Week 5

15 August 2016

A lot of editing going on as everything is coming together. Slight hiccup when one of the interviews wasn’t saved but thankfully it was a lot easier and less tedious the second time. Lee continued his hard work and Jonny was a great help.

Emotional day. Today marks the end of our time at cool fm. We did a little work on our OCNs today but later we got to relax and eat a load of crap. Then we all passed a sheet around for each person in the group and wrote something nice about them. There were a few laughs and a few tears. It was a great experience hearing such nice things about yourself from people who were strangers 10 weeks ago. I only wish I’d had more time to think of something half as nice as they deserved and that my writing was a bit neater.
I had a great time and learned a lot at cool fm and made some great friends. Thanks to Lynsey, Clare and Caoimhe for their guidance, Jonny and Rebecca for their dedication and David for keeping everything organised.