Previously I was on other personal development programmes. A worker from Start360 Marty, who I previously worked with, informed me about an up and coming programme I might be interested in Cool Choices.
Guess what had a look at what the programme entailed and here I am!
Over the last 3 weeks I have developed an action plan to attend class and I intend to gain as much learning and understanding about myself and this programme as I can.
To be honest everyday use to be a struggle but this programme is helping me to learn more about who I am and gain more qualifications, which will support me in the future. This will all help me to get to where I need to be in the fulfilment for my goals.
This morning I was introduced to Cool Academy with in Cool Fm.
Today we are going to be going through health and safety in my eyes this is the boring bit but with a keen eye on my future achievements I will see this one through.
Keen to be participating in this programme and learn more about myself, this I no will be a meaning full experience.

19th of november

19 November 2014

Well quite a wee bit has been happening since my last post we are now finshed the cool academy bit of this course as of last friday the 14th of november, but we are still in every wendsday untill christmas so the radio show is all good to go cool choices takeover will be happening on the 21st of december at 10pm till 11pm so listen out for that alot of work has went into getting the content on air from all the cool choices particapents.

So for a wee bit of a treat we went BMXing as a group to T13 on the 17th of november we all had a really good time together have to say when i first went down the ramp i closed my eyes would not advise anyone to do this lol, and me sam and decky all feel at some stage of the day but it was all in a days crac.

I was away then yesterday the 18th of November on a challenge day with GRIT ray through start360 up at BAC (Belfast activity centre ) which waz good there waz 28 girls there yesterday and this is not just all fun this is were am doing part of my placement part of this programme so i will be learning as i have alot of fun.

Today the 19th of November we have been in cool fm doing alot of writen work ( yes this does havto be done as well as all the fun stuff ) so basically today we have been putting down on paper what we have learned over the last 5 weeks which was hard but as always we have abit of a laugh with each other to keep the spirits on a high.

Loving the programme, Loving the people, Loving the expience and Loving all that im learning.

13th of November 2014

14 November 2014

Well today was alot of fun trying to get things sorted for the show. Recordin each other aswell was good crack, our group has worked really hard this past number of weeks and soon we will hear the finished product, which will be exciting.

Had a wee nice talk with Rebecca, she really does boost all of are confidences alot and she really beleives in us, i am so enjoying being in this group we are all so different in so many ways and come from different backrounds but we have all reall clicked with each other and its so nice being in a group that has the crac with each other but still at the same time wants to get the work done to get are qualificatsions.

This programme has tested us all in different ways so much and i no we all have learned so much, this was a big oppertunity that we were all given and we are all making the most of it.

I think it will be so sad wen we all are done with this programme but we have gained some unreal friends and met some amazing people and learned so much about the radio and ourselves.

Okay thats me for the day so chat soon!


13 November 2014

cool choices


So today I had to speak into a mic to record audio for the cool choices take over show. It was mad I had to chill in the studio at the start i was too worked up couldnt talk properly I know that sounds weird like but i realy couldnt its like i hada get used to my own voice, but with Sonya’s help i chilled and got the job down i was so happy with myselfe after to be honest.

Like a couple of weeks ago i stood in front of the rest of my group to read something i i nearly couldnt do it, but wit the support from my group and from Rebecca that day i finished my talk and now am talking into a mic like was not something i thought i could do.

I also learned today about the phone thats connected to the radio so i learned abit about that whole system which was intersesting.

Also we have been editing all day we have no get so many intervews edited to go on the radio so much work to do.

Will the show get done on time, Only Time Will Tell!!!


5 November 2014

some photos

5th of november 2014

Well just putting a wee update on here to say how things are going.

Cool fm is still amazing fun and we are learning more as each day goes by, this morning we were doing videos clips of each proberly not my strongest point talking into a camera put after a dont no how many takes a got it together and got it done, i guess being on this programme has really taught me not to give up on things and not just to pack things in when things get a wee bit hard or things are not your strong point.

My confidence has grown so much i am learning so much from the programme leaders and from the rest of the people doing the programme, and the group just keeps getting stronger as each week goes by.

If i am being honest here this is the best i have felt in such a long time time, i am so gratefull for the cool choices programme, for me personaly it has changed my life before this running in and out of jail just became a way of life for so many years, and for me acturally to be back in educatsion and doing something with my life, and seeing that the cool choices leaders and the cool fm presenters really care about our lifes really encourges me that people who have had the same lifestyle as me can change with alittle help from the right people.

Next week is going to be are hardest week its time to put the whole radio brodcaste together and put everything we have learned into practice.

Coolchoices is Amazing!

Now @ Cool FM

7 October 2014

So health and safety wasn’t too bad the health and safety was made exciting Florence is the health and safety officer she’s really nice we had a quiz and all at the end of learning about health and safety it was obviously cool academy peeps against cool academy staff obviously we won so all’s good.
Don’t knock the health and safety advice!!
Then we had Sarah up who is the head of sales and promotions now I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed learning about this department in cool FM, she taught us all about how the money comes about to basically make cool FM happen, how money is made from adverts and how advertising cool FM and upcoming events can be promoted to a wide range of audience, we then were giving the task to come up with a couple of ideas on how to promote the upcoming event Jingle Ball and how to reach people out there so that the topic on the front of their minds and the tips of the tongs is cool FM’s big Jingle Ball event.
So we came up with a few ideas that might be used by the promotions team to help with sales of tickets at the Jingle ball. They were really pleased that we had such great ideas.
So it’s all pretty exciting down here in cool academy and we are having a lot of fun.