Hi, my name is Michael O’Connor and I am 19 years old. I am a rather outgoing person who knows how to laugh. I am a very big nerd, computers, films, comic books. You name it, I love it. My prized possession is probably my Desktop PC. That thing is a monster, and I am so very proud of it.

I have a background in Media so Cool Choices/Cool Academy was naturally a good choice for me. My background is specifically in Film and TV, I studied this at Belfast Met where I learned how to work a camera, edit films and all that fun stuff. I am skilled in editing on Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

I also know how to have fun while being professional at the same time. Although I will be juggling work and this I am looking forward to it as this is going to be one hell of an experience. Plus this gives me something to do over the summer other than sitting in front of my computer all day.

Captain’s Log – Stardate 93056.37 (June 15th 2015 – 10am)

3 July 2015

June 15th 2015

Today, we got the amazing opportunity to sit in with Rebecca and Pete on the breakfast show. It was a great to see a real working show in the works. It’s a great to see how fast Pete can edit a clip of audio and get it live and ready for broadcast. It literally take him seconds to edit a clip for him to put out live on the radio. Once this was over, later on in the day Pete came up and gave us the opportunity to interview him about his life in the radio industry and his opinions about certain topics, like our topic for broadcast.

This went on for a few hours, we learned quite a bit about Pete’s life in the media, for instance did you know that Pete always wanted to be in radio and that he working at CoolFM for years before he was actually given a job? Well now you do.

After this, Steve took us to down to Dubbing station 1 to record our voices one by one for us to judge each other on who we want to be our presenters for the show. This did not take at all, like about 15 minutes or less to do. Once this was over, it allowed us to vote on who we wanted to be our presenters and gave us the opportunity to vote for our roles and such, I landed the role of a reporter.

Not to mention that David asked myself and TJ to start a side project, a documentary about our time at CoolFM and Start 360. That was something I wasn’t expecting to be honest but it was awesome to be asked. Can’t wait to get started on that, sounds like an awesome challenge.

Right now though, we’re planning it out and making sure we will have enough time to get the work done along with the video because as far as I am aware it’ll be cut if we can’t balance the two. But sure, onwards and upwards am I right :P

Captains Log, Stardate 93037.16

15 June 2015

So, this morning some of us were giving the chance to sit in on the breakfast show with Rebecca and Pete. I’ll tell you, the studio is awesome but it’s all neat and tidy and I love it. The set up is astounding, will everyone was looking on watching on how Pete runs everything and I am just there like “Yeah, I like this. I like this a lot. It’s all so neat and is so simplistic its awesome.” Although some people will disagree with me on this one but because I am used to it, it just looks so easy.

That’s probably because of the fact that I come from the film industry and I am just used to it, or the fact that I am very technical with this stuff. Or both. I’m gonna go with the latter to be honest.

But today was a good laugh, I learned a lot that I didn’t know to be honest. Like for instance, a lot of the editing is done on the fly, and within seconds. It’s very impressive and I love it, not to mention the fact that It’s all done and loaded into the system within minutes before going live on the air.

It’s like a well oiled machine dude! It’s awesome.

Captains Log, Stardate 47634.44.

10 June 2015

Today we finally got our tour of the building. We were split into two groups as there was 10 of us, the first lot went round with Rebecca and they were out a few minutes (I’d say 10 a most) but when they came back we went out straight afterwards with David.

David brought us round the full space. We went round and saw the people who actually run the shows and some of the broadcasters, like the Downtown Radio broadcaster Siobhan. She chatted with us, asked us what we wanted to do and what our background was a stuff, then we got asked whether or not we think runners should be made to carry Poop bags. Strange question but you know, after this we got to go on live radio for about 3 seconds. Best three seconds ever.

After this the cohort learned how to basically edit on Adobe Audition, granted a knew most of it already I still learned some things that I didn’t know. It was a refreshing to say the least, to learn something that can help me at home. Bring it on :)