Yo, What’s up? I’m Jonny 24 from Greenisland just outside Carrickfergus.
So what can I tell you about me?
My main interests are music, writing and spending time with my kids.
I used to be in the catering and hospitality industry I worked in a few restaurants cooking that sort of thing but found it wasn’t for me I think where my real passion lies is in music. I want to learn about music production sound recording and cool choices sounded like a step in the right direction to do this and to see if this is the path I want to go down.
I am really enjoying cool choices and am looking forward to the future.

Tues 2/1/2016 Not my cup of tea

24 February 2016

Hey guys today Richard Ross who is head of sales and promotions came in to talk to us about sales and we had the task to see how cool fm could get involved in N.I food and drink and me Claire and Dylan came up with some great ideas for it That’s all that really happened. So ill talk to you guys later

27th-29th This week has flu in!!!!

4 February 2016

I haven’t been able to blog the last three days as I was sick with “The Man flu” no but in all seriousness I couldn’t even leave my bed so there’s a lot I’ve missed out on.

I am just going to write about each day saying what I have missed and what I would have loved to be in for…..

Wednesday 27th/I missed health and safety which wasn’t to bad as I have my health and safety I also missed A intro to the topic brain storm. I would have liked to have been there to get my point across but I trust my team mates to choose a great topic that everyone can pitch into.

Thursday 28th/ I missed programming with David mcammond and broadcasting topic storyboard. I don’t really know what David would have talked about but I heard people won Belfast giants tickets so I wish I was there to hear him and yet again I don’t mind about the broadcasting as I trusted my team mates to catch me up etc

Friday 29th/ I missed sales programming with Simon Mann and S&P blogging I really wish I hadn’t of missed the blogging because I hate being behind !!!

that’s all for today folks hope your having a great day and ill talk to you soon :)

26/01/2016 So it begins

3 February 2016

Hey! today was the first day of the two week slot at cool FM so we arrived signed in and got our coffee and chatted before we begun.

So to start we were introduced to Luke Gill and he showed us our website and got our logins sorted which has allowed me to write to you beautiful people here.
He was a pretty cool guy and has worked on very big projects for the like of the independent which as most of you know is a very big newspaper. This
brought us up to lunch, we had cowboy suppers which were beaut!!!

After lunch Rebecca McKinney (Cool FM presenter ) announced that we would be going for a tour of the cool FM departments and studio we were spilt into two groups we were the first to go to the tour .We went to each department in turn said a few hellos and goodbyes then went on to the studios, there were corridors with glass windows either side looking into the booths they were pretty small and quite cosy when we came back we were introduced to matt Murdock.

Matt was on the cool choice programme before and after it he volunteered for cool FM and now works for them paid hours, his job is to make a package of all content of competition so the client can see how the presenters are selling their product/brand.

That all today folks talk to you soon PEACE!!! :)