Hiya!, well guys my name is Rachael, 23 from Belfast, although I grew up in Bangor. I like to think I’m a bubbly and confident person who isn’t afraid to say what is on my mind.
My main passion in life would be animals and I would love a career working with them, especially as an RSPCA rescuer. I decided to apply for the Cool Choices programme as I wanted to broaden my horizons and learn some new skills. I thought this would be a good decision as I have a background in media and have studied it for 2 years in college.
I’m really excited to see were this journey takes me and how it will help shape my future.

Bus Times

1 July 2015

So after all of our preparation we are final ready to take the Cool FM bus out to the Belfast activity centre.
We started of the day by getting everything set up on the bus ready for all the groups to arrive. As my role is a reporter I was taking most of the interviews as I was the only reporter to come in that day. The morning was pretty slow as we only had a few guys from the grit project come in. I was loving doing the interviews and I think I did a good job.
After lunch is when it all got busy, we had 3 groups come over at once, I didn’t mind as I like to keep busy. The only thing that went wrong was that Michael didn’t record any of his interviews so I had to go and record all the ones he didn’t get.
Once everyone was interviewed they then took a short survey and were sent into the bus to learn how to edit a piece of audio. Personally my favourite part of the day was playing with the squirrels running about ha.
Thankfully we met our quota for the day which was 50. Taking the bus out and doing all that we did was a great experience and was one of my favourite days so far 

Day 15

Well today was going to be a busy one, I have a girl called Danielle coming in to do her interview on plastic surrey. We were able to get Danielle take the time to do this interview as she was a friend of Kyla who is another member of the team. I got my questions ready and then took Danielle down to one of the recording studios to begin the interview. As Danielle has has had her nose done and also has temporary lip fillers. I was a bit nervous to take the interview as it was my first time doing it properly in the studio but it went really well and I think I got some good content for the show.
Once I got everything recorded that I needed It was sent to our editing team to fix and touch up.

Day 14

Today wasn’t as exciting as our usual days down at cool. We mostly all got caught up on out blogs that needed doing and we also worked on the broadcast.
I was in charge of finding contact information for charities, such as eating disorder clinics. Then I had to approve it with the group then arranging with the certain contacts either a phone interview or they could come into the studio to record.
That basically sums up most of the day

Day 9

24 June 2015

So today the head of programming came down to see us all for a quick chat on what it is they actually do down there. David McCammond kick of the chat by giving us tips to help make our broadcast the best it can be, such as meet your audience’s expectations and always keep it relevant.
Few wee facts for you guys, did you know that almost half of all 15-34 year olds in the market place listen to Cool FM. Also in A single week 60% of all 15-34 year olds listen to Cool FM. So Cool FM controls half of the entire commercial share.
After lunch we all just got stuck into get our blogs up to date and that was a wrap for the day.

Day 6

Yayyyyyy I finally got to meet Pete Snodden!
Well today some of us were lucky enough to sit in on the breakfast show and watch Pete and Rebbeca do their thing. I was really surprised to see what a radio dj has to do behind the scenes. It looks soooo complicated to use but Pete made it look dead easy.

Pete then told us his story on how he got into radio which I found really interesting because everyone that has told us there story, each one is different. It’s not like you can go to university to become a radio DJ.

Day 5

Today Simon the who did our photo shoot for the cool choices website which turned out awesome. He talked about how he got into the photography business and what he uses for editing his photo’s. He also gave us some handy tips on how to take the best picture. I wouldn’t mind taking photography as a hobby, taking pictures of things like derelict buildings ect.
After lunch a guy called Wayne Denner who is basically a social media guru. He talked about a lot of statistics and how best to stay safe and private online. He also have a new app that will be available soon called repselfie which checks your Facebook account for any negative posts in case a employer checks your Facebook out. I think it’s a pretty handy wee app to have.

Day 3

On are third say at Cool Paulo Ross from the breakfast show came in for a talk on social media and the best way to use it. One of his jobs is running the cool FM twitter and Facebook, he also told use some crazy facts that I found interesting such as- cool FM has 40,000 followers.
This afternoon Darren from cash for kids came in for a chat to tell us all about the charity. It’s a local charity that is part of cool FM, wee fact for ya, every pound donated 85p of that goes straight to cash for kids which is one of the highest. I think it’s a great charity to be a part of. I myself love doing work for charity although it’s usually for animals like the cats protection and ASSISI. I had an amazing time there and would recommend any one to go down and give these guys a helping hand.

Day 2

So to hit this Tuesday off we met a lady called Florence who is head of health and safety at Cool FM. She gave us a run through of everything we needed to know which was handy.
After all that we started to meet all the important people from each department like sales and advertising. We were also lucky enough to sit in on Steve Turnbulls show, watching him recording adverts and having abita craic. Its dead funny to see how someone’s voices changes when there on radio. I think you sound a lot posher.
Well today gave me a better idea of what im letting myself in for.

Day 1

Time to let the madness commence.
Hey guys, my names Rachael and I’m 23 from Belfast.
My main interest would be animals and it is what I want to peruse in the future as a career. Hobbies would include having abita craic with mates, visiting family and volunteering in animal sanctuary’s.

So are first day at Cool FM we got stuck straight into what we were going to pick as are main topic for the radio show. After lots off discussing and debating we finally decided on body image!
Once we got that out of the way two of Cools presenters Steve Turnbull and Rebecca Mckinney joined us for a talk along with David Corscadden who is deputy director of Bauer academy.
Rebecca and Steve started of the talk with all the telling us all the departments we will be meeting, such as, social media, presenting and advertising to name a few. We then learnt the weekly and weekend schedule for the show.
I think are first day down at cool fm was a blast and really cant wait to get stuck into are selected jobs. Im going to try out for presenter so fingers crossed for me 