Week 4

15 August 2016

We’re getting to work on the broadcast now. I was assigned head of editing so I will be responsible for the editing of the interviews and other audio as well as keeping in touch with the other departments and making sure we are on top of things.
We recorded vox pops from the group which is latin for popular voice. We were asked a few questions on our broadcast topic. I think due to the diversity of our group this section will be quite balanced.

Today we had to re-record a lot of the answers from yesterday’s vox pops due to audio issues like background noise. Then we got to work on editing them. We cut the audio down to the answers, removed any unnecessary audio or pauses and then put them together into one flowing composition.

More work on the vox pops today. Then we had to edit some of the interview questions. We cut the answers out and saved them in separate folders to make the interviews easier to organise.

More interviews, more editing. Nothing we can’t handle. I thought head of editing would be more work but thankfully we only have 2 or 3 interviews to work on at once and Lee and Jonny are hard workers.