Hi there! My name is Misky (Adam), I'm 21 years old and I'm originally from Ballynahinch.
I play drums, I'm a vegetarian I'm an avid gamer and I hope to play games in the e-sports scene professionally one day or at least get a job in the gaming industry. I used to host my own radio show online so when I heard about cool choices I jumped at the chance! It sounded like a great opportunity to gain a couple qualifications and meet loads of new people as well as getting a look behind the curtain of the radio industry. I'm looking forward to learning and becoming more confident in myself as the weeks go by!

Our final day

11 March 2016

10/03/16 – DAY 24

Well today is our last day here at CoolFM, I haven’t even left yet and I’m already missing the place! We’re going to hear our broadcast back later and I know we did well so it’s going to be fun. We have to finish up our OCN work today so I’m going to get stuck in.
I’m not very good at goodbyes so I’ll just say thank you guys for the wonderful time; I hope this isn’t the last time we meet!

Time to get writing….

09/03/16 – DAY 23

Well funs over now! Broadcast is all finished and it’s time to get stuck in to our OCN work. We went through our Cool Choices OCN work book with Rebecca and she helped us fill in some notes to help us when we get started on our real OCN.
After a little chat we got started on the OCN work, I’m not a fan of handwriting so I’ve opted to type mine up instead.

Finishing up

08/03/16 – DAY 22

I had a doctor’s appointment today, I was going to come in late but I was waiting for ages in the lobby to be seen so I ended up missing the day! Bummer!
The rest of the guys got the last few bits of work done on the broadcast and now it’s over to our resident professional Steve to piece it all together, we’ll hopefully get to hear it back before we go.

Overseeing some editing

07/03/16 – DAY 21

The start of a new week today and we all worked on different things! Clare, Conor and Caprice were just about done with all off their work so they headed to Stormount instead to meet some politicians, I was told it was interesting!
Most of us of course stayed here to work on the broadcast, I helped Thomas with some editing on Tanya’s interview, and it’s sounding good! After that I listened to the other edited versions of interviews, they’re nearly all done now. Steve is going to listen to them and make sure they are all good quality. I had a chance to hear some of the other interviews back today and my fears that the emotion would be lost in editing is gone now, they did a great job.

Busy, busy, busy!

04/03/16 – DAY 20

Today the presenters sat down with Rebecca and got 90% of the scripting work done, things are really coming together now!
It was a busy day for my news team! Four interviews in one day! Garth and Claire headed out with David to interview St James’ for our homeless segment in their building because they couldn’t make it in and we had Ellen Murry in today for her interview. Ellen is a transgender politician with the green party, the first in trans person working in politics in Northern Ireland! We also had Gavin Boyd from the rainbow project and Tanya Lavery who runs a advice page called strength in numbers on facebook. Very busy day that I had unfortunatly missed, sorry guys!
Another week in the bag, we’re almost there now!

Busy news day

03/03/16 – DAY 19

Today the news team did work on questions for St.James’ and Aodhan Woods! Caprice interviewed Aodhan, he had a lot to say, I teared up when I heard the interview. Sadly St.James’ cancelled but we’ll get the interview done on Monday instead. We’re flying through this broadcast and it won’t be long now until we’re finished!
The editing team did some more vox pop work as well as editing Jack’s interview to perfection; I hope the emotion in our interviews isn’t lost in editing but I trust the editing guys to do a good job!

Vox pop playback

02/03/16 – DAY 18

Right back to work as usual! Today some of us broke in to groups and listened to Jack’s interview for editing; he sounded great, but we have limited time so sadly we need to cut it down.
Conor and Clare got to work on scripting some links for Jack’s interview and I’m sure they’ve done great! They’re going to get Steve and Rebecca’s professional opinion on it but I’m sure it’s fine.
The programming team listened back to all the vox pops and decided what should be used from each. I’ve been told some of them were quite emotional. After that they struggled to find the right words for some links but tomorrow Rebecca is going to sit with them and help them get it all over and done with tomorrow.

Interviewing Jack

01/03/16 – DAY 17
Today we were working more on the broadcast. I recorded my voxpop; I spoke about my inspiration SonicFox5000 professional e-sports player. After that I got my interview with Jack done. I had prepared some questions for him beforehand, the interview went great! Jack was well spoke and had plenty of good answers for me and I helped him along with anything he couldn’t answer but he needed very little prompting. Super nice guy; he was heading my way so we had a chat on the bus home too.
After finishing the broadcast introduction the presenters headed to the studio to get it recorded.
After lunch Caprice and I worked on some questions for the Aodhan Woods interview. I would have liked to interview Aodhan myself but Caprice knows the guy so the group thought it best to assign her to the job and I would have to agree.

Our inspiration

29/02/16 – DAY 16

Monday today and we got right back to work on our broadcast! We worked on some voxpop recording and got most of us recorded.
We all had to talk about who inspired us and why for possible use in our broadcast. We also arranged which interviewees were coming in and when then assigned a person to each interview. I’ll be interviewing Jack Graham. Jack is a transgender and tomorrow I’ll be interviewing him on his transition to becoming a male.
People were also working on some skits and the broadcast’s introduction. I think things are coming along well.

Boss man

26/02/16 – DAY 15

Today we started off by writing some questions for our broadcast’s voxpops. We were introduced to a girl named Molly who was part of the previous Cool Choices group. She told us how the programme really helped her and I’m glad she’s doing so well.
We also got to meet Mark Mahaffy, regional managing director at CoolFM. We got to ask him questions and learn about his role here at cool as well as his background in journalism
We finished off the day by splitting up into groups and getting to work on our broadcast. Things are going well so far.

A trip through time

25/02/16 – DAY 14

Today we started by listening back to the last two Cool Choices broadcasts for some ideas, they had done social media and body image. Both of the broadcasts were pretty good but we can do even better!
After listening to the broadcasts we got to doing some research on some of the topics we will cover in ours, to make sure we are educated in those areas.
I learned some new things which were cool and I’m excited for tomorrow so we can get back to work on our broadcast and making it the best there ever was!

The man behind the news

24/02/16 – DAY 13

Today we met Nigel Gould, The head of news here at CoolFM. Nigel shared his background and told us about his previous work with newspapers before he worked at Cool. Nigel’s team here has won awards so they know their stuff! Daily the news team makes around 17 bulletins around 3 minutes in length. Over a week they do around 109 bulletins on all kinds of topics but make sure that it’s relevant to the target audience of Cool. Nigel gave us news folks a whole bunch of interview tips and I’ll be sure to employ them when interviewing anyone in the future.
After a short break we got to work on storyboarding our broadcast. We got ideas flying and eventually settled on all of our interviewees with some backups just in case something falls through.
We ended the day with a little discussion on the title for the broadcast. We still haven’t settled on a final title yet but that’s not too important anyway, we’ll get there!

Hype and interviews

23/02/16 – DAY 12

Today we got to have a chat with a man named Adam McPeak. Adam started his own company called Hype Factory. Hype Factory is a media production company based over here in Northern Ireland and they specialise in promotional media for businesses in the country and beyond. Adam told us how he got involved with media and what kind of things he has done with Hype and gave us some advice on how to get in to that side of things; I found it very interesting!
After Adam we began further discussing our interview ideas. We noted down on who we’d love to interview and then voted on a top 5. One interview idea stood above the rest with unanimous votes all round, Aodhan Woods. His story is very relevant at the minute and I’d really love to hear the story from his own mouth. Now we have to contact them and see who we can get.

Back at Cool

22/02/16 – DAY 11

We’re back! We’ve been doing some work at start 360 for the past two weeks but now we’re back to work here at CoolFM to get a broadcast sorted; now the real work brings!
The first thing we did today was work on some voice recordings. We wanted to see how everyone sounded when recorded, so one by one we headed down to the studio to record a short clip. While each person headed down we discussed exactly what roles were needed to make our broadcast. I was given the role of head of news; I’ve got to keep all the news related things in check.
While we were away at start 360, David let us know that our original idea (safety on a night out) was rejected, so we had to get to work quickly on finding a new topic. We’ve decided on doing an inspirational kind of thing. We’re going to cover a number of different topics and have interviews with multiple people with the underlining theme being ‘unsung heroes. Basically people who have been through a hard time in one way or another but have come through and succeeded none the less. I think it’s a great idea to take this in a positive slant and get some stories out there and we already have a whole bunch of ideas on who we want to interview. I’m looking forward to getting started!

On the decks!

05/02/16 – DAY 10

Today we got to play with some real DJ decks under Steve’s guidance! He taught us a few tricks and let us try them out a few times! We learned that it’s really not as simple as clicking play and do a little jig on stage. There are a lot of tricks to being a good DJ and if you do it right there will be no show that is the same!
After Steve’s class we went to see another side of the industry, the technology that keeps the place running. We met William Gallagher, the man in charge of keeping this place alive and kicking. William was obviously very experienced and it was really cool to see all of the computers and tricks he uses to keep to place broadcasting.

Paulo and David

04/02/16 – DAY 9

Today we got a visit from Paulo Ross to learn about him and social media. Paulo runs the CoolFM social media mage on his own and a couple other social media platforms like twitter and snapchat. After Paulo took over the page in April it has grew in followers up to about 600k today! Social media is very important in promotions and advertising today.
After seeing Paulo we had a talk with David Corscadden. David told us all about the significance of all forms of media within a business. He let us ask him some questions and learn about him and his place within our little course. It was interesting to hear how he got involved with us and how the Academy got started.

Cash for kids & editing 101

03/02/16 – DAY 8

Today Darren Fowler (head of cash for kids) came to speak to us. He told us what they do and how they came to be founded. After meeting Darren we continued to work on our presentations for Richard. Lots of great ideas all round!
After we had some food Steve taught us a few things about mixing and using decks. He told us about Station Imaging and sonic branding. It was very interesting to hear how useful that kind of thing was to a station. He taught us some basic things about editing and mastering tracks on Adobe Audition.

More sales! (but not exactly)

02/02/16 – DAY 7

Today we got to meet Richard Ross (Manager of Sales for the stations). He spoke to us about sponsorships and promotions. He told us about his experience in the media industry and what companies he has worked at in the past. Richard explained what ‘branded content’ is. It is basically activity outside the traditional advertising like the sponsorship of a programme (Like the morning show being sponsored by Stenaline) or involvement with a charity like Cash4kids. I learned that all good brands are built on trust, if you gain a bad reputation it will stick for a long time and you must be careful with every little thing you do, even outside of the workplace. Richard left us a task to complete, to come up with promotion ideas for Northern Ireland’s year of good and drink. We were put in to groups and now we’re working on our ideas, I’ve got some great ones already!


29/01/16 – DAY 5

We got to meet Simon Mann today, the director of sales and sponsorships at CoolFM. Simon told us all about his history (what jobs he has done…etc) and how he got to his position today. Simon gave us the numbers behind CoolFM like their target audience and how many weekly listeners they get. He told us how important marketing actually is on the radio and the different platforms the use to target their audience. Simon also spoke to us about the type of music the stations play and about digital advertising, promotions and big events like the Jingle Ball. It was interesting to hear how the money is made in the industry and it’s definitely an important job! We settled on a broadcast topic, it’s going to be fun!

Getting to know the place

26/01/16 – DAY 2

Today was a good day! We got to see those photos we got taken and they’ll be up on the website in no time. I hate my photo but that’s just me, I don’t like photos very much. Steve took us in to a studio today and showed us some DJing skills, I got to play around with the turntables and see how mixing works; it was great fun! After that we got to go and meet William (the head of engineering). William is in charge of making sure all the technology in the building does its job and if it breaks he has to fix it ASAP, it seems like a really demanding and hard job. I’m a big fan of technology so it was very interesting to get to see all of the machines and tech that keeps the place on the air running.

The breakfast man!

2 February 2016

01/02/16 – DAY 6

Today was fun! We got to meet Pete Snodden and ask him question we prepared beforehand. Pete was really nice an answered everything we asked in great detail, we learned a lot from him. After lunch we recorded ourselves on camera talking about someone who inspires us so we can see how much better we are after this course; it’ll be interesting to see how my confidence grows. I talked about Sonicfox5000, he is a professional E-sports player that inspires me because of how well he has done in the scene only being 17 years old and already winning most of the major tournaments around the world! I hope to work in the gaming scene one day, E-sports is my dream!

Mr. McCammond

28/01/16 – DAY 4

Today we met the deputy program controller David McCammond. Before he arrived we were set the challenge of guessing how many listeners CoolFM gets on a weekly basis which turned out to be 375,000! He spoke to us about his role in the station and how the station gets its statistics. David is in charge of the stations content and over all keeping as many listeners listening as possible. We learned all about how the songs are chosen, why they are chosen and who the target audience of cool actually is. It was very interesting and the time just flew by, before we knew it two hours had passed.

Meeting a station veterian

27/01/16 – DAY 3

Today we met a woman named Florence Ambrose who has been with the station since 1980. She is the health and safety officer, fire marshal and programming coordinator at Cool.FM and she is basically in charge of all things safety related in the building. She spoke to our group about the various health and safety rules of the building and gave us a quiz at the end to test what we actually learned. A lot of health and safety is just common sense but it’s something we all got to know in case it arises.
It was nice meeting someone who has been with the station for so long; I’m looking forward to meeting even more of the stations very best!
After lunch we debated which topic we should do our broadcast on, it’s still in discussion but tomorrow we’ll be discussing it more.

The first day

25/01/16 – DAY 1

Today is our first official day at CoolFM. We were here on Wednesday to get our blog photos taken and to see the place but today the real work begins! We got a warm welcome and introduction on the station, I think it’s going to be fun here.
We tested our interviewing skills by all coming up with questions as a group and asking them to Rebecca and Steve, they answered and we learned a good bit about how they both got their job in radio and what they like to do in their free time. It’s nice to have this chance to actually learn from the inside and I’m excited to see what the coming weeks bring.