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Monday 01/02/16

26 February 2016

Today we had an awesome chance to sit in the Studio for the cool breakfast show with Pete, Rebecca and Paulo. It was very interesting to see how everything works behind the scenes. We got to see how busy and fast paced it is to work on the schedule they have and how they fit in all the content they need to in such a short period of time.
After that we had a short presentation from Pete Snodden that taught us a lot more about him and how he got to this point in his career, followed by a question and answer session with him that turned out to be really insightful.
After our lunch break we had a presentation skills task that I found really difficult because we had to stand in front of the group with a camera and microphone on us and talk about who inspires us. Even though I found it to be difficult im glad I got up and done it.
Shortly after the group had finished the presentation task we had to pitch our ideas from our previous task to Simon Mann which actually went really well. I found it a lot easier than the presentation task because we pitched our ideas our ideas as a group, which made it a bit more comfortable.

Friday 29/01/16

Today we met Simon Mann who is the commercial director. He had a chat with us about some statistics including the number of listeners, gender of listeners and the age group they target. Simon gave us a challenge to come up with ideas within a group for ways we can support a big event that is happening this summer in Northern Ireland, my group came up with some really good ideas that we were able to expand upon over the weekend.
Today was the day we finally decided on our broadcast topic and strangely it ended up being something we hadn’t even discussed. We decided to go with safety on a night out. I personally feel it is a great topic to go with because

Thursday 28/01/16

Today we had a great opportunity to meet David McCammond who is the deputy programme controller. He talked to us about what it is like to work at cool fm and shared a lot of his experiences whilst working here. We also had the chance to see what kind of programmes they use to handle the music and keep track of what music is on each show that day.
We were still undecided on our broadcast topic so we sat together and had a bit of a debate about which topic to pick, nobody was budging and everyone made great points to why their topic should be in the broadcast.

Wednesday 27/01/16

Today we Got had the chance to meet Florence Ambrose who has been working with cool fm since 1980 she told us a bit about herself and her experiences working here, she is also head of health and safety and was in to give us a heads up about what to do in potentially dangerous situations.
After our break we began to discuss what topic we will be using for our broadcast, There were so many ideas but we managed to narrow it down to three addiction, mental health and unsung heroes.

Tuesday 26/01/2016

Unfortunately I was still un well on Tuesday which meant I couldn’t make it in. It was really disappointing because I missed out on quite a lot like the tour of the building and getting to see the studios, I also missed out on meeting Luke Gill who showed the group how to use the blogs.

Monday 25/01/16: The Beginning

5 February 2016

Today was our first day at cool fm. I couldn’t wait to get on the bus and make my way down to Newtownards. When we got there we had a short introduction to what will be happening while we are at the station, after that we moved on to talk about are goals while we are on the course, our dream jobs and who inspires us. It was great to learn a bit more about the people I will be working with for the next few months. After our lunch break I wasn’t feeling very well, I had to leave early and I was really disappointed that I missed out on our Q&A with Steve and Rebecca.