My name is Rebecca and I’m currently living in Belfast and I’m interested in youth work, I want to gain my degree in youth work, after I gain my degree I want to then travel to work with young people. I’m currently doing a course called Cool Choices, it’s interesting because I’m finding out a lot about radio.


8 October 2014

Today I  did a bit about engingeering. I got to see the cool fm studios and got a tour about the place. I learnt about the recs room. This is where all the music is recorded and controlled. It was full of loose wires. Then I set up a recording  studio; to do this I had to make the room sound proof by this I put some form up on the walls. Sonya then taught us about demos. I have now to record my own demo.


7 October 2014

So far I have learnt so many thing e.g. radio history. The bit I’m enjoying more is the fact at I’m gaining experience in working with the Cool fm team. Today I took my photo for my profile and to be honest I didn’t enjoy it because I’m not a friend with the camera. I met Pete from the breakfast show and Jr from Downtown today. I’m looking forward to see what Cool fm has in stock for me.