My name is Matthew. I am 23 years old I live in Portadown; I came to this course to help me achieve more options in getting a job, but also to meet and get to know new people, as well as understanding how the radio industry works. I am a very sociable and a nice person who is easy to talk too.
My hobbies are playing games mostly Role Playing Games and open world games where I get explore worlds and create characters. My favourite games to play are Mass Effect trilogy The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Dragon Age series etc. I also like anime and reading Japanese manga and comics. I also like to eat out to restaurants. This is one of my favourite activities.

Video Editing

7 March 2016

Today I recorded peoples personal idols and edited them to make one whole video, the rest where planning out the scripts, I also began creating the social feeds for the broadcast to help get the audience we needed for the broadcast.

Script and Practicing Interviews

We worked on the script for Rebecca and Steven for the intro to the broadcast as well as for the skits we will be doing, we also did recording s of each other to help practice our interviews with the guests who are coming in. However I had to do an interview for work experience therefore I did not attend for the rest of the day.

The Boss and Molly

1 March 2016

Mark the Boss of Cool FM came in this afternoon and we asked many questions from how he got here and asking him some advice. We also met Molly from Cohort 3 to give her experience in working at the program.

Nigel The News Man

Nigel from the news department went in today I told us what the new department does for Cool FM and how Journalism works and how they achieve to gain stories around the world. We asked him questions, from what stories did he do and what he did before coming to Cool FM. It was very interesting as we discussed many aspects of journalism and stories going on with the News today.

Starting the Broadcast

Today we started sorting out the broadcast topic as well as scenting each person to a particular job in working on the broadcast form script to presenting. We then discussed what the topic for the broadcast will be about and then decided the roles for the broad cast I will be doing social feeds which given updates on our progress through Facebook on then twitter. We also did voice overs and voted who was the best out of all of them.

DJ Remixing and Engineer

Today Steve should how to remix music I thought it was fun to remix and they said I did great for a first timer. I found the activity interesting even though I didn’t know what I was doing but it was fun to use the mixer disc’s which I always wanted to try out myself. I learnt that by changing the beat speed it make the music slightly different. Later we went to see William at engineer to show what he does and the equipment he uses to help broadcast the radio station throughout Northern Ireland

Cash For Kids

Darren from Cash for kids came today to show uses his charity and who he helps and what events they do and the different factors in how the charity works and how the charity itself was founded and created. We then did a presentation or pitch for food and drinks of Northern Ireland 2016 ours was traditional Irish food and drink. Then Steve came in to show us image design. Overall I enjoyed today very much more than the others.

The Cool DJ and What Inspires Me

26 February 2016

Pete a Cool FM DJ host came to us to tell us what he does and why did he become a DJ, he told what skills and difficulties that come with being a DJ or presenter. We then did a short 2 minute presentation about who or what inspires us I chose a game called Mass Effect 2 then Simon form Sales and Promotion came back to see are pitches however I wasn’t here due to being home early that day. I found today realty fun as I found the presentation fun and enjoyable to do.

Another Task

Richard Ross came to teach sales and promotion and required the students to do task for him Northern Ireland food and drink of 2016 I did not do the task since I was not here that day.

The Cool DJ and What Inspires Me

Pete a Cool FM DJ host came to us to tell us what he does and why did he become a DJ. We then did a short 2 minute presentation about who or what inspires us I chose a game called Mass Effect 2 then Simon form Sales and Promotion came back to see are pitches however I wasn’t here due to being home early that day.

Team Work

Today Simon who is in charge of Advertisements and sponsors and promotions showed how he helps Cool FM sponsors market and advertise their products as well as how his company has helped Cool FM gain in popularity and has become the number one Ireland media brand. He showed that advertisements help a lot in gaining both you and your product and company gain more notoriety and money. Then we did task to create brief in how it advertise the Euro 2016 through Cool FM. Later on we had to decide want the topic of our broadcast will be about. Overall I thought today was alright as I did a lot writing down notes in my note book I thought the task giving to us was a bit frustrating as we could not come up with ideas enough and I wasn’t paying enough attention.


The Cool FM Programmer David came in today to show us how programming is important and how it works. He said the he must pick the right songs to the right demographic that will listen to the particular selection of songs. He showed different formats of how he manages to select and put in songs for the week. However I still found there was too much talking as it still kind of dragged on to much in my opinion. Later we had to decide the topic of what the 1 hour broadcast will be talking about.

Health and Safety

Today we learned about health and Safety in and around the workplace and how to look after yourself and others from Florence Ambrose. It was ok due to the fact that I already learned a lot about health and safety in the work place. Later we all did a brainstorm to help us get ideas into what the broadcast topic or subject will be.

Less talking more working

I did pay attention today asking questions and trying to write down notes. We just mainly learned how the website blogs work and that we will be adding new updates throughout the program. I am really hoping that there be more work involved through the weeks in Cool FM I will try to get involved in the talking parts but we will see how it goes.


Today’s session  was just an induction day  introducing the two Cool FM presenters. There were some interesting stories that they told us.