Hello people my name is Dylan. I am 21 years old and I am from north Belfast.
I have a strong interest in getting involved in youth work as these types of people have helped me build my confidence and helped me believe that I can make something of my life.
I am also passionate about learning about how certain wines go with food. I’m interested in becoming a sommelier as I’m passionate about wine and have a real interest in learning more about it.
I understand this will entail a lot of hard work to achieve both but I’m dedicated to achieving my goals and through youth work I hope to help young people believe that they can achieve anything they want.

N.I year of food and drink

4 February 2016

today I made another audio in relation to a task we were set in groups to come up with ideas for northern Ireland year of food and drink.

the debate ends

We have finally picked a topic to use 4 a broadcast.

The debate continues.

2 February 2016

Today we met David Mc Cammond who told us all about how music is played at certain times, for certain moods and how playlists are picked.
We also continued to debate on which topic we should choose to do for are broadcast.
We discussed picking mental health, education sector issues, addiction and unsung young people but after many conversations the group decided to go with safety on a night out which wasn’t my first choice but I’m willing too do all I can too contribute too our chosen subject and do all I can to help my colleagues.

The debating begins.

Blog entry Wednesday 27th.
Today I was graced with the presence of the lovely Florence Ambrose who is the program coordinater. She ran us all through the health and safety regulations as she also holds the very glamorous positions of health and safety officer, fire marshal and first aider.
In the early 1980s Florence helped raise 35 thousand pound for concern worldwide which was a lot of money in them days. She is still helping out charities to this day. She helped raise 130 thousand pound for cash 4 kids and click sergeant in 2012.
Later in the day we had a group brain storm in relation to deciding which topic we should choose to discuss on our allocated show which will air in March or April. we narrowed it down to a few options by the end of the session after also having an opinionated debate so we could try and solve which topic too pick although we didn’t come to an agreement I’m looking forward to sitting down and discuss it further another day.

People who keep the show running.

Blog entry Tuesday 26th.
In the afternoon we learnt how the structure of a radio station works. It was interesting learning how the different departments are different but all committed to making the station work and making the listeners happy.
For example the cool academy which I am at is run by the deputy director Dave corscadden.
The charity cash 4 kids which is Cool FM’s sole registered charity is run by Darren fowler. Head of the news department is Nigel Gould who spent many years working for the daily telegraph. The technical team is the link between the engineering and programing departments which are headed by Stuart Robinson (head of programing), David mc Hammond (deputy director), Richard Howie (head of engineering). Sponsorship and sales is headed by Simon Mann and the head of Bauer is the elusive Mr Bauer lol.

Weeks begining.

Blog entry Monday 25th.
Day 1 is starting today wish me luck I think I’m gonna need it.
Today we were taught how to run a blog and all of the logistics that go with it.These included how ur profile works, about ur diary, how to update ur dashboard, add photos and audio and to make sure that you run all posts through the technical team to ensure there is no copyright issues. We also met a guy called Luke gill who is a very talented programmer and web designer.
He is also responsible for creating our blogs.

A new dawn.

Blog entry Wednesday 20th.
Today we took the first step to open this blog. I met a fantastic photographer called Simon Hutchinson.
He took sum pics and I will get to choose which 1 will represent me the best and will become my pic for this blog.
I’m also starting to feel like I’m fitting in with people by the end of the day. I wasn’t too sure about this course as I have no experience with doing blogs but as I now feel I have settled in and have gained some confidence I’m looking forward to giving something new a try.