Hi my name is Jonny (or you can call me CUBAN2026).
I’m a YouTuber/gamer that likes doing different voices. I came to COOL FM to have fun and hopefully walk out of here with a good qualification, a job and a smile on my face!

sad to leave

11 March 2016

To day we did are OCNS and are blogs but mostly righting I’m sad to say that Thursday is the last day but I’m not in I’m at home tiping this I’m going to miss all the cool FM staff but mostly my new friends that I mead over the last few weeks and hope to still keep in touch with them all after we complete are last few weeks in Start 360 I’m sad to leave but happy to complete the most amazing cores I will never have a chance go to again. If yous see this make sure to Subscribe to CUBAN 2026. THE gamer that doesn’t stope talking _”-)

Thuresday 3rd March

Today we did scraping by programming team
and did some questions for St James/aodhen .

Monday 29th

On Monday we did H4 tutorial with Steve questions research.
And recorded celeb interview practise. and vox pops+ interview inspirations
resourced interviews topic for broad cast assigned interviews

Wednesday 2nd March

On Wednesday we did small groups lesion to Jacks interview
scripting and editing vox pops. Re recording vox pops
and videos

Tuesday 1st March

On Tuesday we recorded some vox pops with Steve
we recording are Intro with Steve research points summarised
planning for Wednesday and jack interview began editing

last Friday

10 March 2016

On Friday we did some interview planning for Mark mahaffy and questions prep

last thursday

On Thursday we did cohort 3&4 play back and some broad cast research


On Wednesday Nigel gould-news came in he was talking about news and weather.
We did lots of story boarding and planning we gave are selves lots of feed back
we were discussing on what are title should be witch we don’t have one lol


On Tuesday Adam McPeak came in to see us we did a huge hype factor.
We did a potential inter view research we did a group feed back
and did a top 5 vote


Monday we did are voice Recordings/play backs it was funny to play back my voice
we also did a Role preferences and voted on who did witch role I was put in to do editing
but didn’t like doing it so I got moved to do social feeds witch is alright. we did a brain storm broad cast it was class to do and was good to learn
what to do

OCN exam

today all I did was right for my OCN I didn’t do a lot of work tho I did put effort in in doing my work

broad cast #1

2 March 2016

on Thursday we did the cohort 3 & 4 play back witch I wasn’t in for we al so did the broad cast research for are own broad cast.

Karl Frampton

On Wednesday Nigel Gould from news came in to see us he was talking about news. [: and we where doing are story boarding and some feed back we were arguing about what are title was going to be (Karl Frampton). witch there is a lot more to put in a title but I had my words in the title.

different parts of are jobs [:

On Tuesday Adam Mc Peak. we did a hype factor potential interview Research and we got a lot of feed back we did a top 5 vote on who was going to do are different roles in what are different parts of the job is.

the day of sleeping

24 February 2016

Today we where discussing are rolls in the cool choices broadcast I would of liked to be a presenter but have been picked to be an editor witch was okay I suppose.
But I can’t complain every one was picked fairly and it was fun to do we also did a lot of voice testing it was cool to hear what I sound like but embarrassed to hear so it was

Pete Snoden

16 February 2016

Today Pete Snoden came in today we had to ask him questions about his job and how he joined Cool FM I asked him. Was there a time you felt like leaving Cool FM.
He said there is times you feel like leaving because of the way the public was treating him but he said that he had gone so far with his career that he doesn’t won’t leave his job. He then started talking about how he was a DJ and how he became a DJ he kept his foot in the door and was under his bosses wing. When he was asked to do the breakfast show with Rebecca and Paul he enjoys it to this day…

Simon Mann

Today we meat Simon Mann he wanted us to talk about how we should persuade Northern Ireland football team to get sponsored by Cool FM. And he wanted us to come up with the idea to come up with how we could get people that can’t see the match in France they could go to the Northern Ireland stadium to watch the match on a big screen whilst having a pic nick in the middle of the stadium sponsored by (Tesco) and (Iceland) and for the drink sponsor is (Lucozade sports).

Simon Hutchinson

5 February 2016

Today we got are photos takin by Simon Hutchinson. It was pretty good to get are photos takin by a professional photographer.
And then we sat up are logins and we talked about what is going to happen for the first to weeks. We were introduced to David and Rebeca and Steven it was cool to meet them and I’m glad there teaching us for the next few weeks. And Start360 for getting hear were I am today…. .(;

Meet and Greet

3 February 2016

Today we got are photos takin by Simon Hutchinson. It was pretty good to get are photos takin by a professional photographer.
And then we sat up are logins and we talked about what is going to happen for the first to weeks. We were introduced to David Rebecca and Steven. And I was so happy to see them. and to have a laugh with them.

David McCammond

Today David Mccammond came in and he was talking about the different stations that are co joint with Cool FM and tout us how they play the music and how he runs it.
He said that if he didn’t do his job properly it would be catastrophic .David runs 3 stations and worked in one for 10 years and cool FM for 2 or 3 years. He said that you wouldn’t still be working hear you half to enjoy it.
Later that day we watched the video clip and the sound track that the old group did. It was interesting to listen to and to watch.

floranc and topic

Today we meet Florence Ambrose and she is the health and safety officer. She told us where all the fire doors and exits are and the first aid kits are.
and she told us to keep all the fire doors closed and to keep them accessible at all times.
She all so said that it would be helpful if the smokers stay in the smocking area. Later that day we talked about the broadcast and debating on what we were going to talk about.
We were thinking on broadcasting about drugs or trolling and abuse and different things on what to talk about over all it was a good day.