“I’m free to be whatever I wanna be” oasis
North Belfast Oldpark Road Barman, model and aspiring extra (can’t grow a beard for game of thrones)
Creative, Design man and a Noble man. Own my own business. It’s a design / marketing business. Relatively small business with 2 clients but only starting out.
Family of 5. The middle child: brother, sister, mother and father. The 5th of May and the 25th of December are my favourite dates. (Interesting fact my birthday falls on cinquo de mayo, Mexican independence.)
I came up the lagan in a bubble. Aspirations are success and happiness. I love to make people smile. By the end of the cool choices course I would like to be in a professional job so I can dress smart everyday.
I look good in a suit and hat !!!!


30 October 2015

I have learnt so many skills whilst I have been in the cool academy/ cool choices. I will definitely leave with a lot more interest in the media landscape. Videography and photography are now hobbies I would like to do on a daily basis. I have met what I consider friends for life during my time. Danny whom I travelled to Newtownards every day and then home again in the afternoon. He is good for the tunes too. I even hope in the future to work together professionally because he is a videographer and film maker mostly sports documentaries. David is only 18 but is an older person both in heart and wisdom. He is a nice and fun guy and smarter than he lets on (what did we do?). Bart is a crazy man in a good way. He is a very talented on different levels and mediums, editing and production being his main strong point. I see myself one day telling someone I know that guy who is rapping on the TV. Megan is a quiet girl with a bigger brain than anyone. She’s so intellectual and intelligent. I hope this process has improved her confidence greatly because she is definitely going places. I always think of the apprentice or dragons den when I think of Megan. Miss entrepreneur. Lizzie is an MLA, presenter in training and generally nice lady. I think she will be the happiest coming out of this process along with another participant matt. I’ll let you work that one out for yourself. Matt is a country man from Banbridge, big rock fan and a clever guy. Journalism is his passion and he brought a lot to the group intellectually as well as humour with his wittery banter. Stevie is a Monkstown man, where my girlfriends use to be from. He is a jolly, free fun feeling guy. He loves the media world and it is definitely his passion in life. I’m now playing 6 a side with his local team. Conor was shy in the beginning but is probably the most out going now. Either that or we’ve sent him loopy. He is an avid gambler so I can relate massively. He is a funny guy, think David Brent and his noisy dance every day!!
I think I remembered everyone. Hopefully !!!

Oh danny boy !!!

28 October 2015

What I will miss the most is driving to Cool FM everyday with my good friend Danny.

The end is near

The broadcast is nearly complete. We are in our final week of recording and sorting out everything. I’m feeling really confident about this. Everyone’s working hard and it should defiantly be better than cohort 3’s. Hopefully!! I’ll get back to you when it airs.

Trevor Mcdonald

23 October 2015

I had three interviews today. The first two interviews were with the boys from the Irish boxing team. Up first was Michael Conlon who recently won a world championship gold in Qatar. He was very nice and informative with his answers. Next up was Paddy Barnes who is actually my cousin. He was quite funny but again very informative of his experiences and advice. My final interview was withy Shane Todd a local comedian and impressionist/ impersonator. His alter ego Mike Mcgoldrick has a big following online through his videography work. He is media trained so his answers were brilliant. Very insightful and his advice was both funny and informative.

Inspiration Matt Murdock

We had a talk from just a normal guy who is now working in cool fm. He did the princes trust program which lasted only 5 days. He presented the show and as a result he is now working in the sales and promotions team as well as for the street team in his free time. He worked for free for 6 months to obtain the skills necessary to become permanent ly placed here. He gives me and people like me the inspiration to work hard at this and anything I do and to just take advantage of every opportunity you get because you never know where it will take you or where you may end up. I hope he becomes a radio presenter in the future because I would tune in every day

History of radio with John Rosborough

We had a talk today on the history of radio from john. It was very educational and more interesting than I thought it would be. We went all the way back to the 1920s when radio started. In January 1927 the BBC was formed. By the early 1930s they had a monopoly in the radio industry. In sept 1967 the BBC changed their programming due to a high demand in pirate radio. This formed radio 1, 2, 3, 4 which is the still same today. On March 16th 1976 downtown radio was formed. In 1990 Cool FM was born. Johns his website is and he a slot at 10.30 on a Sunday.

News team assemble!!

It was announced that me matt and Megan would be the channel 4 news team. Matt being the head of department.

Today we met Nigel Gould from the award winning news team. He talked us through his experiences and what it takes to be a good interview and an informative reporter. He talked us through the stations layout in terms of news. 19 broadcasts of which 5 were sport, 3 agriculture, 2 business etc.i found this talk very productive considering I would be part of the cool choices news team.

Paulo -Breakfast show 25

22 October 2015

We had a talk from Paulo. Head of social media for Cool FM. he talked us through what it takes to be social savvy. He showed us the reach the radio has in terms of listeners and amount of people reached. For such a small country they are the largest and most successful in the UK and Ireland. In comparison to London who has 9 million whilst Northern Ireland has 1.5 million. A dog he posted reached 250 million people worldwide that are just incredible.


I had my first interview today with Toni Boden. She gives present to the less vulnerable out of her own pocket monthly. Her story was an emotional one and very heart-warming. She does this for her three kids who all suffer from disabilities/disorders. She doesn’t need to do these kind things but she is just a nice person. She works in daisy day care in west Belfast.
Her kindness has now seen people donating present to her Facebook page. Special delivery for someone special is the page and I would urge you all to go have a look at some of the life’s she’s helped out. Its just a small gesture but sometimes the timing is perfect with it coming up to Christmas or the schools starting back when a loved one’s anniversary comes around. It can be a lonely place and a present can help greatly in showing someone is there for you who cares.

Becoming Pete Snodden

20 October 2015

Today we were in the studio doing voice recordings. This is in conjunction with all the roles everyone will be doing. So we all did our recordings and then it went to a vote to see who would be the 2 presenters as well as all the other roles such as interviewers, news team and producers etc.
I became part of the news team with both matt as our head reporter and Megan. Other roles include Lizzie and Nathan as presenters. Bart, David and Stevie in the editing side with overall boss man being Danny with his 2nd in command co0nnor in the programming team. I’m excited now to get started with my interviews and to really bring this project to life.

Dream job

13 October 2015

My name is Declan and my aspirations in life are to be happy. In business my aspirations are success. My dream job would be in an ad firm as a creative. I have pursued this for years working voluntarily as well as paid placement. In places like Ardmore, AV Browne and Street Monkey as well as the filming team on game of thrones. Without total success which is why I have set up my own free-lance ad firm called hyper-active creativity. Before I came to Cool FM I assumed an outside firm did their advertising but I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have their own in house team know as sales and promotion. They tasked us with briefs they were working on to get a young perspective. I enjoyed this greatly.
I contacted invest NI for some help and advice. They helped me design a business plan which helped my financial side. I have had 2 clients so far. I designed them a logo and business card template. I am currently working on a new business as well.

Promotion And sales team

9 October 2015

3 talks all important and all very entertaining and informative. This is the area of work I enjoy the most and am greatly interested in getting involved in this industry. I have been for several years now. Marketing, creativity and just having fun. A man once told me find a job you love and you ll never work a day in your life. This is how I feel about the marketing industry.

Simon Mann, Keith Law and Richard Ross shared a lot of insight and a lot of stories in relation to the work they have done before coming to cool fm and the work once they arrived. They are an award winning team at the top of their game. Who better to pick their brain than us.

Waynes World

Wayne Denner
The social media man kingpin of Ireland. He is the Zuckerberg of the north coast. An Entrepreneur and visionary. He was one of the more interesting talks we have had. This man knows his stuff and other peoples stuff. Apps websites and anything for free ask him.
Employability on social media is really important in today’s society. 93% of employers won’t give u an interview based on your online profile and 35% won’t even give u one if u don’t have an online profile. These statistics shocked me and the group collective. My online profile is more a funny personality of myself and not one of my behaviour in a professional environment.
He showed us his app he developed called RepSelfie. Which scans your social media profiles and helps you clean them up for employers to be impressed rather than put off by your online profile. I see it becoming one of the top Apps of the year. It’s very inventive and genius. The simple ideas are the usually the best.
His life experiences and career were extremely engaging. He seems to have been unlucky in business having twice missed out on ideas that have went global.

Love / Hate

8 October 2015

Rebecca and Steve.

Two of the presenters off Cool FM have been part of the mentoring system. Giving us an insight into the world of Cool FM and how things are done and run. There is a lot more to radio than just talking as I have been advised. There are many people behind the scenes who help make the show tick. They are the unsung heroes the faceless men.
One of the presenters is Rebecca from the breakfast show.  She tries to bring the best out in me. I would compare it to a brother sister relationship fighting but caring at the same time. I consider here a friend and want to prove to her that I can be a success.
The other presenter helping us is Steve Turnbull the dance master of the station after hix of course. He has been giving us a lot of insight into how it is to be a radio presenter and what it takes to be a successful one. He on the top of his game and I really appreciate it him helping us out and contributing to our course and ideas.


Lyndsey and David are our mentors at cool choices. They are experienced and professional people with a good sense of humour and a down to earth attitude. I consider them to be mentors, colleagues but also friends. I have learnt a lot already from them and this programme is only starting. It will be sad to say goodbye to them because the banter makes the days seem easier and the experience they are giving me I will never forget. Hopefully I can reward there kindness by being a success in the future.

I would recommend anyone to do this course. Not because it’s Cool FM but for the people.


This picture probably describes me without saying anything !!!

Meeting new friends.

Through this process we formed a new group of young people. There is around 10 of us between 18 and 25. This is my new friend keelan, we are similar in ways and different in others. He’s an aspiring actor and real life gangster. We come from different background but can relate on a human level. He is Westside while I’m from the north of the city. Both from working class backgrounds with a family ethos.
The team consists of Danny, Stevie, Conor, Bart, Keelan, D lion, Matt, Lizzie and Meghan. They possess a large a wide variety of skills. Which consist Editors to cameramen from advertisers to musicians and actors.
We have been tasked with creating our own hour long radio show for cool fm. No pressure sure!! The show has to have a theme or message which is quite difficult with so many relevant topics to choose.