Yo! I’m Bart
I’m 20 and originally I lived in Poland until 3 years ago I moved to NI.
I’m a type of guy that takes the highest viewing perspective (usually 3rd one :D ) but If I can take a higher one I will. I’m really into music and dancing and I got involved into cool choices to raise my skills in music production. Being involved in music I learned arts of rap ( in both languages ) and beat, due to the fact that I’m heavily involved in hip hop culture I developed skills in all kinds of dances such like Break Dancing, hip hop, Melbourne shuffle, house, and also classical ;)
Cool choices is a great opportunity for me to develop technical aspect of skills needed for further production of music.
Hope everyone has a great time working together
Bart Sign Out.

Heads down and go!

30 October 2015

Today we only did the OCN test meaning that I wrote down all the questions from the booklet I borrowed from Lizzie to later complete all the last pages with Rebecca and moved on to doing the actual test. I have to say it was never that quiet in here as everyone was doing the test. I did not think that this group can be so focused on one thing. I guess I was really wrong. I tried my best to write as much as possible and still finished pretty quick. Now it’s about me updating all these blogs and then the time at Cool FM will come to its end, well it was fun and showed me a lot about the world.


Today we finished all the editing that had to be done, unfortunately it was late in the afternoon when we were done but everything was ready to be handed to Steve so he can put it all together with music. Danny seemed to be delighted that we were finished with everything, he did not like on bit about us sitting there and editing everything due to the fact that it is a boring job for a spectator. As we were done everyone was doing the OCN booklet so we had to catch up, we did not manage to do it today but I’ll get someone’s booklet tomorrow.
The course is near its end, I really hope that everyone is going to keep contact with each other. I keep forgetting that there is still placement but I just enjoyed working with everyone.

Finally Studio

Morning session was again full hands of work with Danny sorting out audio for each individual part of our broadcast, most of the things are ready to be put in to the show only few last pieces to be sorted but that a matter of getting audio in chronological order that makes sense and still keeps the subject right. I’m still not quite sure that we are going to make it tomorrow but I keep my hopes up.
In the afternoon I did the same thing with Danny but also I recorded my poem I wrote couple days ago that was put on the end of the show. It feels weird because I think everyone had a go in the studio and I was the last one, kind of feel left out but again I came here to do editing not record but remember that I was the lead of the editing group and I’m happy how I put things together with my team.


28 October 2015

Today I again worked with Danny most of the time on sorting audio for the actual broadcast. We got the Vox Pops sorted and got the first part of the broadcast ready to be put together when the presenters record their lines. All the interviews are cut to minimum and sorted to only necessary audio. I hope that tomorrow we will do the rest and be ready for Wednesday. Again it is a time consuming work but we know what to do so we got through it without any problems. I’m beginning to feel more confident in cutting the audio and making it sound even better with effects added to make it sound even better. Steve gave me a lot of tips including adding various effects which I know will come in handy pretty soon.


Again loads of editing to be done but today I spent a day with Danny sorting out the audio we are going to actually use in the broadcast. It was a really time consuming and exhausting process due to the fact that we had to listen to about 2 hours of audio and just get the good bits out of them, but in the end of the day we got everything sorted. As I said Danny was stressed with everything but I tried my best to keep his level of entertainment at high while we do the editing. He seems to appreciate it and opens himself more and more, he did not use do to so in the beginning of the course. Still it was a long day and we were happy to go home and rest, I still hope we are going to make it on time.

Every one else seems to be focused on working and keeps up a good paste for the rest of the team, now that’s the teamwork I like. I would melt if the work was going slow.

Fun work day

23 October 2015

Loads of work for everyone today. There was a fair amount of editing to be done but a some of the stuff was not usable due to the level of distortion. Me & Dave edited all that we could which was almost everything up to date. Meaning that we can edit faster than the reporters collect audio, now that’s efficient, surprisingly I had an extreme amount of fun with Dave today, I’ll be honest we messed around a little bit but still everything is up to date and ready to be cut into the minimum for the most interesting parts.  So far I’m getting a feeling that the last 6 days are going to be a big rush and I’m starting to stress that we will not make it, guess I should ask someone for a just one word of comfort J

Also can’t wait to get to the studio to do some of the skits recording. The guys came up with some great and funny ideas so its exiting for everyone. Its cine to see such level of commitment from most of the people.

A lil’ story telling

It was a long but interesting session with John Rossbourgh who gave us a Talk about history of the radio, beginning in 1920 when the first commercial radio opened it was still a primitive sort of radio the one you can hear in any old movies or even older. Followed by that Ireland in 1922 opened 2Lo and 2Be (two years later) radios. You can see that the first two letters in the cities name were put after ,,2’’ which was a simple way of naming radios. In that time BBC did not stay silent they also opened their radio that was aimed to be mostly educational and news related to later in 1927 become a publically traded company meaning that it was fully approved by the government and the public. It did not stop on that either after 3 years BBC was a nationally broadcasted radio which gave them a huge number of listeners. Unfortunately after some time the Second World War began giving the radio a huge opportunity to shine. At that time the radio was essential for all citizens for informing them of what’s going on in the front. After was the radio became more of an entertainment medium due to appearance of ,, pirates ‘’ on around the coasts of the countries. It was basically a ship with a broadcasting station, at that time there was a limit of speech in such mediums as radio. People discovered that swimming 3 miles into the waters outside the country made them immune to this law due to national grounds, so cleverly everyone broadcasted from there. There was a couple of stories that involved those ,, pirates ‘’ but eventually they were shut down by the government after a couple of years. Getting closer and closer to present day John told us about the history of Downtown radio that had to be set up in Newtownards due to loads of fights in Belfast and how it evaluated over the years. Getting in there the Cool Fm finally arrived in 1990 and evaluated to today.
Wow that’s a lot, there was also a couple of interesting sub-stories. After the lunch we got into further work on the broadcast and loads of editing for me and my team, 9 days to go …

Getting There

We did not have any visitors today either but we had a huge progression with work. My team edited Toni Boddens, Paulo Ross and Adam McPeaks Interviews including all the Cohort 4 Vox Pops. Its nice to see everyone working and having bits of fun at the same time, including the fact that all the parts of the broadcast work require concentration and patience. For me it’s especially for editing, unfortunately its nothing new for me but still I’m gaining more experience in editing area and its getting faster and faster for me, I also started to learn how to properly cut audio in order for it to sound completely unedited, but still it’s just the beginning of that road.

The guys like to come to our room where we edit just to chat for a little bit, I think that will play a crucial part in everyone’s work ahead due to the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done and it can get a little too overwhelming at the time.

Another day another challenge

20 October 2015

Another week began with a whole group gathering and discussing the plan for the day, there was a lot of editing to do and a lot of interviews to be done so without further eddo we got to work. I edited around 5 Vox Pops of every one from Cohort 4 and one longer interview which took a whole day until 4 PM. Just now I’m starting to feel how it is to sit in front of a computer and make everything sound good giving to the fact that sometimes the sound quality is awful. Everyone had full hands of work even my team each did around 2 or 3 Vox Pops, it’s a relatively easy task but extremely time consuming and the worst part there is no clever shortcuts. Still I enjoy doing it and so far I come here every day hoping for a new challenge.

I’m also kinda feeling sorry for Danny because he’s job is to everywhere with everyone and do everything, he is starting to look stressed about it all, I’ll try to get him a little chilled out

Click ‘n’ Snap

Morning session for today was different. Adam and Simon that specialize in videography and photography came to Cool Academy in order for us to ask them a couple of questions about their work and how social media affects their lives. Simon the photographer gave us a couple of tips that would increases our pictures quality and showed us the basics of the photo editing, after which Adam showed us how to enhance our Videos to be more watchable. They were really chilled out types of guys and not so older than we are so we found some common language with them.

In the afternoon we continued with work towards the broadcast which included interviewing Adam and Simon and for me to edit a whole Simons interview, which means more and more editing for me and my team but that’s nothing we can’t handle. I’m so happy that the work is finally going .

Some News

Our visitor for today was Nigel from the news department who explained to us the basics of working in this department, gave us many tips of who to interview people and what information is essential and how to make it as short as possible. It was an educational session for me due to the fact that I will have to get the good bits of audio from all the interviews and make sure they sound natural. I’m not goona lie the interview skills will also come in handy in order to do one myself in any case. Nigel also told us all the statistics about the broadcasting and how they spread the news around the week in order to achieve the highest number of targeted audience and also what bits of information are most essential for such broadcast.
After the lunch we worked further on the broadcast, I did an intro for the ALS ice bucket challenge which involved collaboration of many celebrities. So far I must say editing is time consuming but rewarding work.

Work Work Work

Ohh it was exiting, today we choose who will be the presenter and the lead of every department. Nathen and Lizzie were chosen to be the lead voices on our broadcast after everyone listened to yesterday’s voice tests. Everyone looked shy even the bravest ones, it is weird listening to your own voice on the recording. I was chosen to be the lead of the editing department with David and Stevie. Everyone else got their jobs and we began to do work towards the broadcast. After we were done with choosing the roles Tinie Tempah & Kattie had an interview with Steve so a few people were chosen to go into the recording room and see how Steve interviews them over the phone, it was a nice experience listening to someone famous live.

At the afternoon we moved on with setting up our files and with first pieces of work, meaning the first Vox pops recorded and first editing done. I did a collaboration of celebrities doing Ice Bucket challenge for it to be featured in the show.

Power or the Voice

Today Steve took us to the studio in order to put our voices through a test and see whose voice is best fitting for the radio broadcast. I must say it was fun but nothing new, I have a home studi0 myself so I’m already used to hearing my voice while recording and I spent a lot of time practising my voice back in the day’s, ultimately I was not a presenter but I’m not sad about the fact because I wanted to be a part of the Editing team and I’ve been telling that to everyone since the first day, so I’m hoping I’ll be assigned to that group.
After the voice recordings we had a brain storm of ideas with Steve and evaluated our broadcast plan for further development. We also explained to the part of the team that was absent what the topic is about.

Open Yourself

14 October 2015

Special guest for today was head of the Facebook and twitter pages for Cool FM Paulo Ross, he explained to us about his work on those social media and what sort of posts each of them require to interest people. He explained the science behind the times of the highest activity and what posts get the best recognition. It was a different kind of experience looking at such a Facebook page from the developer’s side and it gave me a lot to think about the amount of work and passion that has to be put into it. At the end we received another assignment to create 4 posts of nostalgia, minion, video and local banter. It was a fun activity and every one had awesome and funny ideas.
In the afternoon session we worked on our presentation skills with Rebecca, Steve and David. It was about presenting ourselves in from of the whole group. This activity was to target our habits when speaking to a larger crowd work on our confidence. Everyone presented themselves and gave a really good impression to the whole group. I loved everyone’s performance and especially to those that gave an impression of shyness in the beginning of the course, it was nice to see them develop so fat just 2 weeks into the program and changed almost 180 degrees. Everyone had this turnover so far and I’m really happy to see every one progress even myself.

Music Madness

13 October 2015

Today Steve took us to the studio in order to put our voices through a test and see whose voice is best fitting for the radio broadcast. I must say it was fun but nothing new, I have a home studi0o myself so I’m already used to hearing my voice while recording and I spent a lot of time practising my voice back in the day’s, ultimately I was not a presenter but I’m not sad about the fact because I wanted to be a part of the Editing team and I’ve been telling that to everyone since the first day, so I’m hoping I’ll be assigned to that group. It still was fun to see how it is to record voices in the professional studio and put yourself in the place of presenters for a while.

After the voice recordings we had a brain storm of ideas with Steve and evaluated our broadcast plan for further development. We also explained to the part of the team that was absent what the topic is about. Now that everyone is informed about what’s going on we can further proceed with our work and come up with another ideas for that topic.

The Big Boss & Cool Stuff

9 October 2015

Lots of emotions, today we were visited by the head of all Downtown and Cool department Mark Mahaffy who answered all of our questions regarding his work and a little bit of personal live. Mark turned out to be not as scary guy as you hear in the stories or when you hear ,, the boss’’, he made an impression of enjoying meeting with us and answering our questions. Mark did have features I imagined would be essential as the head of 3 radio stations and answered all the questions professionally with a bit of humour but keeping the serious matter at core. Meeting him gave me and my teammates kind of a shiver when he entered the room, I could see a bit of excitement in everyone’s behaviour but overall no one got too scared away.
After the interview Steve took the lead and thought us the basics of vocal and music editing that he mainly uses for commercial production. It was the most entertaining session for me so far because I’m really interested I editing audio and has done it many times before. The thing I learned from him was not the editing itself though; it was more of how the editing actually works and the science behind every mouse click which made my knowledge of editing stronger. I was really excited for that part and I hope I’ll be the one editing our broadcast because this is what I really enjoy, Dave seem to like it to so I hope we make a good duo.

It’s Beefy

It’s Beefy

Moonies Master Butchers and its commercial proved no task for our friendship power, but on the serious side we developed a lot of scripts for the butchers advert and even recorded one using the app suggested by Keith. It was a lot of fun but hard work but our struggles proved to be just enough to satisfy Keith’s high expectations. It was fun working on such commercial and see how you write scripts by your own and how the process of such advert is put through. We were also visited by Pete from the Cool’s Breakfast show and asked him a lot of questions involving his work and experience in the radio. Pete was a nice guy that presented within himself a good level of confidence and experience including interviews that he presented to us.  It gave us the idea of what his work bases on and got to know him a little better.

At the end of the day we presented our work to Keith who was also delighted by the ideas we came up with and even recorded by ourselves with my team using the app that Keith suggested. It impressed everyone but the rest of the ideas were also awesome, some of them I regret the rest of the group did not record. Later we proceeded with the broadcast work.

That one guy

That one guy

Today’s session was more around multimedia and pre-recorded Keith’s Law Commercials that everyone found entertaining, Keith is the guy that comes up with the ideas for commercials and records them. He showed us a lot of his work over his employment in Cool FM and assigned us a task of developing a script for Butchers company, which we did not attempt today. We were also visited by Rick Ross again today in order to present him our coca cola ideas for coca colas trucks coming on Christmas. He was delighted with all the ideas we provided him and said that he will make sure to use some of them if they come in handy.

It was really confidence building for everyone due to his level of happiness about our work, I would say that we deserved such recognition because everyone was excited and nervous to do the best work that they can and it turned out to be just enough to impress Rick. I hope we keep such level of work whenever we start doing our broadcast and make something we can always go back to and relate on.

Coke SiP

Richard Ross was our today’s special quest that expanded our knowledge about sponsorships and promotions. Richard is a Commercial Manager that had a strong experience in S&P even before joining Cool FM. We discussed a difference between Sponsorship and Promotions and learned how radio is one of the most trusted mediums in social media. There was a huge detail on S&P aspect and their placement in the radios structure, we also discussed a difference about Road shows and outside broadcast.
Some work was also assigned today that involved Coca Cola trucks coming down for Christmas period and our job was to find a way to make people more aware of the whole event including competitions and Cool + Coke mash-ups. Today’s ideas were great probably because people feel more confident and know what to do after previous assignment. As usual great progress and a lot of work done.

Hello Nightmares

Today’s Wayne Denner visit was really educating about our Online image, and how its crucial to keep your reputation right even on the ,, anonymous” internet. Wayne explained that our Facebook/ twitter/ other social media profiles have a huge influence on how we are being perceived by people and our bad behavior might affect our personal lives, even disallow us to get a job we really want. We looked at a lot of statistics including social media and how it affects real live. A huge dose of apps were given out by Wane including one of his own that helps your profile looks ,, cleaner”.
After being educated and inspired by the session the group decided on the broadcast topic which will be kept from now on. I hope everyone will keep up the good work.

Commercial Break

Today we were visited by a commercial director Simon who explained to us in detail about Advert sales. First he gave us a brief history of his employment that was based around sales in radios or telegraphs. He explained to us that the development of the internet was a huge break through for the advertisement sales and gave us a lay out of the whole sales department giving us the idea of how many people work is such a department. Followed by that we discussed the competitors for Cool Fm and Downtown radios and the statistics involved social media like face book or twitter plus a few curious facts about listeners like the weekly time spent listening to radio (Information classified ). We came to realization that radio changed due to mobile access and has become more available on other services like TV or internet which is a huge factor for the advert sales.
We were also assigned a work on advertising SSE Rewards and Disney on Ice in OdySSEy arena. It was a pleasant and educating work that required teamwork and huge amount of creativity, but overall I think everyone did a good job.

Getting Technical

Wednesday we learned a lot about how, programming’’ works. David McCammond was the guy that explained to us how the whole programing which was all about putting up the day’s whole show using the program given, the program was able to create a play list for the adverts and music that had to be played same day. The database was rich in music that was put into the different criteria of popularity, when the song was released ( is it new? ) and all different factors that might affect the number of listeners.
Just as I imagined the whole studio had different departments responsible for different aspects of the show and the office itself. We had a brief tour around the studio and I was really interested in the technical setup of the whole broadcasting station. I own a house studio myself so I could not help to notice the heavy doors and thick walls to mute all the sound, such rooms tend to give people claustrophobic feelings so I understand how only certain people can broadcast. All the equipment was impressive but there was nothing I would expect from such studio, everything was organised and had its place.
Unfortunately I missed day 2 but I’m sure I’ll catch up 

My new role

Monday was my first day at Cool FM, to be honest I didn’t live enough in Belfast to recognise Rebecca or Steve but they seemed like I imagined they will, in quick words about them I thought I was confident but they put it to another level. I learned that the team work would be the crucial part of the whole 5 weeks we are goona spend at cool academy, but that is not a reason to give up so easily. Today was also the first day I met Dave who gave me an impression to be the boss of the cool academy.
Barely introduced to the team it still was a pleasant experience to work with them and get introduced to a prat of Cool Fm crew. I hope my work with them will be pleasant and full of good memories.