Jack G

I’m interested in dancing, acting, music, and fashion and presenting. I would like to pursue my ambitions and break into the fashion industry. If I fail I would also like to be involved in presenting and media work.


28 November 2014

So today, I found out where I am going on my placement .  I’m going to Rainbow Factory! I was excited to find  this out and happy as I have a background of drama and performance before I started cool choices and I love being a part of the industry. I am excited to see what my placement entails and I am also nervous to meet everyone but I have met Gerard who will be taking it and I’m excited to work with him as he seems very lovely

When our broadcast comes out!

I’m excited for our broadcast as it is very exciting to see all the work we have put in and effort everyday even though sometimes it has been hard and stressful it is going to be amazing and weird to hear us all on the radio talk about topics we think are important to people and relevant round Christmas time. It is being broadcasted on the 21st December!! Hope everyone tunes in and gives it a listen and enjoys it as much as we did making it


19 November 2014

So today we have just been finishing off our OCN and recaping over all of our work and so we know all the details we should know. We also picked out different ways of advertising and how we think social media is the best way to connect with people round the world. I think personally social media and Facebook is the best way to connect and instagram

News reporting team

30 October 2014

So today I went down to the news team and met Jordan and Alex who present the news and provide information and get it together to be broadcasted on Coolfm.
I learnt a lot by being down in the department, I found out what their breifs were like and having their top bulletins early in the morning so it’s catching everyones attention, they make a catching intro so that people stay tune such as, ”15 year old boy injured in East Belfast with serious head injuries”. It is also relaxing things through the morning and during the day. They have news, weather and sport up untill 6pm then it is news, sports, weather and business. They also have a phoneline they can phone and find the latest information and news from the police, also they get information via email mostly from the police department. When interviewing someone they tend to ask questions that don’t have a yes or no answer for example, ‘How do you think’ and, ‘to what extent’. Coolfm also get information off Sky and local information is normally top bulletin, the bottom bulletins are more national stories around the world. Jordan also set me up with a task to hear a recording of an interview he did with a woman that had lost her son in a carcrash 3 years ago, he had to keep on going with the questions even when she started to cry to show the amount of impact it can have on families and loved ones so that people do not drink and drive or drive under the influence of drugs. I listened to the interview and picked out more questions that she could have been asked which I thought was quite hard because I’m not used to making up questions off the top of my head but I enjoyed doing this task as it helped me think, ”What would I ask this woman if she was infront of me to really get peoples attention about how important road safety is?” I wrote these questions down,
”What would you say to young drivers who have just passied their driving test?” ”What was going through your mind when this tradgety happened?” ”What would you say to any drivers who are planning on going out for a few drinks tonight?” and, ”How did this effect your family and you?”
I think those questions are appropriate so that we can really get across someone who has been in the situation to speak out and tell road drivers how important road safety and driving carefully is and not to drink and drive or take drugs.
I had good fun down at the news team and I can’t wait to go down again. It was lovely meeting the guys, they are really lovely and funny.

Generator N.I

23 October 2014

IMG_7689[1] IMG_7693[1] IMG_1050[1] IMG_0942[1]Today we went to Generator NI which was a variety of singers and songwriter/ bands who came for the big music week to do with Generator N.I. They had well known people come in and talk about their expierence and how they got involved with the music industry and how to go about it. I got to interview people such as,
Andrew W.K – American artist known as (party king)
Janet Devlin – Songwriter
Dino- Works with Belsonic
Tom Robinson- Songwriter and recording artist/ Radio BBC 6 music
Ross Graham- Programme director of Generator N.I music industry developing programme.
This was probably my most favourite thing to do, I loved meeting these people and seeing how far they’ve came and how they got to where they are. They were all really lovely and genuine people. I loved talking to Janet Devlin and getting photos with her, i’ve been a fan of her since X-Factor so when I met her it made me really happy and she was so easy to get on with! She also followed me on Twitter which was really lovely. And I also loved interviewing Andrew W.K he gave a really good motivational talk and spoke words of wisdom. Such a cool guy to talk too, it was an amazing opportunity.

Setting up our own studio

Sound proff

We set up our own studio today and put up soundproof panels on the windows and on the walls so that we didn’t have any sounds getting in from outside or stuff boucing off the walls and coming back into the microphone. It was all a group effort putting it up and also setting up the mircophone and working the deck that had all the connections to it to help it work. I didn’t really know how to set it up but now if I was put infront of the equipment, I would be able to put it together.
I found this activity really fun and finding out how to use adobe audition. It was good to interact with everyone and help each other out.

Introduction to broadcasting

Today we had to choose who we think is going to be the anchor of our show and who is going to be co. presenters. We went in and used adobe audition to record the script we wrote ourselves, I was really nervous to speak and hear my voice at the start and wasn’t that sure how to use the software, but then Sonya and Joe came in to help me out and I edited and cut bits out that I wasn’t happy with.
It was cool to record my script and let everyone hear me talk about things you would hear a presenter talk about. I was nervous at first but then I started to like it a lot more and thought about how it’s always something I have wanted to do. I hope to improve even more with my broadcasting skills as I got chosen for news reporter so I am happy with having that role and informing people.

D.O.E road safety

IMG_7287 10468345_10152363530170770_8396769762569336001_nD.O.E Presentation in Methody with Sonya Mac
So yesterday we went to Methodist College Belfast and watched a presentation to do with D.O.E which Sonya Mac presented, I really thought it was interesting the way Sonya presented this subject and how calm she was and very clear when she was talking and showing the pupils clips and adverts. I think it affected a lot of people within the hall, with the different people who came in within the emergancies service to talk to everyone about their expierences and to do with road accidents and young people under the influence of drugs and alcohol or young people speeding and how it causes road deaths and collisions.
It really made me think about how life can be took away so fast and hearing stories people have been through even personally within the service made my eyes water and with my mum being in a carcrash before it made me think about how lucky I am to have her, and for her to get away with minor injuries and now she is healthy again.
I even spoke to some people outside it that I knew and they said they cried a lot at all the stories, it just shows how important your life is to you and your families.
They had a crashed car set up outside so when the presentation had ended they had actors from the school pretending they had crashed so the school seen how serious it could be if they were involved in a crash. I thought this worked really affective cause it created a mental imagine in peoples head and they thought of it as if it was real life. I enjoyed going and seeing Sonya present too, she made me think about what I would like to do in the future.

China White Promotion

Today Richard Ross came in and talked to us about a new upcoming night club which is being opened where visa used to be in Belfast, called China White. It is a new night club for over 25s. He came in to talk to us about how advertisers pitch to the radio and how the radio needs to present their club and attract the right crowd that they want at the club and who can help go to present the club/ who can get involved with the coolfm crew and what well known people can go to it to help promote the club and who has the right image,. We also have to think about how to advertise and tell people about the club, and where it is located and how to get there. I really enjoyed working on this live breif and seeing how the promotion and sales team work, I think it gives us a good opportunity to be involved with some of the ideas that we have came up with, and helping the professionals get our ideas across.

Meeting richard chief engineer and demo recordings

8 October 2014

So at the start of the day, we all met the chief engineer Richard, who is such a nice guy and has a very important role within the industry. He took us down to one of the studios and told us about how if the radio connections end up shutting down in the middle of a show he has to be there to help fix it. Richard would phone BT and hire an isdn box, he makes all the connections and William helps actually get in contact with the people on the lines.
Richard also took us down to the RECS room and we got shown the equipment and how it controls the studio and both the whole station in itself.
David came into talk us about setting up our own demo and what pace we should talk at, about different presenters and what they would speak about etc.
We then set up our own studio with Sonya Mac which I found really fun and interesting to do because I’ve never had any knowledge on how to set microphones to a computer and setting up a deck to the computer, and using the software adobe audition.
We have now written our scripts and are going to make a short demo using the software so we can see who will be most suited to being the presenter.

Second week – Meeting PK

2 October 2014

Today we met Paul Kennedy also known as PK from downtown radio/ coolfm radio.
He is on the coolfm show from 10-1pm
He has spoken to us about how he got into the radio industry and about how he basically didn’t use any of his qualifications or grades from school, he had to put himself out there and hung about the radio stations and ended up getting a job. He talked about how coolfm makes majority of their money from advertising in comparision to Radio1 which do not have any adverts as they do get their revenue from the lisence fee. I also did not know about when they have people on the show on the phone or ringing in that it is pre-recorded just incase they have anyone who comes on the show and ends up swearing, they have a jingle or an advert that would come on if that ended up actually happening. He also talked about how he has to play the most popular bands/artist on the show, because whether you play a new band on the show it may not change anything although the listeners may say it is rubbish they are still tuning in and listening. They also support local artists as much as they can and do competitions. It also has to suit well to the show and also to do with what time they play certain songs such as hardwell, its more likely they would play that towards the night and on the weekend as people are going out to go to clubs and during the day it is just casual artists. PK has also went to other countries to talk to celebrities, interviewing them and even gets in contact with artists so Coolfm can let the public know that they are coming to do concerts/gigs and festivals.

First week so far

30 September 2014

First week we all got to know each other in Start 360, we all introduced each other and did some ice breakers to get to know the group better and find out bits of information about each other.
We also got a questionnaire to see how much we knew about the course then after got the answers to see how much we really knew and then if not we found out more about who funded it and when it started and how many people take part in the course. We have about maximum 15 people doing the course.
I have enjoyed doing the ice breakers and meeting new people, all of the presenters and people we have met in Coolfm have been so lovely and I am looking forward to doing more work with them.
We have walked about the building and been in the studios were the radio work goes on and we have learnt how a lot of computers work and how they answer the phones etc.