My names Michael and I am from west Belfast. I previously studied at de LaSalle collage and also Christian Brothers School. Some of my main interests and hobbies include music, cycling, outdoor activities and socializing with friends.

Over my time in cool choices I plan to gain experience and confidence and also learn how to use DJ equipment.

a day in programming

28 October 2014

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Today I was very excited to get out of bed and get started as I was having my first day of shadowing Florence, cool FM’s programmer.  Today was a very interesting day as I got to see how Cool FM fill up empty air time and make the shows seam seamless. As I was part of the programming team for the day I had my own set of tasks to do which included finding some nice cheery stories to write up on and arranging interviews from various companies to promote some of their Halloween events across northern Ireland.  Over all today has been a very interesting and fun day and I enjoyed getting stuck in and doing things for myself.

road safety

20 October 2014

Today was a very interesting day around road safety and ways of getting road safety awareness out to the listeners.
The start of the day was a bit slow and we weren’t really sure what we were doing but once we all woke up we started to put some really good points across.
Basically today we had to think of ideas and advertisement ideas to get the point across that road safety is very important in Northern Ireland and there have already been a high number of deaths on our roads since the year started.
I thought today was very interesting as we got to see the real statistics of how much people are killed and injured due to certain reasons each year. It was also interesting to find out what are the be tactics and times to use on the radio to raise road safety awareness.

A day in cool

13 October 2014

Today we were straight into Cool FM to progress on our OCN level 3. We had Paul Kennedy  (PK) giving us a talk on basically how the radio works and how they build their playlists and make the shows work. One thing I learned today is that some of the calls and shows on Cool FM are prerecorded to prevent any mistakes or things that would give the station a bad reputation.
Today was a productive and exciting day, the best part of today was talking with PK and finding out how radio works.



Today I started off in Cool FM very happy and enthusiastic as I have missed a couple of days this week and my head is all over the show. I am glad to be back and getting stuck in.  Today was mainly focused on advertising and how Cool advertises certain shows, events or competitions to certain age groups. We also learnt that a lot of advertisements cannot be played at certain times of the day because they would not relate to the listening audience.
We learnt how Cool FM sells their advertising time and how they break them down over they’re different buyers.
Not only were we learning about Cool FM’s Advertising, we came together as a group and thought of ways that Cool could advertise Belfast newest night club, China white. This was probably one of the hardest parts of the day as china white has such high standards and it is such an exclusive club.

cool acadamy

8 October 2014

Today we learnt how to set up a studio and learnt  a lot about the systems in cool fm. We also set up our own studio and learnt about voice overs. We all each had to do an individual recording so we can choose who has the best voice for our show :)


2 October 2014

While listening to Paul Kennedy this morning I learnt that radio isn’t always about playing music for one idividual, its about playing music that the over all population of listeners want to hear, that way they can draw in a bigger crowd. I also found out today how cool fm build their playlists and what techniques they use to select the best and most popular music. One thing I didnt know untill this morning is that not all calls to the radio station are live but most of them are prerecorded to prevent a mistake or swearing on live radio. I think the most important thing I learnt from this day is that you dont need all sorts of qulafications and expericence to get a job on the radio as we heard fropm PK, he started in cool fm and didnt have to worry about qualifactions, he just had a passion for music and radio.


30 September 2014

Hello Im Michael I am 20 years old from West Belfast and I a participant in the cool choices programme.

I choose this programme because I have a passion for music and I am really interested in learning how to use the various DJ equipment. My favourite genres of music include EDM, House, Progressive house and tech house, long story short I love house music!
I started this programme on the 15th of September and so far I am finding the programme very enjoyable as I have made new friends and gained a lot more confidence already. I am really looking forward to starting the cool academy and seeing what else this course has to offer.