I have just left school doing my GCSE’s. I am quite interested in the presenting side of radio but I would also like to do something with animals. One of my hobbies is football and my position is a goalkeeper. I like listening to music in my free time and going to concerts. The artist I listen to most and I feel a connection with is Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore.

My First Week

30 September 2014

After my first week of this course I have learnt a lot about the radio business and what to expect in our time at Cool FM. We got to see one of the studios while the breakfast show was on and get a sneak peak of what to expect while making our own show. I really enjoyed seeing the presenters at work and seeing them in their zone.

I am expecting to get a better understanding of the radio industry and help myself get more confident and be a lot more talkative. I would like to see a bit more about the photography side and the presenting side of the business.

I listen to quite a lot of radio but if I’m out or if I want to just listen to one artist I use ITube to listen to my favourite rapper Macklemore. His music means something to him and that is what caught my eye when I first heard one of his songs.