Hey I’m Michael, I am an ambitious 22 year old from Belfast and I’m super excited to be a part of the Cool Academy. I would LOVE to work in the Media industry and being part of cool choices program is a step in the right direction.

My dream is to work in presenting and with the right skills and opportunity’s I believe I could achieve my goal.

the start of something new

3 July 2015

I am absolutely gutted that it is our last day!! I do not want to leave at all! Yesterday we recorded a little surprise message for Rebecca, Steve, David and everyone at Cool FM just thanking them for the amazing time we’ve had here. It was aired today on the breakfast show and the guys were totally surprised and delighted. This morning were finishing the very last part of the OCN workbook and having a party this afternoon! Kyla already cried. Shes definitely gonna start me off!  this isn’t the endddd!

trains, cars and media busses

So this morning we got into groups and organised what is going to be happening on Tuesday at the media bus. We are going to be collecting our interviews then. Today I helped out in editing. First we made a list of everything we need to bring on Tuesday and printed a few copies for everyone. In the afternoon we got the clips from interviews a few of the guys done with some people from start 360 in Ballymena. We played each of them individually before cropping then editing them. Im so excited for everything to come together! But for now its Friday! Wooooooo!


Michael Mulcahy

Its Tuesday and were almost half way through our third week – its going SOO fast :( !! – This morning we had John Rossborough come in to tell us all about the history of radio. We started from the 1920’s right up to the launch of Cool FM, it was SO cool hearing how radio has evolved since then, hearing all the different eras made me visualise being there and the surroundings which was amazing! We learned so much that we never would have known if we weren’t part of the cool academy. At the very end we saw video footage of the launch of cool FM back in 1990 it was super exciting and amazing to see it, I feel so grateful to be a part of it, even in the smallest way.
After lunch Rebecca and Steve told us everything we need to have done by the end of the week so we got straight into planning for the upcoming weeks. So much to do but if we all pull together (which I have no doubt we will) well do a grand job. I’m so excited for everything coming up and can’t wait to hear the show we are putting together!
Happy Tuesday!

Friday 12th june 2015

24 June 2015

Its FRIDAY! Woo! Today we selected every ones each individual roles and created a story board of how we are going to organise the content of the show and make sure everything things fits together and runs smoothly. Me and Melissa have been given the roles of presenters (WOOHOO) and programming so its our job to write a script for the show and make sure it is suitable. We are going to be spending some time in the studio getting comfortable around the mics and also each other. I am super excited to get stuck in!!! happy friday

Tuesday 9th june!

Soo its Tuesday and this morning we all got together and started making decisions for our broadcast. We wrote down a list of people we would like to interview and and the order in which we would like the show to run. After that David McCammond from programming came in to tell us about what his job involves. We learned about how they control they’re playlist and the grade in which songs are placed. It was really interesting. After lunch we played our voice demos so we could collectively decide who should be the prsenters and reporters on the show. We voted anonymously and I got picked to be one of the presenters!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED :D
At the end of the day we got the chance to go down into the studio and record Pete Snodden a little birthday message for his upcoming birthday which they are going to play on air on Thursday!! :D

WEEK 2 Monday 8th june

19 June 2015

Today is the start of our second week!!! Time flys when youre having fun eh! This morning The breakfast show presenter Pete Snodden came in and we got the chance to ask him a few questions and for some advice. It was really informative and we got to learn a lot about him and how he got into radio. Learning that he was Djing from 17 and working unpaid for cool fm for 2 years in hopes of achieving his dreams. One piece of advice he gave us which was stuck was ‘be true to yourself’
In the afternoon there was an opportunity for a few guys to go and interview the bad ‘Ash’ so after lunch we played all of our voice demos and as a group chose who was best suited for the interviews. We chose Melissa and Catriona as there voice as we felt they were the right fit. 

Day 5 Friday june 5th

Its FRIDAY! The end of week 1! This morning the photographer Simon Hutchinson who took our portraits for our website came in to tell us about what he does. He told us how he came to get in to photography and what his furture goals are. He showed us some work that he had done recently for a suit shop which was really cool to see which programmes he uses for editing and the before and after shots. Whilst speaking he passed around a few photography books that we got to have a look at. Some of the pictures were amazing and told a story with just one photo.
In the afternoon Wayne Denner came In, he is a motivational speaker and he had just created a new app (how cool). Its kind of a social media app, he is like a social media wizard. Some of the facts he shared with us were crazy, that fact that 600,000 tweets every second is amazing, I never would have guessed a number even close to that. He done a little quiz at the end and the winner won a copy of his book ‘The students guide to an online reputation and parents too’ .

Day 4!

17 June 2015

So its Thursday and today the commercial director, Simon Mann same in to tell us all about what he does in the sales department. We learned a lot about his background and how he got to where he is today AND he did a little competition and to see who remembered how many listeners that Downtown, Downtown Country and Cool FM have combined per week and… I WON!! I won two tickets to Calvin Harris’ upcoming gig at Tenant’s Vital!! I’m so excited that I won and it should be a great night. Today has gotta be the best day so far :D

Blog Entry Day 2

11 June 2015

Soo today is the second day and this morning Rebecca and Steve told us a little more detail about what we are going to be doing here at the cool academy and some of the success stories from previous cohorts. We had the chance to ask Rebecca, Steve and David some questions about their jobs and the media industry which was really cool.
In the afternoon David and Rebecca gave us a tour of the building and we got the chance to meet some of the employees and presenters. We also got to sit in with Siobhan whilst she was on air and see some of the the technical side of her presenting job which we really enjoyed.
I added a picture of me and some of the guys with Siobhan.

After we had lunch Steve came up and taught us about sound and effects using Adobe Audition. At first glance we were all a bit confused but after Steve explained in detail and showed us step by step guide to working the software we were confident in that we could have a go at It ourselves.

day 3!

So Its our third day and things are going great! This morning Paulo came in to speak to us about social media to give us a real insight to how things work and what exactly he does! we really enjoyed this as us young people are so involved with social media so its great to get to see how meida sites control their pages and posts.
In the afternoon we had a chat with Darren from Cash for kids which is the charity that cool fm run. I had heard of Cash for Kids before as I have joined in on some of their fundraising activities before outside of the cool academy. He told us a little more about how everything works and all the different ways they help to raise money for the charity. Cash for kids is an amazing charity and the things they do for disadvantaged children is great! I hope we get a chance to get involved to help raise money in the coming weeks!