My name is Michaela, but just call me Kyla! I am 20 years old and from West Belfast.

I went to St. Colm’s High School and gained 11 GCSE’s a-c and also two A-Levels. During my time at school I done a course on Creative Media and really enjoyed it and made me want to get a bigger look into the Media Industry and see what it has to offer.

I joined cool choices to help me take a step in the correct direction and to gain a lot more knowledge within the media industry.

I enjoy Media and everything about it. I am always online checking new stuff out and really interested in Fashion, and Radio/Presenting. My dream is to work within the Media Industry in the future. This is why I believe this course will help me with my choices and to get clear direction of what I want to do and make my dreams possible for my future.

Friday 3rd July 2015 OUR LAST DAY!

3 July 2015

so, today is our official last day here at the cool academy! to start of the morning myself and the teams surprised Rebecca Steve and David on the breakfast show by having a thank you message added which was edited by Michael and we couldn’t have kept it a surprise without the help of Paulo. listening to this made me cry a lot! no surprise there!
I really cant thank these guys enough for everything they have done for me! without them I wouldn’t have came out of my shell or have the confidence that I now have! from starting here until today ive changed a lot! Ive came so far with the help of these guys! so have the rest of my cohort and im so proud of each and ever one of them! everyone is literally so Fabulous!!
from starting here I had been dealing with my mental health; anxiety and depression. I was in a bad place and to think that I would ever get better was impossible! I never thought it would happen! on one of our first days here I tried to give a presentation infront of the guys about myself and couldn’t do it as you’ve seen in my previous blogs, but today im gonna give another presentation and hopefully it goes well! im so proud of myself, alothough its all down to the guys here!
Rebecca has helped me a huge lot and ill miss her so much!
David has been amazing here giving us the best advice ever!
Steve is amazing at what he does and we couldn’t have put our show together without him!
Caoimhe and her bump are literally the cutest! caoimhe is so lovely and I wish her all the best on the arrival of her little baby boy!
Clare is amazing! shes helped us so much and worked so hard of finding us the best placements for after this!
Lindsay is brilliant! always happy and smiling! epically listening to Cheerleader!
I wish these guys all the best and happiness for the future!

I hope to stay in contact with the people ive met! im gonna miss coming here every day and seeing everyone! it just makes me so happy!
today weve planned to finish our black folders and have everything put in place. to end the day were gonna have a bit of a party and reminisce on the good memories that weve made here!
refusing to leave! literally don’t wanna end this day!
I give many thanks to Cool FM, The Cool Academy, Start 360 and ofcourse the Big Lottery Fund for giving me this opportunity and making this happen!
lots of love x

Thursday 2nd July 2015

Today is our second last day! so emotional! I really love this place and have met some of the most amazing individuals ever!!!!! I wish I could come to the next cohort! if only!!!! today I spent my day doing my OCN and making sure I got it all finished! wooo!! finally! couldn’t have went the day without a few selfies!
today was good!
emotional that tomorrow is out last day!
I refuse!!!
literally gonnna miss everyone so much!:(

Wednesday 1st July 2015

Today was such a fun day!! we got the chance to meet ‘Only The Young’, a band who came 7th on xfactor 2014! these guys were super cool and we got the chance to get some selfies and tell them all about the cool academy! which was good! promoting for the new cohort!! after this I worked on my blogging and ideas for the layout of the newsletter to finish the day! I had a really good day! it was amazing!

Tuesday 30th June 2015

2 July 2015

This morning when we arrived at the cool academy we bumped into Rory ‘Frostbit Guy’ who was visiting the station!
I got the opportunity to write up the newsletter that we will send around the station when we leave as a thank you for having us. I really enjoyed this; it’s a lovely thing for us to do!
This afternoon I went to the studio with David to record my piece for our broadcast show. My recorded clip is on the statistics of Eating Disorders in the UK. I really enjoyed this and think it went really well! Better than I had expected. It was a fantastic experience!

Monday 29th June 2015

30 June 2015

So this is our last week here at Cool FM! sad times! I really don’t want this to end, I’ve really enjoyed every moment here and met some of the nicest people ever that I would not have had the chance to meet if I wasn’t on this course, Rebecca, Steve and David have been amazing! really the best people to have ever worked along side, also everyone else that we’ve met through this course have been so lovely and it was a great pleasure that I will never forget.
This morning I was working on my blogs and ensuring I was up to date with everything, then myself, the team, Rebecca and Steve sat together and worked out what we had done and were doing today. I then finished my blogs and was available to help my team in any way they need.

Friday 26th June 2015

This morning we all sat together around the table with Rebecca and all spoke about what we had done and set ourselves our targets and tasks for today and next week. today I was gathering contact details from the charities and helplines that Cool FM could post online when our broadcast goes on air.

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Today was so good! just brilliant! I was working on the surveys for before and after the individuals came on an doff the bus for the editing section. today was one of my favourite days, I really feel that the whole team worked really well together. I was extremely nervous about this but omg I loved it. it was really a fantastic experience and meeting new people was good! really enjoyable! today we wanted to get as many people as possible for this visit and it was set at 25+ people. by the end of the day we had reached 50 people. it was such a happy moment when I couldn’t and finalised the surveys that I had done. I was so proud of the team, everyone worked amazingly. it was also very sunny today so it was a win win situation! just amazing!

Thursday 25th June 2015

Today myself and Aaron were time stamping the interviews hat we had done at the media bus visit on Tuesday. I feel that myself and Aaron worked well together sorting out what I thought we could use and what was good enough for our broadcast!

Monday 22nd June 2015

Today some of our interviews took place. The interviews were super and went really well! I’m so proud of the news team. I contacted a few charities/fitness teams who could also be good possibilities for our broadcast. I also wrote a number of questions for these new interviews that could possibly take place. this afternoon myself and the team along with Steve and Rebecca went to the media bus to have everything on board and prepared for tomorrow. We brought everything that we will need and also we were shown around the bus and how everything we need to know works.!
today was exciting and I’m so looking forward for tomorrow!

Wednesday 17th June 2015

Today myself and the team finalised our schedule for the media bus visit at BAC on Tuesday. We finalised each job role and worked out the times of each group coming to visit us. I also sorted out and came up with questions for the interviews for the charities. I also sorted the interview list and called a number of people including the charities to finalise a date and time that would be suitable for the interview to take place.

Tuesday 9th June 2015. Group decisions, Programming department, audio recording and choosing our Presenters and Reporters!

17 June 2015

First thing today myself and the group sat together and had a group decision about ideas for our broadcast and who we would be interested in interviewing and also ideas about our broadcast show as a whole. E.g.: Voxpops for the public.
After this David from the Programming department came to talk to our Cool Academy group. This was unbelievably interesting and I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge about this department within Cool FM. I learnt a lot about the music that airs on the Radio station e.g.: the station will not play the same song at the same time each day e.g.: if they play a song at 10am on Monday morning they won’t play the same song at 10am on Tuesday morning. I really found this topic interesting and gained a lot of knowledge that I didn’t know beforehand.
To finish our day we all recorded our own voices with Steve and as a group we listened to them and chose our Presenters/Reporters for our broadcast, we chose them by voting anonymously, which was pretty fair!
We had some time left today and with Rebecca and Steve we went to the Cool FM studio and sang our own version of Happy Birthday to Pete Snodden which would go on air tomorrow morning on the breakfast show! This was so fun I really enjoyed it! HAPPY 40TH PETE SNODDEN! (he isn’t really turning 40)

Monday 8th June 2015. Questioning with Pete Snodden and Bio presenting with Rebecca Mc Kinney.

To start of our morning the Cool Academy group got the change to go and see how Pete Snodden works the Breakfast Show here at Cool FM along with Rebecca Mc Kinney. This was so fun and so entertaining as being in the studio gave me more of an insight as to what’s happening and the work and effort is put into the show by the presenters.
Questioning with Pete Snodden:
This morning Pete Snodden from the Breakfast show here at Cool FM came up to the Cool Academy when his show was over for some questioning time. We were able to ask Pete a lot of questions to find out a lot about him that maybe we didn’t know. I found Pete so down to earth and grounded. I really found this so interesting and exciting! Pete was so genuine and nice to have a chat with! We spoke about a variety of things e.g.: his goals for the future which is to have his own talk radio station. Also how he started which was at a young age of 10.
FUN FACT ON PETE SNODDEN: Pete has always been under the average age of radio presenters within the UK.
Bio talking with Rebecca Mc Kinney:
This afternoon Rebecca had asked us to write our Bio as a task for us to gain presenting skills. We would have to read this out in front of our Cool Academy team and then get feedback to help up gain knowledge and have an idea of what its like and to get used to it. For my Bio I wrote about myself and where I’m from etc, I also wrote about how I think the Cool Academy can help me gain knowledge and confidence. Also I wrote how much of an inspiration and role model Rebecca Mc Kinney is and how I look up to her. I found this task so useful and it made me realise a lot about myself, it has its pros and cons as I was extremely nervous and especially dealing with my Anxiety I found this quite overwhelming. I did try! I got up and started my presentation but was unable to complete it, I was quite emotional and couldn’t continue. Rebecca and David was both a big help to me during this! Also my Cool Academy team! I couldn’t ask for a better team!

Friday 12th June 2015. Content of broadcast, sorting interviews and positivity.

Today along with Steve and Rebecca we had a discussion about our broadcast and how we wanted our content to be. To do this and get ideas we listened to a broadcast from BBC Radio One and also a broadcast from the previous Cool Choices team.
Also we wrote down ideas for our storyboard. All of us together we finally set the base for our broadcast as a whole, I feel this part went extremely well and the group worked really well together which is amazing!
While on our subject of Body Image, Rebecca came up with the idea of going round each person and having to choose one thing you like about yourself e.g.: mine was ‘ I love my hair’. This was really enjoyable and such a sweet thing to do as everyone gave each other compliments if they found it difficult. Positivity is always good!
To finish the day we worked out who we were going to interview and which story box it would fit into. We also found out each role and responsibility of each person and also within their teams.
I feel like today was really productive and I really loved it!!

Monday 15th June 2015. Team work, Editing music.

This morning Rebecca asked us to go into our teams and to start planning. My Team ‘Team Programming’ went into the green room and brainstormed together ideas for the intro and outro to our broadcast. We also came up with a lot of ideas for the music montage and playlist for the whole show.
After lunch my team split off from each other. Aaron and I wrote a brief for the whole broadcast and gave one to each of the Cool Academy Team.
To finish our productive day; James, TJ, Steve and myself finalised the list of music for the Montage with our team, then we went down to the studio to listen/edit and cut some of our chosen songs.
I thought today went really well, my team worked amazing together and it was just such a good day!

Tuesday 16th June 2015. Radio with John Rosborough and Media Bus:

This morning John Rosborough, he is the guy that basically knows everything about radio and hes been with Downtown/CoolFM for a very long time came to have a chat with us about the whole aspect of Radio from the very start. This chat was beyond interesting! It was really amazing, omg I just learnt so much! John is literally ‘Mr. Radio’. John started the talk from the 1920’s when radio was founded, through the war times right up until cool FM was launched in 1990. This was just so good! From all of the visitors we’ve had, this one was my favourite, but don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed them all and many thanks to all! This course is just amazing!

After lunch we scheduled our weeks and started to plan and prepare for the Media Bus trip that will be happening on Tuesday 23rd June 2015. We all worked extremely well on this task and im so proud of each and every one in my team here at the Cool Academy!

To end the day we also worked on our blogs and being organised!

I really enjoyed today! Just loved it!


11 June 2015

Coming to Cool Academy was so nerve wrecking! I was literally so nervous!
Myself and Michael were friends before this course and decided to do it together!
Meeting everyone and getting to know everyones personalities and the people that we would be working with was amazing!
This was better than I expected and really enjoyed this so much!

Tuesday 2nd June 2015, Questioning, Health and Safety, Tour of Cool academy and Cool FM, Audio.

Today was my first official day at Cool Academy as I was absent on Monday.

Questioning David and Rebecca:
This morning we started by asking David and Rebecca questions. These questions could have been about anything. I firstly asked Rebecca what her best achievement was within the Fashion industry in which she said her Fashion Show at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast where she had her idea of the romantic theme with the room completely changed to everything being white and elegant, she got her idea from a Chanel Fashion Show that she had Previous seen. I then went on to ask David what his proudest achievement was within his career. David responded well to my question by saying that we the Cool Academy were his proudest achievement.

Health and Safety with Florence:
This morning we had a session with Florence who is the head of Health and Safety within Cool FM. Florence talked us through everything we need to know from the fire exits to needing to know who to go to in certain situations! This was so helpful incase of an emercengy. I already knew a lot about Health and Safety as when I was doing my A-Levels in school I had to do a Health and Safety unit with my Hospitality A-Level.

This afternoon Rebecca Mc Kinney who is one of the presenters on the Cool FM breakfast show with Pete Snodden and Paulo Ross took us on a tour of the cool FM building which was so interesting! we were split into two groups for this. My tour was given by Rebecca, on my tour there was James, TJ, Melissa and myself. We were obviously the better group! This tour was good and I enjoyed getting to see the studios and where everything is within Cool FM, we then finished up for lunch.

Audio with Steve:
After lunch Steve taught us some really useful information on Audio Editing that I gained a lot of knowledge on to use within my time at Cool Academy. This was so useful because It looked like a whole different thing to me as I’ve never done that before. When Steve explained and showed us on the big screen how to edit audio e.g.: cut bits out, place music beds in, make your voice higher or lower to suit your preference and how you want to sound it became much easier to me and I thought yeah! I would be able to do this.
Today was good!!

Wednesday 3rd June 2015, Social Media with Paulo and Cash For Kids with Darren.

Social Media with Paulo:
Hey guys! Today was my second day at Cool Academy and we had a chat with Paulo about Social Media. Paulo was so helpful and I think he gave me a good insight to Cool FM’s Social Media department. I really enjoyed this session a lot as I already love Social Media! I just find it so interesting! learning about Paulos views and how he devotes so much of his time even his own personal time on making this the best it can be is amazing! Theres a lot of preparation that Paulo has to complete that you wouldn’t even think of!

Cash For Kids with Darren:
After lunch this afternoon we had a talk with Darren from Cash For Kids. Before this I didn’t know a lot about Cash For Kids and what they actually do. I had heard of it advertised on the Radio. I myself love fundraising and charity work, ive done a lot myself in the past and will continue to do it in the future. ive done things like:
-Door to Door collections.
-Fundraising Nights.
-Cake/Bun sales.
-Sky Diving.
Charity work really catches my attention and I love learning more about it when I can. this was a great opportunity. I think that Cash for Kids are amazing and how well they have done and how big they have became with from each £1 donated £0.85 goes straight to helping children in Northern Ireland under the age of 18. I would love to join Cash For Kids and hopefully begin to fundraise for them!
Today was a good day! I really enjoyed it a lot!

Friday 5th June 2015, Photography with Simon.

Photography with Simon:
Today Simon who took our photos for our Photo-shoot when we came to the Cool Academy before we officially started came in to talk to us about Photography and Editing. Simon showed us through his professional camera and how to use it and the different features, e.g.: the lighting. I feel like I really learnt a lot during this session. I really enjoyed this and looking through Simons photography books. my favourite book was ‘World Press Photos 14′. this book was my favourite as these photos tell real life stories and each photo has a different story to tell. Simon also showed us how to take good photos using our IPhones. Overall I really enjoyed this session and feel like I gained a lot of knowledge on Editing and different editing programmes e.g.: Lightroom. On ending the session we got to see some before and after photos of our own photo-shoot with Simon. From seeing this Simon is so talented for being so young and from starting this as just a hobbie.