and wastes time.
To make things a little easier, we broke down what we want to say in the intro and the outro into bullet points. This really helped as it meant we just had to elaborate on each point and eventually we got our introduction scripted! I actually think it’s looking pretty good for a first draft and hopefully we can progress even further with it tomorrow!


Once upon a time…

We spent the entire day storyboarding and finally, after a long day of making a decision then changing our minds then making the same decision again, I’m happy to announce that we now have a plan for our radio show. We had previously broken down ‘Body Image’ into four sub categories that we wanted to address during our broadcast. These are; Appearance, Culture, Treatments, and Media. I’ll leave an image below which will help explain how we have broken down the show. We also figured out how we will link each segment together with music and links etc. I assume that Monday morning will mark the beginning of the real hard work as we now have to begin actually scripting and getting content! But for now, it’s the weekend! Happy Friday, or should I say Fri- YAY!?!

Ask the right questions

24 June 2015

Nigel Gould from news came down this morning to share some of his knowledge and wisdom with us regarding reporting and journalism. He shared some of his career highlights with us as well which were incredible to hear, stories involving Bono and Michael Jackson! His career has been so interesting and I am sure he has documented some amazing stories in his time. He gave us some tips for how to ensure we get the right kind of answers by asking questions in a particular way. It is vital that we get answers which will be useful when it comes to gathering our own evidence for our broadcast.
After lunch we met Michelle and Amy who also work under the huge Bauer umbrella. It was a rather casual afternoon as we basically just sat around the table and chatted but I really enjoyed it, hearing how each of them got involved with radio and how they are so impressed with the Cool Academy that we are a part of, as it doesn’t exist in the same way with the same facilities anywhere else in the UK. It is moments like that, when others point out the uniqueness of this opportunity that I remember how lucky I am to be here.


This morning was pretty exciting. It was another tour of the station only this time Richard Hoey (Chief Engineer) took us around and showed us all the technical side of the station. We went into the engineering room – I have never seen as many wires in my life! All of them different colours and looking like they some sort of ticking time bomb. We saw where the entire three stations are powered and programmed from and Richard showed us the switch which turns off the power and can take all three stations off air. I think all of us were repeating in out heads, ‘DON’T PRESS THE BIG RED BUTTON!’ Thankfully, as tempting as it was, none of us did.
Richard told us so many interesting things about the studios and how they are designed to block out as much sound as possible. I was particularly interested in the architecture and the fact that each of the studios are separate buildings, with separate foundations and walls; only joined together by a roof which covers them all. As well as the they are designed so that you can see into every studio from every studio through thick glass which is slanted in different directions so that sound doesn’t bounce around the room and create echoes. The design and architecture of it all just fascinated me!

In the afternoon we broke up into small groups of about 3 and we each took the audio from the ash interview and began to practice editing it. Steve always says that editing is similar to sculpting and that you must first go in and cut out all the large chunks before you go back and start to refine. So that is what we did! I was shocked by how time consuming it actually was, but I’m sure with practice and getting used to recognising sound waves I will become better and faster. At least no one found it completely impossible, we all gave it a go and everyone was able to do it, even if we did take a little too long!

The beginning of Mick&Mel (9/6/15)

This morning we were paid a visit from David McCammond who is the deputy programming controller for Cool FM and Downtown. He explained and went through lots of numbers, profiling, and how the music is selected for each station. I found the music selection process particularly interesting as before, I hadn’t realised that there are actual rules; breakable and unbreakable, for when a song can be played. Also, the songs themselves are all broken down into categories such as a list, s list, p list, r list and n list and these categories determine how often a song is played on the station.
I love having this insight, seeing behind the scenes and the process of how radio actually happens as before, it wasn’t something I had ever really thought much about.
After lunch Catriona, Michael and I went around the station with Rebecca to record some audio clips of birthday wishes for Pete Snodden which will be aired on Thursday as a surprise for him. It was fun to get involved in the technical side with the h4 and headphones and mic. We felt like little reporters. When we got back upstairs everyone who hadn’t already recorded their voices had finished so it was finally time to vote for the two presenters of our radio show. This is a role I really wanted so I was feeling very nervous during the voting process. However I am so happy (ecstatic/overjoyed/elated/OVERTHEMOON) to announce that myself and Michael M were voted for and will be the presenters! (MICK&MEL) I am honestly so thankful for this opportunity and I’m committed to doing a fantastic job! To end the day everyone went down to the studio and recorded ‘happy birthday Pete’ as a group which will be added to the audio we collected earlier in the day and played to Pete on the breakfast show on Thursday.

This isn’t your imagination (8/6/15)

19 June 2015

6.30am start for me today as I wanted to be sure to make it in on time for the Cool Breakfast Show. We had the opportunity to sit quietly in the studio this morning and watch Pete Snodden and Rebecca as they presented the morning show. While the ads were running and music was playing Pete explained to us how everything works. He explained it as if it is so simple but I’m not sure any of us would have found it quite as easy. I was overwhelmed from just watching him drive the desk; there are screens and buttons everywhere and he seemed to be doing at least ten things at once while still holding a conversation with us. He’s extremely professional and just amazing at what he does. It was so impressive and I could honestly happily sit there from six every morning just watching and learning how it all works.
After the breakfast show, Pete then came upstairs to let us interview him in the same style that we interviewed David, Steve and Rebecca last week. His story is so inspiring. He’s a perfect example of hard work paying off. His love for radio and passion for what he does is so obvious and it made him a pleasure to listen and talk to.
Our interview with Ash was scheduled for this afternoon in Limelight so while we had a minute during lunch we needed to quickly go down and be recorded in the studio so we could choose as a group who we thought sounded good and therefore who would do the interviewing. I was lucky enough to be chosen alongside Catriona which was so exciting! I was going to do my first ever real life professional interview! (aaagh!) Catriona, Molly, Michael, David and I made our way over to limelight in Belfast where we waited to meet Ash. I was quite nervous and wasn’t quite sure what to expect however Tim, Rick and Mark were fantastic to interview. They were so down to earth and gave some really great answers. They made me feel very comfortable and made our job a little easier than it could have been as because they were so open with their answers, we didn’t feel the need to probe. I personally feel I could have had a better interview technique and could probably have asked my questions more clearly but I am still pleased as it was such a great opportunity and learning experience. It’ll be fun to hear it all back tomorrow and see how much of the interview we can actually use for our own show taking over the Cool Clinic!


A tall order!

Cools’ commercial director Simon Mann came up to the academy today to tell us about the commercial side of Cool, i.e. sales and promotions. He gave us a brief history of Cool and Downtown and explained how the stations have grown over the years. Cool FM is consistently the number one radio station in the province and alongside Downtown, both stations command 61% of the markets listenership. These figures are extraordinary! Simon explained how and why it is so beneficial for him and his team to have such strong figures to refer to when pitching to a client. He also explained the benefit of running promotions and competitions which vary between cash prizes, holidays, cars, tickets and overnight stays. This year in fact, in celebration of Cools 25th birthday, the station ran the largest giveaway ever to take place in Norther Ireland. The prize included £25,000, a car, and a 5* holiday all of which went to one winner! (I wish it had been me!)
When he was finished his presentation, Simon asked a question to the group to see who had been listening most intently. Michael got it right and won two tickets to see Calvin Harris at Tenants Vital! (Jealous!) (Once again, I wish it had been me!)
Simon revealed to us that Cool FM have just been confirmed as the official commercial station for the upcoming Tall Ships on 4th July. He gave us a brief and asked us to spend the day coming up with promotional ideas that the station could use for before and during the event to promote awareness and interest. We spent the majority of the day working on the brief; I was appointed task leader so I worked with the rest of the group, trying to maintain focus and come up with really good quality ideas. Later in the afternoon Simon and Mark Mahaffy (MD of Cool FM) returned and we pitched our ideas to them. They seemed to be quite impressed and really like some so it will be interesting to see if any of our ideas are used in the coming weeks. I will be SO delighted if they are as we will be able to see the process of an idea come to life, from sitting around the boardroom table in Cool Academy, to it actually being used as a promotional tool for the Tall Ships event!

Say cheese for your repselfie

17 June 2015

Simon Hutchinson who took our photos for this website returned this morning to teach us a little about photography. He began by explaining how he first got into photography and sharing his aspirations for the future. He also showed us some of his more recent work which is beautiful; you can already see that from his pictures here on the cool choices website but it was also reiterated in the images he showed us from his new projects.
We learnt a few basic steps to use when actually taking a photograph regarding balancing the light through changing the shutterspeed, the apature, and the ISO. This was something I’d never really been able to grasp before, so having Simon break it down simply, I finally actually get it! I’m definitely going to play with these settings and try to get some cool images in the future. Simon also taught us some basic editing skills for how to bring colours out in photos and basically make them look better overall – this is another skill I will definitely be making use of. If I can make my images look super high quality with a few simple steps then I am going to. (And then I will more than likely share them on Instagram because I am that girl)
In the afternoon we met Wayne Denner who is a motivational speaker and online reputation expert. He is completely clued in on everything social media related. He shared a lot of crazy facts and figures with us; for example there are 600,000 tweets sent out every second. Yes, you read that right, EVERY SECOND! Also, the average person checks their phone 276 times a day. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX TIMES A DAY! Those are just a couple of the statistics he shared with us and I just found them completely shocking! It’s crazy that our mobile phones have become such a massive part of our everyday lives. Wayne’s presentation was absolutely fascinating, I was engrossed from the minute he started speaking.
Wayne also gave us a lot of really good advice for protecting our online reputation and making ourselves appear as appealing as possible for future employers. Wayne is currently in the process of releasing an app called ‘RepSelfie’ which helps you to clean up your online reputation. This is definitely something I will be downloading to ensure I am appearing as the very best version of myself online and therefore potentially enhancing my chance of future employment.

Cool Statistics!

15 June 2015

This morning Paulo Ross from the Cool breakfast show came in to teach us about social media – how to build a following, attract interest and interaction and how and why this is beneficial to the business. Paulo is responsible for the amazing increase of following and interaction that the Cool FM Facebook page has seen in the last year, so he was able to impart some of his wisdom on us. He broke down the six types of post that he uses on the page to promote interest and explained why they are important even though it may seem like they have nothing to do with Cool FM. Paulo also explained how important timing is for posts, and showed us examples of how quickly things can go viral when a post is popular. The viral posts are more often than not, short, snappy, relatable and timed correctly.
We were given the task of choosing three posts for Paulo to schedule to the Cool FM Facebook page so as a group we picked a few images and videos we liked, brought them together and then chose the three best.
In the afternoon we learned about Cool and Downtown’s own branded charity, Cash for Kids. The charity is continuing to grow in success and in 2014 had a contribution of 8.5% which is incredible and a figure they are very proud of.
Rebecca was nipping down to the studio to record an ad and offered to allow a few of us to join her. Kyla and I wanted to, so we went down and sat in the studio opposite and listened. I loved it. I just find it so cool that we are being given such an insightful experience. Just being in the studios, hearing Rebecca try out lots of different tones and seeing how everything works; these things seem so simple but it is an insight I never imagined.
We also received some exciting news! On Monday a few of us will have the opportunity to interview the popular rock band ‘Ash.’ This is amazing as we will be able to ask them questions regarding the topic we have chosen for our radio show (Body Image) so we spent the rest of the day preparing interview questions as these need to be sent to the band asap to be proofed.

Mouse Mats, Mole Holes and Models

10 June 2015

We began the morning by finishing where we left off yesterday – interviewing. It was interesting to learn more about David’s background as this was the first time he had shared with us.

Later in the morning we had a visit from Florence who went through the health and safety regulations with us. At the end we had a quick quiz to see who remembered the most and I won! My prize was a downtown country bag filled with Cool FM goodies, from pens to book marks to mouse mats to stickers.

There was a little spare time so we finally got our tour of the building! I don’t know why I was so excited about this – maybe I’m just nosy, but I really wanted to look around the building and see where all the magic happens. I was especially excited to see the studios where Downtown, Downtown country and Cool FM all output from. I actually expected them to be much smaller and darker although now I think about it, I’m not quite sure what I was imagining, (clearly some kind of mole hole or cave) but I was pleasantly surprised.

During lunch, David was sent through the photos from Simon Hutchinson, the photographer who took our pictures for the website and Oh. My. Goodness! To say he is talented is an understatement, he made each and every one of us look amazing. The quality of the images is incredible and every single person loved their own photos. Echoes of, ‘Wow!’ ‘We look like models’ ‘Look at that pose!’ floated around the room, which speaks absolute volumes considering the norm is, ‘I hate that, please delete it.’

After lunch, Steve taught us all about sound imaging. I found this interesting as it is not an area I am at all familiar with and there is so much to learn. Luckily I have taken plenty of notes so I’ll always be able to revert back to those.
We were taught three steps to follow when editing any sound file which help to brighten and clean the audio. Steve showed us an example of a before and after and it was amazing to hear the difference as the actual changes made seemed so tiny. We were also shown two different methods for editing a soundtrack if it is drowning out another piece of audio. The steps are actually really simple which I wasn’t expecting as when we were first shown multitrack and we saw all the different buttons and dials, it looked so overwhelming, but having Steve break it down, I feel pretty confident we’ll be able to do it.


The Beginning

Cool Academy has officially begun, and to say I’m excited is an understatement. I’ve been waiting for this to start since the moment I got accepted onto the cool choices programme so it was a significant day; hopefully marking the beginning of a new adventure.
Rebecca McKinney from the Cool breakfast show began by welcoming us once again and running through the schedule and what to expect. Over the next five weeks we will be working with all departments within Cool FM, from advertising to sales to programming to presenting. We will meet and question experts, record audio in the studios as well as having the opportunity to work on the Cool FM media bus.
Opportunities like this don’t come along often and I still have to pinch myself that this is real, and this is happening, and it’s happening to me!

‘There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs’

Rebecca showed us the above quote and I love it! It reminds me that hard work will eventually pay off and result in success, but shortcuts don’t exist. We are being offered all the right steps here at the Cool Academy: we just have to climb them. To take advantage of every opportunity and utilise every piece of information, to be patient, hardworking and dedicated, that is how we will gain reward.
We also talked a little about blogging, blog style and how we want our blogs to reflect on us. I’ve chosen to use mine as a sort of diary, to tell a story and share my thoughts and feelings over the next five weeks.

Rebecca and Steve then talked us through the weekly and weekend schedule for Cool FM. This was beneficial because it made me aware of who was on air, at what time of the day, what kind of music they play, and why.

Towards the end of the day, as a group we prepared questions to put to Steve, Rebecca and David in an interview style to find out more about them; their stories, their background, their hopes for the future.
It’s so interesting to hear how everyone had completely different journeys. We have been continuously told that there is no set route into radio, so it was cool to find out the different paths that Rebecca and Steve have taken. They are both clearly very driven individuals and a great example to us who aspire to work in this industry.
Unfortunately we didn’t have time to finish the interviews so Rebecca and David will continue answering our questions in the morning.