I am 17 years old, music is my life , I like all ranges of music I like all genres of music from bass to a bit of classical.

This course will hopefully make me more familiar with music and get me more experience. Also meeting the Cool FM DJs will get me more tips and advice to start my career in music and get me a job.

Hopefully in the next couple of years I can get a job in music and make my own music.

wee 7 or 8

19 November 2014

Today was a writing day to be honest it was boring but it has to be done , we have the show finished so today was just finishing the OCN to get our qualification from the course.


13 November 2014

I havent put up a blog in ages but its because we all have been so busy trying to finalise the show audio , since the last videos we have done like at least 30 interviews and we had to edit them all try shorten them then put them all in a final mixtape , it has been alot of work but its all worth it and ive injoyed every bit of it , the team work so good together and we all get on so well its gonna be so melting when it finishes but i would do it all again without a thought one of the best experiences of my life , the much experience ive got here aswell will be really good for my futher life when i need a job.

week 6 day 2

28 October 2014

IMG_1566[1] IMG_1567[1]

Today we got put into our stations for what we will be doing for the show and we had to shadow the professionals to see what they do. I was with william today in the engineer room.  Today i just learnt about the racks room and how it works it was interesting and fun and im excited to continue on with learning.

week 5 day 4

27 October 2014

Today was a big day we had the second in comand of the national lottery come in to see us the whole week we had been planning for this, we made a video about us all to show him then we brought him round different stations showing him what we did. I had to show him about the promotion for Fanta which i was asked to do, i had to get different clips from popular horror movies and get famous quotes. So all and all this whole week let alone the whole day has been really busy and its getting busyer every week and every day which is good cause that means more experience and more tips into the music industry.IMG_1366[1] IMG_1360[1] IMG_1356[1] IMG_1360[1] IMG_1290[1]

week 4 day 4

20 October 2014

Today we had to go to Generator NI output , its basically where a load of artists come and do talks to young people wanting to start a career in music. The talks were good but the best bits of the day were when we got to interview some of the artists including Janet Devlin and Andrew WK who says he is a professional party’er . The day was really fun and it was good we got some experience interviewing and reporting.

IMG_1050[1] IMG_0971[1] IMG_0962[1] IMG_0942[1] IMG_0931[1]

week 4 day 5

today was all about the news side of cool fm and we had to come up with ideas about lowering the crashes on the road and the deaths on the road we came up with some ideas and we presented them really good to jordan moates or who we now call j moo , today was pretty good aswell and the best bit about it is its a friday hahaha

week 5 day 1

Today of course cause its a monday we all came in tired and nacered but we fought through it and worked hard. we did like a question booklet about the cool fm stuido about like all the health and safety rules , the day went pretty fast and we got alot of work done and even started planning a video about all that we have done during thew course.

week 3 day 4

13 October 2014

Today we had to pick one of the blogs we have uploaded since the start of the website and read it out to the group to build our confidence, it was kind of weird but it did help with my confidence and I know how to improve for next time. We then went to Belfast Methodist College to represent Cool FM as they were involved in the Road Safety programme, it was a really good presentation and I’ve learnt a lot from it.

week 3 day 5

Today we started with a talk from Richard about advertising and sales, we had to come up with an idea to advertise the new club Chinawhite. We had to think about how to advertise to the right audience. We came up with some good ideas and hopefully they happen for real! We then updated our blogs and signed up for a talk next week in the cathedral quarter.

week 3 day 3

8 October 2014

Today has been the best day so far for me its been a lot more practical and thats what I prefer. We started off with a tour with Richard the chief engineer and saw all the equipment they use to make it go live and it was really good learning about how much equipment they use. We then set up our own studio and soundproofed the room. Now im just waiting to do my demo in the studio and it is so weird cause you have to write your own script which you will have to say to noone but a mic in a room by yourself and it is so weird but hopefully it goes well.

week 3

Today has flown in , today is bassically the proper start to the course, we all needa start thinking what job role we want in cool fm from advertising to producing. Most people kinda have an idea of what they want to do like i kinda wanna do a bit of presenting but ull never know i might not know what im best at yet so hopefully through the weeks ill find somthing i will enjoy and be good at. only a couple people came in today but that gives us who came in today an advantage so we can learn more and get one step ahead with finding out more about the show and how it works. im just so excited to find my role for the show and get started doing it and getting more tips and experience.

Week 3 Day 2

Today has been a pretty long day, to start the day we had Pete Snodden come in and tell us about how he got into radio and how he started and career. Then we had lunch and after lunch John Rossborough came in and told us about the history of radio and how it started and how the pirate radios fought the government and all it was really interesting and i learnt a lot of new stuff i didn’t know before. Last talk we had today was from Keith about the advertisements and how he tries to make them fun to listen to so people don’t get bored and stop listening, today all was good i learnt a lot and i am happy i have a lot of new knowledge about radio.

cool fm jingle ball

7 October 2014

We had the job of making up ideas to advertise the cool fm jingle ball, as a team we came up with 3 rough ideas.

We had to pitch the ideas to the promotion manager which is sarah at cool fm and she sounded like she liked them so hopefully soon the ideas will happen and start 360 can help out.

week 2

2 October 2014

An early start in cool fm today,  we had a talk with paul kennedy. He was telling us about how they choose the songs which go live on radio and they have to avoid some tunes due to news reports and to make sure the listeners don’t get insulted. We also learnt about listeners calling in for requests and to talk. Most of them are not live as there would be a risk of the caller insulting live on radio and cool fm can’t let that happen or most importantly that the presenter needs to make sure that doesent happen  – as if a caller calls in and swears then the presemter on at that time is responsible and they need to fix it as much as they can. I Need to start getting used to these early mornings as starting next week we are in 5 days a week for 3 three weeks which will not be fun but im looking forward to it as so far I’ve really enjoyed cool fm and learning all about it. Everyone has this picture in their head about how cool fm looks but I promise you, you will be suprised if you ever get a tour, you would not expect the amount of work which goes on round here and the work goes on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; its non stop work. Its hard to stay up at the professional standard here but hopefully I’ll get used to it soon.

Getting started

30 September 2014

I started the Cool Choices, Start 360 course last week. I’m enjoying the course so far and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it till the end. All the people on the course, students and teachers, are friendly and so easy to talk to. So far on the course we have done a lot of icebreakers but we have also started our profiles for the website and we have taken pictures which has been fun and kind of awkward.
I’m hoping to get a lot out of this course from building confidence to getting experience as a DJ and maybe even getting a job if I’m lucky. I’m looking forward to getting on the mixing desk and learning more about becoming a DJ and hopefully get some tips and advice to starting my DJ career from professionals.